The Movie Journey
The Movie Journey
Daniel Henderson, Dean Jeffery
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These guys are awesome!
Best movie review podcast out there!!!
Jim F. in Tampa
Ambitious Premise; Delightful Show
You gotta hand it to Daniel & Dean: trying to take on the entirety of the IMDb Top 250 list in a podcast is a ridiculous task. Yet, for over 100 episodes, they've built a virtual movie review empire with a whole lot of fascinating criticism, humor, and eccentric movie opinions. If you're in need of a movie show with a clear goal in mind, this one should fit the bill. And if you're not, subscribe anyone because the show is pretty darn funny!
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Simply the BEST & Most ENGAGING Film Podcast in the World!!!
SImply the best and most engaging film podcast the world has ever know! They are the best! Around! Nothing's gonna ever keep THE MOVIE JOURNEY PODCAST down! They are the best! Around! Nothing's gonna ever keep TMJD down!
Film Podcast Fan
The Best and most interactive Film Podcast in the World!
The Movie Journey Podcast is the best and most interactive film podcast in the world! They are the best! Around! They... will never....let you down! Again- They are the best... Around... Never going to let you down!!! *Approved by Short & Sweet Film Reviews (find us on Twitter, IG, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pintrest)
Jerry Gergich 1991
Apparently I haven’t left a review for you guys. Well, here it is. This show is great. Lots of insightful breakdowns, fun games, plus what else they’ve been watching. It’s a fun time with awesome an awesome host and Hendo.
Dan Brenic
My new favorite pod
Stumbled upon these guys on Twitter and was drawn into their online tourneys. Once I finally listened to the show, I was hooked. The gents have a great rapport and are hysterical together. It’s also a great gimmick for a podcast! Not to mention that Pod v Pod is not something that on paper should work as well as it does, but it’s my favorite. It’s the first podcast I’ve signed up for Patreon for too, and It’s worth every penny. 5 stars - highly recommended.
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Christoff from Rough House
🔥Best Movie Review podcast 💯🔥👍🏻
I found this pod on podcoin. Y’all are very informative. So far there have been 3 reviews y’all have done that I have not seen the movie and wasn’t able to listen to. I’m an Uber/lyft driver and a bit of a movie guru and considering starting my own podcast. I’m from Mauldin South Carolina. I’ve got about 7 more episodes to go and then I’m all caught up and then will be waiting week to week for next episode. But very entertaining show keep it up!! Love y’all! Peace love and chicken Greece✌🏻
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Alex P. Bailey
A podcast fulfilled
The IMDB Journey podcast breaks down films with two distinct voices, and often reveals contrasting but equally valid perspectives. This process of understanding transcends the films, thus encouraging the listener to approach real life circumstance through multiple lenses. The fluent banter between Daniel and Dean (no favorites- just alphabetical) is concocted with a rare and natural chemistry, unrivaled. Lastly, the Patreon content delivers as the cherry on top. Well worth the small price tag.
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Absolutely legendary!
Daniel and Dean are the mavericks of film podcasts. They’ve got it all: ultra mega impressive film knowledge, delicious banter between two good mates and the legendary Pod v Pod. Subscribe and listen now!
Join the Journey!
Fun podcast with great content & hilarious hosts that keep you entertained from start to finish. Hit download already! - #ODPH
These Boys!
Want a fun, easy listening pod that talks about some of your favorite films? Well your ears and brain need this podcast in your life. These guys take a fun and informative approach at reviewing some great films and are definitely worth a listen. Keep it up boys!
Good Times
Movie lovers will want to check out this journey through IMDb's 250 highest rated movies. Dean and Daniel provide plenty of laughs and excellent insight into each film they cover. They have also created a great community with their Pod V Pod episodes, bringing in other podcasts hosts to compete in various movie games. It has quickly become one of my favorite movie podcasts. Also, they like Paddington so you know you are in good hands.
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The Money Pitch
One of the best film podcasts out there.
Love film? Love talking about it? Love hearing two dudes from Australia say things that Americans like me find amusing? Look no further! Hilarious and informative.
So funny
These guys had me laughing from the word go! So great to get to know these guys through the show and on Twitter, and I look forward to their show every week
Games! Reviews! Fun!
