The Mind Your Business Podcast
The Mind Your Business Podcast
James Wedmore
All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, a seven-figure online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.
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Inspirational and actionable - perfect for digital business owners!
In a shocking and sudden turn of events, this spring I went from about to work for someone to a digital CEO in my own right. Wedmore and his continuous stream of phenomenal guests taught me not only how to start and run a business, but also so much about myself. It’s built my confidence, made me reach deep inside, changed me as a person and business owner for the better, taught me that I can be empathetic, kind, and strong, and continues to provide a kick in the pants for when I need to get back to work. It seemed like a no brainer to jump right in and join BBD. Thank you, James, for an incredible podcast and for putting this out there.
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Julie Soul
Great energy
I have listened to James well before being an entrepreneur and he was one of those helpful voices that said “go for it”. Every podcast is energetic with wisdom that is easily applicable. I could binge listen this podcast!
So in LoVe!
I’m so obsessed with James and this Podcast...although I’ve just discovered him and in the last few months it has been a breathe of fresh air. I dig his style, mindset, and all the Woo!! Learning so much! Thank you!
Namaste Nurse
This podcast is EVERYTHING if you want to succeed. James Wedmore is so incredible at breaking it all down in simple and easy to understand steps. He gives a ton of invaluable info. If you follow his advice, you will completely transform your business! This is the one person you should be listening to!!
This show is a game changer!
James delivers a wealth of insightful knowledge in his solo shows and brings on incredible guests where he truly shines as an interviewer by highlighting his guests and asking powerful, thoughtful questions. This is my go-to show! Thank you for all that you do! 🙌🏼🔥
Jen KayCee
When the student is ready, Master James appears!!
If I was stranded on an island and had to choose one podcast to listen to, it would be this one!! James ALWAYS delivers, and new episodes seem to ALWAYS drop when I need to hear that particular message the most. This podcast is the best resource around if you want free coaching :D Thanks James!
Challenging my reality
Thankyou for ALL you share and the “so inspiring” guests you bring on! The content is relevant to whatever phase of my business I’m in and is the uncomfortable yet desirable challenge I need to create new ways of thinking and doing! Thanks for all you do!
Where have you been all my life?!
Kidding not kidding! Your podcast is the best. I learn something new every time I listen and most of your episodes I listen to over and over again. I always recommend you to anyone who is slightly interested in developing your best self! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the insight and wisdom. I found you in July so when BBD opens again I’ll be first in line. ❤️❤️❤️
James is life changing
I've been listening to James for years. His content just keeps getting better and better. Because I started listening to his podcast I then enrolled in BBD. This has led me to launching my online course which is super successful! Thank you James!
Patricia Cerniuk
100% my favorite podcast to ever exist. James Wedmore is EVERYTHING. Amazing content. Amazing energy. Everything I need to build and scale my business. Literally can’t stop listening!!!
The best podcast of all time
I’ve been subscribed to at least 30 different podcasts for the last 5 years and James’ MYB podcast has been my most listened one ever since I discovered it 2 years ago. The content is amazing and each episode feels you leaving truly transformed. Thank you James & Team Wedmore for all you do 💕
Kathrin Z
Awesome Content!
Kudos! Looking forward to your upcoming shows!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
The Go-To Podcast for Mind, Spiritual, & Professional Growth!
I am so grateful to have found James’ podcasts. It’s brilliant, relatable, and provides tangible practices to put into practice. If you’re having a bad day, need a little inspiration, or just feel like delighting you’re professional senses, I highly recommend giving a listen!
Dr. Adina McGarr-Knabke
Perspective Change
I am so inspired from this podcast & all of James’s programs. I have been on this journey to change my perspective to better serve my purpose & this podcast has cleared so many things up for me to add to what I have been working on. Excited about all the trainings and BBD course that I’m going through. With faith, putting in the work & James’s virtual mentor ship, I feel I can be more effective in my passion work. Thank you for all you do!
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Amazing info!!
I love the way he incorporates the spiritual part into business ❤️❤️😍
Thank you!
Listening to the podcast with Makhosi was the best one I’ve heard. Thank you for bringing on amazing ppl like her!! <3
Cari Li
OMG! Where have you been all my life?
The episode with Dr. Joan Rosenberg blew me away. Thank you for connecting your listeners with amazing researchers and authors. I love the work you do bringing mindfulness to entrepreneurs.
