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Loving Harry Potter and Jesus! It's "unique not odd".
52 minutes Posted Aug 9, 2021 at 6:59 am.
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Show notes

Girlfriends! We snagged the remarkable Katie Allred as she shares her story that led her to where she is today.

(First - ignore the technical issues - we are NOT TECHIES! So we tried to add intro music but it clearly did NOT work so it's just us and KATIE!) 

She talks about what it looked like to pursue God and wait on God - ALL AT THE SAME TIME and while she was a young girl. This blows our minds because while Katie was all about God early in her life, we were all about watching American Bandstand on Saturdays and riding our bikes. In fact, we didn't even meet Jesus until well into our "advanced years."

We dig into women in church leadership and how the stained glass ceiling is a real thing. But Katie is doing something about that with She Leads Church, helping, teaching and empowering women to rise above any level that God has gifted them to lead.

Katie Allred is a marketer, social media strategist, and professor. She is an expert in online communities for nonprofits, churches, or businesses of all sizes. Katie believes that no matter the needs of her clients, there are always new ways to connect with their community through websites and social media. Her passion lies in helping other church leaders effectively communicate their message on the internet and she does this through, which offer resources such as podcasts and articles about best practices. She blogs at