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Did you know that finding and being HAPPY is the path toward holy?
44 minutes Posted Aug 9, 2021 at 10:45 am.
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Show notes

Hey Girlfriends! 

So what's the difference between HAPPY and JOY? Especially in the context of church. 

For Michele and Mary Ann, before attending church, we had this image that church people were too serious and didn't believe in fun.  

And let's be honest, the past 18 months has been even more draining, more hard, more sad and more "What's so funny? Better get serious!"

BUT we learned what Courtney is here to proclaim - that finding happiness is actually a holy walk toward peace, contentment and the abundant life we are suppose to be living. What we all WANT TO BE LIVING! 

Right? JOIN US!!!! 

And get HAPPY NOW!