Love the wisdom & encouragement!
The content James shares is EXCELLENT, but something else really jumped out at me in listening to episode #361 with Misha Saidov. James was really complimentary of the way Misha shared his thoughts & the internal dialogue that guided him as he built the business. Towards the end, Misha was talking about BBD & how much it had helped him, but James was so humble & encouraging when he stated that what Misha accomplished came from his own internal power. The genuine encouragement & humility was beautiful to hear. James is a rockstar leader, driven to serve & help others succeed. You need to listen to this podcast!
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My top podcast!
I am very selective in the podcasts I choose to listen to and James is hands down 5-stars. Starting and growing my business brought up so many new beliefs and mental blocks I never knew I had! James’ podcast has addressed all of them and I’m confident this podcast is one of the biggest reasons I’m continuing to grow! Business is not just about business, it’s about being in the right mindset and I’m so thankful James addresses this as many do not! Thanks!
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Elizabeth Dall
Techniques the right Mindset = Success
Thank you James! Your podcast not only enriches my business techniques it also enriches my mind! May I say, you have a beautiful mind!
A heaping dose of joy, silliness, social proof, and awareness
I’ve been listening to James’s podcast for some time. There are numerous voices out there encouraging budding entrepreneurs to take the leap as they illuminate the path. I have listened to many of those voices, and have found the most resonance with this podcast. I find James’s voice to be a joyous, honest, and truthful voice in a crowded sea full of online course coaches. I often feel inspired, motivated, understood, and hopeful after listening to any episode from podcast. Thank you for creating this joyful contribution the collective conscious. This will finally be the year I take the leap and join BBD. I’m so looking forward to aligning myself with with the tribe that gathers here.
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Mind your mind in uncertain times!
I started listening to this podcast some weeks before quarantining but with the idea that it was coming soon and seeking ways to cope with the change. I have found a great mind sharing his motivation, highly recommend this show for entrepreneurs in general but anybody in this transition can benefit of his knowledge. Thank you James and team!
Raising vibrations in the midst of crisis
Thank thank you James and team Wedmore for doing this podcast!!! I have been binge listening to this podcast and gobbling up anything you put out since last July every moment I get. I have grown so much and even have started a second new business that I am so unbelievably excited for. However, I have to tell you. I LITERALLY said OUT LOUD, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH JAMES.....when I listened to the last episode on transmuting fear. I am a psychotherapist myself and I am usually the one people turn to for release, to grow and to learn from....and I am SO GRATEFUL to be that for them. However, I really needed my own support on Monday, and I will continue to throughout this scary health care stuff that is going on. I am so grateful to have this place that I can turn to in order to ground myself for my clients. I have even shared this episode and overall podcast with colleagues, clients, friends and family. I love the grounding exercise you walked through in transmuting fear and I love everything you all represent. It is truly something I take in on an almost daily basis and I am so much better for it! Be well TEAM WEDMORE! We are all in this together. Warmly, Shelby from Coast of Maine
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Shelby Coast of Maine
Must listen to podcast
Ok don’t remember how I found out about this podcast. I started at the 1st one and now I’m just finished #138 from January 2018. And today is 3/14/2020! There is so much great information I listen to the podcast every moment I can. I’m not a Business owner yet. I’ve wanted to be a entrepreneur and have had ideas and even started the process of buying land and building a coffee shop then fear paralyzed me and I stopped that and sold the land and quit that dream. Now I’ve had another idea about a venture. But not moving forward on the idea as of yet. This podcast has been helpful for me to deal with the internal things to grow and deal with. Thank you James!
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Absolutely amazing
Awesome podcast, I’m always looking for new listens! By far one of the best💯⚡️ keep going brother!
James is the real deal
The energy and messaging and mindset of this show is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Siege who integrates the woo-woo with the strategy. You changed my life with BBD my friend.
Changed my Perspective
This podcast really changed my viewpoint when it comes to defining success and hard work. You don’t have to kill yourself to be successful and that’s basically what I was taught growing up. I am so thankful to have found this amazing podcast because I really have relinquished my toxic view of how to get to success. It’s now a healthier view and I am so happy!
Jade X. Crosby
Love this podcast. Always interesting with a wealth of information for you to learn and grow as a person.
