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The Modern Drummer Podcast
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If I may offer a few constructive critiques… Good guests, questions, topics and conversation. Bad audio quality. Hard to listen while commuting, exercising or any other activities. Also, please name each episode with the guest’s name first. It’s easier to determine which episodes I’ve already heard. I already know Billy is the host. Good luck and keep improving!
Jonny Apples
Us drummers do everything we can to preserve our precious hearing, ironically this podcast is downright DANGEROUS to listen to! The sound levels are ALL OVER THE MAP. If you do finally take interest in a topic the levels are too low to even understand the interview. If you try to turn up the volume you’ll find suddenly the a split second later the volume will SLAM YOU with dangerously LOUD LEVELS! Many times I’ve turned this off cursing like crazy… at this point I’ve just given up, I’m done.
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Fantastic Drumming Podcast for All Levels and Ages
Edit…June 2021…the new format is really not great. M&M made us impatient waiting for a new podcast episode to drop, but now, I really don’t care. Audio quality is pretty bad. With MJ’s new podcast, Drummers Resource, Drum History, and my favorite, Drumeo Gab, I simply have no need for this in its current format. That makes me sad. MD can and should do better. 2020 and earlier (Mike and Mike) review - I've been listening to this podcast for several months now, and it really is fantastic. Mike and Mike really know their stuff and manage to keep things flowing very well. I would consider myself a semi-professional drummer (music degree, private teacher and weekend warrior) who's been playing for over 30 years, and I believe anyone with an interest in drumming and the drumming community, regardless of where they are on the drumming timeline will get a ton from listening. Mike and Mike, keep it up!!!
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Dimitri Saliaris
New format needs refinement, but not lost cause
I will continue to check in, but so far the new format is tough to get through. They have good ideas and I like the interviews, and round table discussions, but it’s not focused enough and more importantly they need better sounding audio. Besides normalizing and compressing, please use the original audio recorded from the guests or hosts microphone and edit it together, not the squashed zoom or phone call audio.
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What is this new format?
Do I even need to say anything?
Way to ruin a podcast!
Went from the best podcast to unlistenable. Audio is horrible. The interviews are awkward. I hope Mike and Mike resurface elsewhere.
So Bad
New management at MD need to take a hard look at this content. The interviews are great but very lengthy and not tying back to the issues. Miss the old Mike and Mike format. These interviews are best left to their own separate forecast and get back to making it about the issues.
Just kill it
The old format was great, it was something the other drum podcasts didn’t have. I always looked forward to the new drops when I could listen to the Mike’s separate perspective. It was usually good audio quality, 99%. The new format..... well, it’s not working. You need to go back to the drawing board. Keep Dawson get rid of Narada. Get more relevant artists to interview if that’s what you’re going to do. Otherwise, Drumeo has DrumGab and it’s fantastic if you’re wanting artist interviews. There’s an idea, listen to that, then try that. With the MD name you should net more subs.
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Ruined a good thing.
I Started listening to the podcast a few years ago, and always looked forward to hearing Mike and Mike. They had the format polished to a shine with rarely any audio hiccups. This new format is not what I was looking for in my weekly drum podcast. This new format is not unique or pleasant to listen to. What a bummer.
Crusty Johnson
Two Pods for the Price of One
There are more butt hurt fan boys here than on a Porcupine Tree forum so I felt the need to update my review. I was a huge fan of the original “Mike & Mike” podcast. I don’t really enjoy the new format but it’s still a quality podcast from the excellent people at Modern Drummer. If you like the new one, subscribe and keep up with the new episodes. If you prefer the old one, download all 250 episodes, listen to one a day, then by the time you’re done you’ll be ready to start over again. It’s just like listening to your favorite band; you can revisit the old material any time you want and you’ll only grow to appreciate it more. Thank you, Modern Drummer, for continuing to create content for the drum community!
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Straight up garbage.
Came back after taking a year off. To my surprise, Mike and Mike are no longer hosting this. Instead I get some garbage interviews and super crappy audio quality. Seriously time to rethink this change MD. To anyone reading this, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!
If this was the only version that i knew it’d be ok...Mike and Mike’s show felt like it was OUR show. Sorry, i understand that nothing lasts, but :(. It now sounds like ever other pod.
D-town Bob
Previously 5 Stars. Now...
I was totally stoked to get the MD podcast back in my queue but, sadly, was absolutely heartbroken that Mike and Mike were no longer around. I looked forward to it every Friday and now I’m unsubscribing. I’m sorry but, I have to. The new format is just not good. At all. On any level. I have tried to get through the first two episodes and I can’t make it more than ten minutes before shutting it off. I’d rather listen to Mike Johnston talk about his dog, Juno, for ten minutes than listen to whatever was going on with this new version. I’m ok if M&M just couldn’t do it anymore or there were other issues we don’t know about but, you’ve got to fix this or it’s going to sink faster than the Titanic. Best of luck. Miss you Mike and Mike!!!
