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Take a bite out of The Morning Toast, weekdays with Girl With No Job & Jackie O.
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Everything of the sort
The absolute best. I look forward to the episodes every day! They crack me up!
They literally have no idea what they’re talking about a lot of the time. They’re fake humanitarians who pander to whichever subset of the population is mad to them at the time. Their mom is trash. Don’t waste your time.
Beautiful, stunning and smart
Love these girls. They brighten my day every day. Could do with less Theo talk but everything else is perfection.
Priceless podcast
Awesome job with your book coming out Claudia👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤗
Tina medina
Everything of the sort
They are everything of the sort.
Mikey Calvin
Loyal toaster
I have been a long time “toaster” (fan/stan/steen). I love these girls! Their energy is amazing and no matter what backlash they get I still support them. I don’t care what their political views are or their mothers quite frankly. That has absolutely nothing to do with their podcast. This podcast has all the major tea and news stories at the moment. If you are a pop culture stan this is the podcast for you. These girls need a talk show or a segment on E! seriously. Why aren’t they on the pop daily news or pop after dark? Need them on Bravo or E as soon as possible. They are making waves in the podcast community. A lot of people need to get out of their personal feelings and just relax with some good ol gossip about celebs. This is a nice podcast to listen to when you want to escape from reality or on a long drive home from work. I enjoy listening to their show and can’t wait to see what big things are in store for them in the future.
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sarah toasty
Love this podcast.
Beautiful, Stunning and Smart! I look forward to this sister duo everyday!!!!!
Toaster for Life
So thankful to have the morning toast every day! They are the most fabulous podcasters and so beautiful. They’re hilarious and I love their sisterly bond. Everything of the sort.
I wouldn’t call myself a member of the main demographic being a 25 year old married man, but The Morning Toast is a fantastic listen! Honestly the best way to stay up to date on Pop Culture. Whenever any big news hits I am eager to hear what Claudia and Jackie have to say the next day. This show means a lot to my wife and it’s pretty cool how much joy and entertainment it brings her. It brought so much that I had to see what all the buzz was about. Keep up the good work!
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Damon Longst
Google them
If you’re reading this and you hate racism, google them and then unsubscribe.
Best Part of My Weekday
One of the rare podcasts that remains fresh and funny on a daily basis.
My favorite thing to listen to anytime anywhere! Love these girls!!!! Best podcast from the most beautiful smart and amazing gals
Less Housewives, More Depth
I’ll start with, I seriously want to love this show. My biggest qualm is that these girls don’t do their research. I’m not talking deep dive, hard hitting stuff, but just basic facts about the stories they talk about. It seems like they just read the headline of an article and decide to talk about it on the show, but miss so much of the actual story! I find their banter amusing and I think if they put more time into preparation, they’d be unstoppable. Side note: I feel like 60% of the show is unlistenable if you don’t care about the Housewives - or if, like me, you don’t watch every variation of the show.
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Beautiful stunning smart !!!!
Not going to get in to how problematic they are along with their mother you can research that on your own. They are completely out of touch and no longer relatable. They are always in need of a vacation and endlessly complain about their “jobs” which consists of them waking up at 10am and reading articles from page six for 1hr a day. The rest of their day is spent watching tv which they “recap”. They also don’t research the stories and often relay false information. If you want girls who actually do their research head over to comments by celebs. Also the singing is out of control.
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Love everything but the singing
I love your show, but please please please stop singing.
The best podcast
Not usually one to write a review on here, but there are way too many negative comments for this show. Its’ lighthearted nature and humor have given me endless hours of happiness, especially during such a difficult year. Keep it up girls, you both are amazing! Simply beautiful, smart, and stunning. Xo PS- I love the housewives reviews, it’s my favorite part of the show :)
I love this podcast so much. The favorite part of my day. I love & agree with basically their take on everything, despite them thinking they usually have the unpopular opinion! :)
Fav podcast!
Loyal listener for almost 2 years now. Absolutely love the girls and look forward to listening everyday! Their take on pop culture is always entertaining and it’s my favorite podcast to tune into.
This is always a fun, bright spot in my day. I LOVE their inside jokes and hot takes! Makes me feel like I’m in the group of sisters :)
Favorite podcast
Highlight of my week, so entertaining!
Plum & Oak Photo @elysewhall
Best podcast
Love this podcast and look forward to it everyday! These girls crack me up
Beautiful stunning & smart
Perfect dose of pop culture! Fun escape podcast- the hosts have fantastic banter and it’s so fun to get a glimpse into their relationship!
All I have to say is....beautiful, stunning and smart.
Elle Flem
These girls are truly special and so hilarious. I am constantly interested in all of their stories and there is never a dull moment or bad episode. Love them!!
The best
Love these girls
Long time listener
These girls are everything. I’ve been listening so long I feel like they are some of my closest friends. I don’t know why some people find them so triggering, quite possibly because they are real and open about their opinions. I find them extremely genuine and when I see something in the news I can’t wait to hear their take on it. My favorite podcast hands down there is no competitor.
Bill burnsssssssssss
Beautiful! Stunning! Smart!
Why y’all gotta be haters? If you don’t like them... don’t listen and move on with your sad life.
