The Ministry of Hemp Podcast
The Ministry of Hemp Podcast
Matt Baum
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Very educational show
The hosts are passionate, genuine and make this an enjoyable and informative podcast. The information provided oftentimes allows me to take it in and make my own decisions. Thank you.
Informative and professional!
What a great show! I was looking for details about supply chain and happend upon this show. It was really good. Noticed the quality of the people interviewed too. Really good show.
Entertaining hemp and cannabis podcast
Enjoying the podcast very much. Professionally produced, high quality guests, and Matt is a great interviewer. There is a lot of noise about the same topics in this space (CBD) so I appreciate the breadth of focus and attention to fiber and seed.
Fun to listen and educational
Matt really brings it with this podcast, and I look forward to every episode. With varied voices and different segments, this podcast is both educational and a treat fore the ears.
Kit OConnell
Great intro on hemp
Looking forward to the series
Great PodCast...Super Informative!!
Matt was awesome! I really got a lot out of the lesson on the differences between hemp and marijuana. Great 1st podcast...Looking forward to future ones! Be Great!