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Having the Socially Awkward talk with the author herself! Ruth Buchanan
56 minutes Posted Sep 14, 2021 at 2:06 pm.
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Show notes

Ruth Buchanan is the Director of Literary Services for faith-based coaching network Build a Better Us. An accomplished writer, she's the author of nine books, four stage plays, and countless articles and essays. As a writing coach, she’s perfectly positioned to help other writers hone their skills and level up in their careers. Ruth has a demonstrated history of working closely with writers to shape their story and craft their message into something truly unforgettable. She’s conversant in a wide variety of fields, but as someone who holds an undergraduate degree in Church Ministries and a master’s in Theological Studies, she’s especially comfortable working in areas of practical Christian theology. Ruth is an accomplished teacher and a proficient public speaker. Though usually clamped to the keyboard, Ruth is also an eager reader, an enthusiastic traveler, and the world’s most reluctant runner.

Ruth is launching her latest book, Socially Awkward, Pressing Through Discomfort to Engage Tough Topics (which you can pre-order now) and it goes on sale October 8! 

This is right up our alley. Moxie exists to create conversations that matter and Ruth hits them head on. 

You know, all those awkward situations we find ourselves when faced with someone in a public setting. What do we say? How do we prevent putting our foot in our mouth or even backtracking gracefully? 

Ruth has answers!

We get a glimpse with the following topics:
Body Image
Singleness meets Married and visa versa. Have you ever said. "How are you STILL single?" Yeah - don't do that anymore.

Bottom line, when we can lean in to really see another person not as competition or the "enemy", we can learn so much! Hearing and understanding each other's perspective is the path toward grace. 

And grace opens the door for the conversations that we must be willing to have. 

To see and be seen.