These guys are an absolute riot to listen to. If you enjoy fast Aussie talkers fermenting about every movie on the IMDb top 250 and more (thanks to Patreon), then give these guys a listen. - Always the Critic Podcast
So happy I discovered this on Twitter!
I randomly came across this on Twitter and am so happy! Love this show now :)
Top of the list show
I’m not going to lie. I’m a little jealous that I had not thought about this idea before them. With that said, The IMDB Journey takes on the Top 250 list with engaging conversations, humor, movie trivia, etc. This podcast oozes with originality and love for all things cinema. Take the journey with them, start watching and most importantly, start listening!
Great and fun film podcast.
Entertaining and fun
This is such an entertaining and fun show. These guys are very knowledgeable which shows and they are having fun! It makes you want to come back for more each week.
Brad Hargis
A podcast tour de force!!!
The Journey always leads to... FUN! Daniel and Dean are two of the hardest working podcasters in the biz! I can't even fathom where they get time for work, watching movies, podcasting, and the TONS of promoting they do for the show! The IMDB is, and has been from the beginning, one of my favorite podcasts and I recommend it highly! Subscribe today!
Weekly must.....
Started listening 3 months and now cannot wait for each new episode- Dan/Dean are just regular dudes who love movies like me and they are talking about movies like I would be with my friends. The breakdowns are super interesting and the Pod vs Pod always great to hear (even though I secretly think I can beat them). I may not necessarily agree with all their opinions on the movies but the podcast is always fun and insightful.
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Great premise, but I come for the knowledge: and these guys have it. The attention to detail is en pointe; the explorations of these movies are fantastic. Doesn’t hurt that they are hilarious!
Movie lovers, listen!
If you love movies, this is the podcast for you! The commentary is great! The critique is awesome! Love it!
Grab your popcorn and settle in!
This is one of my absolutely favorite podcasts. The hosts are fair with their rankings, and the banter is just hilarious. I never fail to enjoy the show, and I always laugh. Their reviews are thorough, and the behind the scenes trivia I learn is awesome. I highly recommend this podcast to any movie fan!!!!
Great show!
It’s got quizzes, it’s got guests, they talk movies, and they are Australian to boot! @afterburn739
Excellent Podcast!
Pure podcast entertainment. In dissecting the IMDB Top 250 list, Daniel and Dean get into it with funny banter, insight, and charm. They engage the listener both on the airwaves and on social media. An absolute must! Hit subscribe now!
The Film Brewer
A New Favorite!
Dan and Dean are an amazing listen. I love the format of the show as they journey throughout the IMDB Top 250 at random, and the amazing in-depth discussions that spawn therefrom. I only wish the top 250 were longer, but maybe we can get them to do a second bottom 100 podcast??? HAHA that'd be amazing, actually. Keep up the amazing work gents. Definitely in my regular rotation from now on!
Epic Film Guys
Such a dope idea for a show, these guys are the real deal! Give their show a listen, you will not regret it.
IMDB Journey
What a fun podcast with two hosts who have great rapport! The games featured in the episodes are tons of fun to listen to and make you wanna try your hand at them yourself!
The Fun is in the Journey
If you’re looking for a fun duo discussing movies with a bit of banter, then this is the podcast for you! So grab the popcorn sit back and enjoy the journey! - Ryan from
Awesome Podcast!
These guys are great! You can tell that they’ve been long time friends because of their great chemistry. Their format is great and keeps you interested the whole way through. As a filmmaker myself, I can really appreciate their in-depth movie reviews.
Great Podcast with Great Hosts
The IMDb Journey has quickly become one of my favorite movie podcasts because they actually manage to stay on topic the whole time—all the while providing great trivia tidbits about the movie. I also love the last half of the show with the quizzes and the movie brackets, it helps set this show a part from others in the genre. The hosts also have great chemistry and good banter (and ladies, they’re Aussies!) def give it a listen if you’re looking for a new movie podcast! -Sam (Real Horrorshow Podcast)
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One un-IMDB-elievable journey
Personally, I like my movie commentary flavored with sweet Aussie accents. If you do too, this is the pod for you! Dan and Dean have great chemistry as they tackle this massive IMDB list challenge. It makes you laugh, cry, pee a little even. Take this Journey! - JC from Screen Fix podcast
Very Entertaining Movie Podcast
Daniel and Dean are very fun to listen to and play off eachother nicely. Their opinions on the movies they discuss can differ pretty greatly, so you don't have to worry about 2 guys just sitting in an echo chamber of their own opinions. If you love film then definitly give it a listen!
