The Modernist Society
The Modernist Society
Jason Mojica and Eric Ottens
The Modernist Society began as a DJ night in Chicago, became an debaucherous salon in DC, and comes to you now as a podcast wherever you happen to be. Each month, hosts Jason Mojica and Eric Ottens bring you intimate conversations with practitioners of the high and low arts, replete with all of the esoteric digression you've come to expect from the medium.
Fifi from Firestarter
This episode we take you to one of the most unique places on earth - Poor Cow. You may know the owner from such hit bands as Teengenerate, American Soul Spiders, The Tweezers, and Firestarter. If you’re interested, skip the shinkansen and don’t feel bad about temples. The Modernist Society Podcast validates that Poor Cow is not only a legitimate part of Japanese culture, but is The Real Temple. 4th floor in a nondescript building, walk in and you are guaranteed to see most of the following regulars: Tsune from Young Parasian Honma from Car Crash Hiroshi from The Knocks / Flashlights You just landed in Tokyo and you already have friends! Closed Mondays. Follow Fifi for day to day updates. -- Follow The Modernist Twitter  Instagram  Facebook  Medium Follow The Modernist Society Hosts Jason Mojica Twitter Instagram Eric Ottens Twitter Instagram
Dec 9, 2022
27 min
Robert Whiting
We chat with Robert Whiting, author of Chrysanthemum and the Bat, You Gotta Have Wa, Tokyo Underworld and Tokyo Junkie. Robert moved to Tokyo in 1962 as part of the U.S. Occupational Forces and has lived there on and off ever since. He believes Tokyo may current the best city on Earth, and his enthusiasm is infectious. But it wasn't always that way. Robert talks us through his early days in a city still rife with black markets and crime, using baseball as his window into the language and culture and eventually publishing his first book on the topic, a pending screen adaptation of his Tokyo Underworld book, and his latest memoir Tokyo Junkie, which looks back on his 60-year love affair with the city. Follow us! Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium
Jan 11, 2022
55 min
Bayard Winthrop of American Giant
We catch up with Bayard Winthrop. He’s the founder and CEO of American Giant, a San Francisco-based clothing company that specializes in a) making stuff really well, and b) making it in the USA. American Giant has been going for about 10 years now, but before that Bayard ran Chrome, Freeboard, Atlas Snowshoe, and in the heady days of the dot com boom, was the President and CEO of WebChat, which was a big online community that was acquired by Infoseek right before AOL started dominating that space. That's all to say that in addition to producing the "the greatest hoodie ever made," he's a super interesting, super smart guy who’s been an incredible innovator not only in direct-to-consumer businesses, but in breathing new life into at least on area of American manufacturing. Follow us! Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium
Apr 30, 2021
1 hr 1 min
Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun
We hang out with Jeff Pezzati, singer of Chicago punk legends Naked Raygun and talk about all of the things: AC/DC, UFO, Big Black, comic books, Philip Jose Farmer, HVAC, Condor, and the forthcoming Naked Raygun studio album. Follow us! Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium
Feb 1, 2021
1 hr 4 min
Holiday Day Drinking and Record Playing with Daryle Macoicha
We spend a delightful afternoon day drinking and playing our favorite holiday songs with founder of the OG Washinngton DC chapter of The Modernnist Society, Daryle Macoicha (AKA DJ D-Mac). Obscure tracks played and discussed! Arguments had! Digressions... digressed! This is how all Zoom meetings should be. Follow us! Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium
Dec 20, 2020
1 hr 37 min
Kevin Kelly of Wired (and so much more)
We talk with Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired magazine, former publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Catalogs, and co-founder of the Hackers’ Conference. Instead of talking to Kevin about AI, AR, or any of the other technological forces that are shaping our future, we take him back to 1988 to revisit one of his lesser-known books: Signal: Communications Tools for the Information Age. It’s a big, paperback, counter cultural handbook on self-empowerment, DIY education, and harnessing technology at a time when normal people did not know what the internet was. We also talk to Kevin about his first trip overseas in 1972, and how it led to him bouncing around Asia for decades, taking the photographs which are collected in his forthcoming book, Vanishing Asia. Finally, we ask Kevin–well known for being an optimist–to help us find the silver lining in the coronavirus pandemic. Follow us! Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium
Dec 9, 2020
58 min
Mike Rogers of The Rotters
We tune in Tokyo and talk to Mike Rogers, lead singer of 1970s LA punk band The Rotters and host of the aptly named Mike Rogers Show. Mike is also running JIFF–the Japan Indies Film Festival Online–which is the first online film festival in Japanese history and takes place Nov. 16 and 17, 2020. It’s The Modernist Society trifecta of Japan, punk, and expat living. Enjoy! Follow us! Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium
Oct 17, 2020
1 hr 1 min
The Goblins
We talk to The Phantom Creeper and Dom Nation of legendary masked Chicago rock band, The Goblins. Will their secret identities finally be revealed? To be honest... no. But you'll want to tune in for this short but sweet chat with these American icons. Follow us! Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium
Aug 29, 2020
20 min
Jake Austen and Joe Losurdo
We talk to a couple of Chicago countercultural heroes: Jake Austen and Joe Losurdo. Jake is best known for his long-running Roctober zine and Chic-a-gogo public access program. Joe is a hardcore legend, having sung and played bass for Life Sentence in the late 80s and with his frankly his wife Cristina runs Regressive Films, which brought us the wonderful documentary on the first wave of Chicago punk titled “You Weren’t There.” Follow us! Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium
Jul 15, 2020
54 min
Michael Bradley of The Undertones
We talk with Michael Bradley of The Undertones about what it's like being in ONE OF THE BEST BANDS EVER, what Bono did for Ireland, and that time they covered a Skrewdriver song. Michael is also the host of The Mickey Bradley Record Show on BBC Radio Ulster, and the author of Teenage Kicks: My Life as an Undertone. Follow us! Twitter Instagram Facebook Medium
Jun 1, 2020
50 min
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