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Dr. Erika Velez
44 minutes Posted Feb 3, 2020 at 9:00 pm.
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Show notes

On this episode of the Ask the Expert series, Dr. Michelle Weiner, leading double board certified interventional pain medicine physician, shares a personal story that catapulted her interest in medicinal marijuana. She answers some of the FAQ listeners submitted regarding CBD and medicinal marijuana.

In this episode, Dr. Weiner touches on:

-The endocannabinoid system.

-How CBD can help treat disease.

-The difference between CBD and THC.

-The benefits of CBD, including physical and psychological.

-If you will feel “high” after using CBD.

-The importance of lab tested CBD & discusses the importance of a Certificate of Analysis.

-Substituting CBD for other prescribed medications.

-Can CBD help improve your sleep?

-When you should consider adding THC to your CBD regimen.

-Barriers to breaking the stigma related to medicinal marijuana.

-The importance of practicing caution with using THC during adolescence and the effects on the developing brain.

-Discusses some of the dangers of vaping and the importance of using a medical program.

-Can you fail and drug test if you’re using CBD?

-The difference between CBD isolate and full spectrum.

-Using CBD products targeted for specific problems.

-Side effects or contraindications of CBD.

-Can you overdose on CBD?

-What risk, if any, are involved with using CBD?


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