Detailed Movie Reviews
I don't think I've ever heard a more detailed movie review before I've listened to this podcast. If you want to learn about various details of the movie making process and about things you may have missed, this podcast is for you. These two guys don't necessarily agree on everything about a movie, so give it a listen and see who you agree with!
They do movies right
I've only listened to a few episodes but I'm hooked and can't wait to dive in to the back catalogue, they know there stuff and make it very entertaining. Unfortunately, now I have to go back and watch all these movies.
Got Till Five
Very Entertaning!
This pod is everything I look for in a show. The hosts take you for an entertaning ride down the rabbit hole. WIth a mix of great chemistry and interesting topics, IMDB will soon soon be on the top of your binge list! A MUST LISTEN! - The Amazing Nerd Show
super nerdy
Excellent Show
This is a show made by movie fans for movie fans. Insightful and well researched. Subscription worthy!
Great job with the breakdown of movies... these guys really think deep beneath the surface when it comes to films... shows you they made for this... keep up the great work
Flaw 700
Great for all movie lovers!
Really enjoying this show! The hosts do a great job of having in-depth conversations about the movies that are still accessible to people who perhaps aren't movie aficionados!
Great idea for a podcast!
The idea for this podcast is nothing short of genius. Taking a look at the top movies on IMDB is a movie lover’s dream! The hosts are hilarious as well, and have great banter. Can’t wait to continue listening!
A deep dive into your fave films
The premise alone is a great, taking a journey through IMDB's Top 250. Daniel and Dean do a wonderful job of giving insightful and often comedic commentary of some of the best (or at least the most popular) films around. Also, it's worth sticking around at the end for their spoiler-free thoughts on the lastest movies. A must-listen for people who love the cinema.
Your Associate Cornelius
A movie lovers podcast
I really enjoy this pod. If you like long form, in depth, scene by scene movie discussion, this is for you. And I love the movie selection. Keep up the good work!
Mom of 4 and 2 dogs
Loving this
The banter and chemistry between the hosts is immensely enjoyable as it shifts between mutual appreciation of a film and antagonistic joking. Binged a handful of episodes in an afternoon and subscribed. Well done, fellas. And smart move actually picking GOOD movies to dissect.
Dare Daniel Podcast
Such a great podcast!
I love this show! The hosts are so much fun and super funny. I love the amount of attention they put into there movies as well! The concept is just great too, so if you havent been listening to this movie podcast your really missing out!
For Better Or Worse Podcast
G'Day Mates!
Daniel and Dean get into some great movies with a fresh look. Great angle to open a discussion on some classics while layering in new movies as well. The banter is genuine and my time in traffic or on the treadmill flies by. Thanks for sharing your friendship with the world.
Will they make it?
If there's one thing I love more that a movie podcast, it's a promise to watch all the movies on a single list. Not only do you have the fun of a comedy and the critique of a documentary, you also have the drama of a will they/won't they nail-biter! Will the guys make it all the way through the list??? Will they still like movies at the end?? IS IT GOING TO BE EXCELLENT?! All questions you have to listen to the podcast to find out. Good luck Daniel and Dean! You've hooked me into the IMDb Journey with you! -- Kenna (The 'Boot Podcast)
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When friends come together...
There's something to be said about the bond that's made when friends set out on a journey. Add in solid sound quality, humor, and excellent movie breakdowns and you've got a great podcast on your hands. These guys have it all and it just feels like a genuine, pure production. Join them as they make their way through the IMDB greats!
Great Stuff
Wonderful in-depth podcast touching on movies that (while popular) include quite a few that I discovered through the show. Likeable hosts and entertaining discussion.
More movie podcast!!!
Got a love another movie podcast that can easily be added into the rotation! 2 funny guys talking about something they seem very passionate about. MOVIES!!!
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