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I had to change my review because it used to be great
The original version of the podcast was my favorite. But It got canceled for some reason? Now it’s kinda just one long commercial with clunky ad copy reading. The intro alone is cringe city. I will continue listening to see if it improves but I’m just left wondering why.
jakob lindsey
I’m sure there was a good reason the Mikes split. Whatever that is... I gotta say I really miss their chemistry.
Can’t do it
I really tried to like this new version of the podcast. Hung in there through episode 7, but just can’t do it any more. It would have been nice to have an episode with Mike & Mike saying something about the transition too. Their version was so much better. And what’s with the commercials fir banks and eyeglasses? What does that have to do with drums or music.
Bad move killing the old format
This used to be my favorite podcast. Mike & Mike had great chemistry and added real value to the community. The new format is simply terrible and the sound quality (other than Mike Dawson’s gear review) is even worse. Please revive the previous approach, or turn it over to Mike D to create a new one.
What happened??
I wish Mike and Mike would have let us know what happened to their podcast. Miss the old podcast. Couldn’t make it through one episode of the new format
Miss The Old Format
Miss The Old Format
New Format Needs Work!
I queued up this podcast to play today and was very surprised by the new format! I tried to give it a fair listen but it is nothing like the previous version! This is the first time I’ve ever written a Podcast review and if it’s not possible to go back to the old format, which I hope it is, this format needs some major re-working to maintain a listener base.
The same as all the others
Mike and Mike was the stress relief at the end of every week. I’m sure there is good reason as to why the guys aren’t back but I wish there would have been an explanation during one of these first new episodes. The intro alone to these new podcasts screams corporate dialogue and direction. I think the original listeners have a respect for the chemistry of Mike and Mike. Would love to get that back during these times.
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Working out the kinks
The Mike and Mike version was polished. The new version is rough. Keep at it! You’ll find a path.
I’m sorry , but I can’t do it anymore
Love the magazine, and have looked forward to it monthly since I got my first copy in ‘82. Old podcast was great. Discounting the political talk after Hillary lost, every episode had value. Great chemistry between the Mike’s. New host is dry and boring. Close your eyes and you can see Paul Shaeffer’s impersonation of a record mogul back in the ‘70s SNL. Gold chains, dark glasses, and everything. Content is also suffering. Is Andy Newmarket even relevant? Do you think that your listeners are old enough to remember his work with John Lennon some 40 years ago?
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Not digging the new format, AT ALL. Please bring back the two Mike setup!
Modern Drummer Podcast
So sad to hear that the Mike and Mike Modern Drummer Podcast was replaced by this new podcast. So far, it's not even close to the M and M show. Do we really need another interview show? I think the Drummer's Resource, The Working Drummer, etc have that covered. Mike and Mike had a special chemistry that the other podcasts do not have, so it's too bad that it was cancelled or had run its course (still not sure what happened). I'll probably listen to this new one since I've been a subscriber of MD since 1982 and I'll listen to pretty much anything drum oriented, but I'm not happy with this new one. Reading some of the other reviews, I know that I'm not alone.
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Bad move
I really tried to give the new format a chance, but the sound quality is horrible and the format is completely uninspired. I’m guessing the suits at MD saw the success that Mike & Mike built and decided they should take over. Well, it’s not working at all. Please go back to the drawing board. What was great about the previous format? Two working drummers talking about real issues that drummers encounter; insightful discussions, fantastic gear reviews; educational discussions; listener questions, and way more community oriented. The hosts (Mike and Mike) were authentic and personable. The new format feels very dry, boring and corporate.
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Hate the New Format
I hate to say this because I have been a faithful listener for 3 years, but I absolutely hate the new format. I hate that every podcast feels the need to do interviews. And I really don’t like the question and answer interview style because it makes for boring content. What makes other interview podcast, like Rogan, so enjoyable to listen to is that it’s two people sitting down and just essentially hanging out and talking. What made the show fun before was hearing Mike and Mike just hangout and talk drums. Now that that’s gone the show just seems bland. It’s just a total bummer. I learned a lot on this podcast, but I’ve given the new format a shot and it’s just not enjoyable enough to listen to so I’m unsubscribing. Don’t change what isn’t broken!
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Miss Mike and Mike
The Mike and Mike podcast was great! This new format is horrible. I miss the original version.
shock schism
Good move
So I was a fan of the previous MD podcast with Mike and Mike but always felt that it would have been best if Johnston didn’t always mention Gretch, Meinl, Aquarius, AT etc. it was so predictable and it got old quickly. MD is a place where we come to hear about all kinds of gear. Johnston getting his own podcast and Dawson interviewing industry folks is definitely an improvement and I think it brings us listeners more value.
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What happened?!