Everyone is dramatic
So many people love these girls, but so many people love to hate them too. They get backlash for evvverything but if other podcasters said the same thing, no one would blink twice. At the end of the day they are good people and hilarious. I listen every day and it’s such a highlight to my work week
To say it’s the best part of my day is an understatement!!
Jackie and Claudia have within the last year and a half become a staple in my day!! I watch shows and genuinely wait to hear them review it the next day. They are always positive, let you be apart of their inside jokes, and leave you wishing they wouldn’t end the show every day. I recommend this podcast to everyone I know, they have quickly made the toast an identifier of mine when meeting people. And every toaster I’ve met has been so sweet!! I would rate 10000/5 if I could!! Love you Jackie and Claudia!!! ❤️❤️
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Beautiful, Stunning.. and dare I say - Smart!
Omg I love Jackie and Claudia. It took me a minute to be “in on the joke” - I was like what is this nonsense - but I just had to keep listening...? And now that I understand them, I literally lol on the daily. They have been my happy place during the pandemic. They work so hard to provide hilarious content every weekday and it is so good. I wish I could be invited to an Oshry sister GNI. Love you ladies.
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Beautiful. Stunning. Smart.
Favorite part of My workday
I always look forward to seeing another ep pop up on my list. keep them coming
These ladies are everything of the sort!
MY SOUL SISTERS!! Obsessed!!
Love you guys!!
Beautiful! Smart! Stunning!
Love listening to The Toast, they are hilarious, and at the end of it I know all the pop culture (and sometimes bizzzzz news) & gossip I need to know. Thanks for an hour of entertainment!
Beautiful, stunning & smart!!
I never miss an episode. They always make my day and I love the lighthearted, premium content. Claudia and Jackie are the best!
Fun pop culture podcast
These girls are so hilarious and use their platform to continuously improve themselves and their followers! They make my day everyday!
Love TMT!
The negative reviews you see in here are from people who can’t get off their high horses for two minutes and understand not everything in life needs to be taken so seriously 100% of the time. If you’re looking for a 1 hour escape in your day where you can listen to the opinions of two hilarious sisters who have created their own fun lingo talk about pop culture then this is the place for you! With hilarious segments like “Kelly’s Mindless News” where they highlight stories in the media about Kelly Ripa that have the craziest headlines and a weekly advice segment each Wednesday - each episode is guaranteed to make you laugh! If you don’t have a sense of humor can’t take a joke or can’t understand that it’s ok to not take everything to heart and so literally then this isn’t the place for you. We all say and do things at times we regret. The best thing you can do is apologize, learn from your mistakes and try to do better next time. They’ve done this time and time again and I hope the next time someone decides to cancel them that they take a good hard look at themselves first.
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LOVE it!
It’s a highlight in my day! Love their thoughts and sense of humor!
The best
Claudia and Jackie provide the stories that you actually want to know about (none of the boring stuff). They’re hilarious individually and together and always have great stories, recommendations, advice, and more. They always make me start my day with a laugh, which is saying something because I’m not a morning person. Cannot emphasize enough how beautiful, stunning, and smart they are.
Favorite podcast
Have been a toaster for 2 years now and I just absolutely love this show. I’m big into pop culture and look forward to hearing Jackie and Claudia’s takes on everything. 10/10 always recommended these beautiful, stunning, and smart sisters!!!!!
I wish I could listen all day!
I love this show and all content these two put out. They say everything I’m thinking and are sooo funny. Truly the best daily celeb news podcast. I love their inside jokes and the dynamic between the two makes me LOL irl. Thank you Jackie and Claudia for being such absolute QUEENS!!
Liz from Miami!
Beautiful. Stunning. Smart. This is the highlight of my day.
Came for the singing stayed for the news
Came here for the singing. Stayed for my love of Jackie and Claudia and how they shape culture and society with their new phrases and opinions of current events. I love these ladies because of how beautiful, stunning, and smart they are!! Also, Kim is our queen and don’t make us choose between Tswift and KKW
J stepper
I like listening to the gals gab, what can I say? Contrary to many of the hateful reviews, I appreciate a lighthearted podcast that covers pop culture exclusively. The Toast is fun, upbeat, and entertaining. If you don’t care for the girls, move on. A lot of reviewers seem to forget that it really is that simple. ✌🏼
can’t get enough!!!
TMT is *literally* the highlight of my day. These girls are so real, funny, entertaining, and they truly care about their community and listeners. I am constantly recommending this show to my friends as they are continually bringing joy to my life. Not to mention they are so freaking beautiful, stunning, and smart. LYLAS LADIEZ 💗 RTK
Beautiful, Stunning & Smart
Inspiring & fun! Love that they aren’t afraid to be themselves.
Everything of the Sort💞
Claudia and Jackie, your podcast never fails to brighten my day! There is no other podcast that I excitedly anticipate each day, as much as TMT. Thanks for making me laugh and smile each morning! Please never stop, as I would come down with a horrible case of RDH if I couldn’t get my daily dose of TMT. 🤩
Bere Star
Out of touch
I used to love this show but like most people who listen to them, my opinion has changed. They don’t have anything positive to say unless it’s about country music. All they do is complain about how much pain they’re in and how miserable their wealthy lives are. Out of touch.
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