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The Tornado of 2020 with Suzanne Aultman: Part 1 of 4
26 minutes Posted Nov 4, 2021 at 6:36 am.
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Show notes

April 25, 2020 has new meaning for our guest today. 

The line in Sandra Bullock’s movie, Miss Congeniality, Miss Rhode Island answers the question: “What is your perfect date?”

“April 25th. It neither too hot or too cold.”

Well, that date has a completely different meaning for Suzanne.

A friendship was built from the destruction of a tornado. And there is simply so much good talk we HAD to separate this talk into four parts. Because, small bites are easier and faster to digest. Especially when it about trauma, counselors, food, healing, food and all the laughter.

Suzanne brings her incredible engineer, attention to detail mind that enriches us every time we are together. Every. Single. Time.

So here is Part One of Four Parts….you won’t regret this journey! In fact, we made it a party with snacks, wine and cake! So yes, you hear all that too. It's okay. This is real life girlfriends!