Loved the Mike & Mike Show. Hate this.
The BEST drummer Podcast available
I have been a listener since the beginning and still loving it!
Waiting in anticipation
I just discovered this podcast prior to the COVID shutdown. I have been playing drums for a little under 20 years and the podcast has been truly inspirational. I love the educational section and the pick and the banter between the Mikes. I will soon run out of episodes so I am hoping some more are in the works! Thanks Mike and Mike!
Inconsistent release.
That’s my only criticism of this otherwise stellar podcast. I highly recommend it to any drummer.
Got Me Playing Again After a 5-Year Pause
Mike and Mike make drum nerdery fun and welcoming. Great ways of explaining (and debating) things, a million useful tips each episode, and most importantly, a tremendous way to feel inspired and connected to our shared drumming community. Always a fun listen.
Drumbo Limbo
Episode 231: Clave —— Right On!
I really enjoyed how the host expressed how AND why he added variations to the traditional clave rhythms. What a fresh episode!
Hatshepsut's phone
Thank you so much!
This is the greates drum related pod cast in history, thank you so much for making my days so much better
It could only be better if there were more
I, like 1000s, look forward to this every week. It’s a treasure of information, motivation, and passion for me and I’m sure many.
Great Podcast
Great podcast, love the interviews, product reviews, and chemistry of the hosts.
Trying to get stuff done
Very informative
I started thumbing through the podcast details, playing what sounded interesting... only to become hooked on all episodes- there’s something in every episode that provides me info on mic usage/placement, mixing, products, apps, as well as turning me on to various drummers.
Something Great Every Week !
There are a bunch of drumming podcasts out there - all good! If you only have time to listen to one, this is it! Every week I learn something new and cool, and get exposed to so much more than what's in the magazine. Mike J and Mike D aside from being knowledgeable and accomplished are personable..... and not too serious. Cheers to them and to drummers even! Joe in Vermont.
No better podcast for drummers
The right balance of reasonable gear talk, practice and gig tips, recording perspectives, and analysis of the pros. Mike and Mike clearly have a solid listener base that provide great questions. Lots of respect for the instrument on this pod.
Absolutely love it
Mike and Mike do such a great job on this podcast from things like just conversing about different drummers I’d had no prior knowledge of to geeking out over gear I now have to go buy. It always inspires me to practice more or expand my knowledge on recording and it opens my eyes to new things I’ve never even thought about doing, from exercises out of stick control to using a 2 mic set up and still getting a good sound. Love the show, I’ll always be listening. 10/10
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Mike and Mike Kill it
I’ve been listening for a while now and really appreciate the range of topics and and overall content of this podcast. I’ve expanded who I listen to and what I hear and play. Just glad these episodes are being produced and will always look forward to listening.
Lotechie Mo
Best Podcast on the Drumming Topic
For those long commutes to work/home, this podcast keeps you immersed in the latest industry updates, ideas for improving one’s own skill and done by just the nicest two guys. Well done and keep it coming. :)
From vibes to drums
I’ve spent the past decade focused on vibraphone and have recently gotten back into drum set. This podcast has been great to give me motivation and some tips! The Mikes are super entertaining, keep it up!
Comfort Podcast
Some people talk about comfort food. I always talk about comfort music. But this is the first podcast that I could refer to as a comfort podcast. I’ve been playing drums for almost 40 years now, and Mike and Mike have given me new ideas for technique and practice. I always look forward to new episodes.
Fantastic drum podcast!
This is very informative and they are nice to listen to. Im only 50 episodes from having listened to all of them. Thank you!
Love it
My constant companion since I discovered it a few months back. I’m binging the whole thing from start to current. I take notes and have already bought several cymbals, books, albums and....tea....on the recommendation of Mrs. Mike and Mike. Really great! Update: I love this podcast so much it’s a major part of the weekend. It’s part serious dedication to our instrument, interesting information, and hilarious, often self deprecating humour. Cue mike and mike talking about how Manu Katché with Peter Gabriel sometimes would cone in after a loop had played for several minutes. Mike and mike, after praising manus playing, beer off into a lengthy fantasy about what Manu was probably doing and/or thinking during those three minutes before he began playing. Totally irreverent and silly and really really funny. Funny because they clearly live and revere every drummer they talk about. All right I’ll end here. Thanks guys SO MUCH!!! Casper
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A love affair rekindled
As a drummer of 36 years, it was very easy to live in a bubble and become stagnant. This podcast has rekindled my love affair with the drums. I feel like the Mikes are my buddies who geek out on gear and technique as much as I did when I first learned the break in Kashmir 😁 The positive vibe mixed with useful info is spot on. Cheers boys!
Mark Lanegen
My favorite podcast!
Look forward to hearing the latest episode from Mike & Mike every Friday. So much great information, analysis and discussion about the world of drums, drumming and drummers.
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