The Model FA
The Model FA
David DeCelle
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Relevant and actionable!
I’ve been in the financial industry for over two decades and Model FA still continues to provide relevant, insightful and actionable resources and concepts in every show. David’s approach is very conversational and I appreciate that he always takes the speakers concepts and connects them to other concepts and processes making them even more powerful. It also doesn’t get overall technical. You can tell he is a real person that is easy to reach out to and with the focus on books that sharing new ideas are a priority. It’s in my regular podcast rotation for sure!
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Worth Your Time
This show is an easy choice to add to the rotation for the advisor community, curious professionals, and those that just want to get better.
One of my favorite podcasts!
David DeCelle is an excellent host. He’s always adding value. The conversations on the show are interesting and engaging. The podcast makes a valuable contribution to financial advisors/business professionals everywhere.
Ivan the Grateful
Educational and entertaining!
I recently was introduced to this podcast and I can’t get enough! David and his guests are generous with their tips and provide a ton of value. They give practical ideas that you can implement immediately and share lots of ideas that keep you thinking long after the show…. It’s very clear that David is passionate about serving advisors!
Must Listen for Advisors
Great content for both new advisors trying to grow their practice, as well as established advisors looking for creative ways to better serve their clients. Highly recommend giving this podcast a shot. After one episode I was hooked
Consistently Great Content
David and his team are consistently delivering great content to help Financial Advisors reach the next level. There is a great blend of content from practice management, networking, marketing, prospecting, advising, hiring, life balance, and so much more. Great stuff for people in the industry and outside as well. Highly recommend! Edit: Just listened to the Candor Path episode and it had so much great info for my ensemble practice. Always fun to listen to the after hours stuff too!
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Reinhold Messner
Solid podcast
Love the podcast. Consistent value add that’s so helpful to stay focused as an advisor.
Home cook SD
Do yourself a favor and listen to every episode
Do it! Scroll back to the beginning and listen to every single episode. So many great guests and takeaways over the life of this podcast. I recommend having a pen and paper handy or your notes app so you can write down ideas and actionable items you’ll hear in this pod. Whether you are just starting out as an Advisor or have a well established practice, there is a ton of valuable information in this whole series. Do yourself a favor and listen! Shout out to the whole ModelFA team.
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Refreshing. Insightful. Thought-provoking.
Patrick and David are always talking about the things that have long been swept under the rug in the financial advice community. Kudos for addressing these topics to raise the caliber of advice in the industry.
Excellant Conversations
This is a great show for an advisor to listen to. It provides relevant information for today’s financial professionals to apply to their business, team, or individual practice. David connects well with the guest and the conversational styles is excellent.
Solid episode
Two great visionaries!!
Well done!!
So much valuable info shared. Thank you
Unique Perspective
Patrick does an excellent job giving fiduciaries simple and actionable ideas for helping their clients. His unique background gives advisors an unique perspective in the investment management world.
One of the brightest minds in the industry. Progressive thinker, practical advice for an advisor at any stage of their career.
Great content!!
Love this podcast. It’s well done with thoughtful content that will help the financial advisor community.
Financial Advisor
Really enjoyed the podcast! Great audio quality and dialogue!!
Brewer changed my direction entirely from a marketing standpoint. It was and still is sometimes shameful thinking of ourselves (Certified Financial Planners) as marketers but it is actually a huge part of what we do! Also a great listen for potential seekers of financial advice to understand what good marketing from a financial planner looks like. Just a hint, It’s not whales jumping in the ocean. It’s personal connection in an ever more demanding world.
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Mayor of Sunnyside
New to world of fiduciary advising
This podcast is a refreshing outlook on financial advising and super helpful as I start out in the world of Finance. Thanks!