A must listen!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a year now and absolutely love James. He’s transformed my business, my mindset and my life.
julie ohle
Great Podcast with relevant content
I have been listening to this podcast for a while and I absolutely love it! They keep you engaged and their topics are consistently very interesting. I highly recommend!
Powerful Podcast
I’ve been listening for a few months and I love how holistic this show is. The trauma episodes really wowed me. Thanks James!
Awesome first experience!
I’m new to this podcast and Just the couple podcast have been so helpful and a real eye opener to the business side of life. He has a great sense of humor and I can tell this team is very trustworthy. The knowledge I can gain is priceless and learning what he has to say is spying looking forward to and applying to my every day life. Thank you James and I am very excited I found you.
I didn’t know how much I needed this!
I don’t even know how I came across this podcast, divine intervention? I so appreciate every episode I have listened to. This definitely touches on subjects that the majority of entrepreneurship podcasts do not. So thank you.
So grateful for James & His Team - Life Changing
Everything I’ve ever experienced, questioned, struggled with & need is in one of these podcasts or trainings. James has changed my life. I am working towards manifesting the opportunity to work with him & he has helped me believe this will happen for me while his generous free content guides me along the way. I have no words for what this has done for my mental state, my thoughts on business, & my life in general. The struggles of being a recovering addict and rookie female entrepreneur have been so much easier to reframe with the practices he has shared. He has helped me believe anything is possible. Thank you James. Da
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Bungie cat
Great podcast
I just love Jim’s dedication to his craft- and his people first perspective
Favorite podcast!
James is just my favorite. Something about him. He has humble and funny and trustworthy and relatable and all the good things. I just feel like I can completely trust this dude I have never met and I love it. So thankful for all the gems of info I have been able to take from his podcast!
New fan!
You are hilarious! I was jogging while listening to a loooong podcast (which I usually shy away from) and I was cracking up the whole time. You have such a fun, friendly way of teaching such important, life altering lessons! Thank you!
AH Texas
James you rock!!
Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your message on your podcast! I’m so happy I found you. I’ve binge listened to your podcast and I love what I’m hearing. Our messages are so aligned in standing up to Hustle Culture and living a full life while running a business we both love kite surfing too. I look forward to listening to more podcasts and I’d love to have you as a guest to myUnhustle podcast. Thank you James!
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I just found out about this podcast, and cannot stop listening to it. It is not boring and it guides you. I love the guests and how it is very informal conversation.
I love this podcast because it really is the best way i’ve gotten into the business world and a helpful guide in business. I love all your content and its really motivated me to make steps in my life and has really pulled me into the business world.
Entrepreneur Goals!
I am addicted to this podcast! I have not had any podcast where I am saying “Yes!” out loud over and over. James is getting through to me and compelling me to take action! This is the most valuable free business content I have found, and I have been through a ton. Thank you!
Can’t Get Enough
I’ve started listening to James a few month ago, when he was introduced to me by a close friend! I usually get bored very easily, but this is the only podcast I can listen to over and over again and I always feel that I want to listen more. I love everything he shares with us! James is inspirational, motivational, and help you believe that anything is possible if you take action! Thank you James and thank you to your team for everything you do to take out the best out of us!
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Very motivating
I am in love with this podcast!! It’s so motivating and inspirational! I highly recommend it for everyone!
Eye opening
I heard the podcast today for the first... and not knowing much about you and the type of content I went on to listening to the possible trends in business in 2020... It was eye opening and made me ponder... I am thankful for experienced opinions of people who take a time to análise and observe what most people don’t...
Jonatas Lala
Energy, vibration, business builiding, oh my!
I stumbled upon James years ago. I had just finished a course in energy healing but never told anyone about it because with the crowd I was in at the time it would have been viewed as completely crazy. I think it was on youtube and James said he was into energy healing. I loved how open and honest he was about it right away and on a public platform- comparing that with my own apprehension to share what I was into. I later was recommended his podcast by a new friend and I'm so grateful. What he talks about is powerful and just what I need in my life.
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My go to podcast
I absolutely love this podcast. It’s seriously my go-to! My goal is to be in business by design by 2020! Go team Wedmore!!!!
Finally, a complete approach
I love this podcast so much. While I got a lot out of tactical entrepreneurial podcasts, I was always wishing they’d treat me, a biz owner, as a full human being and not just a mechanical hustler on the prowl for the next efficiency hack. James Wedmore is such an insightful, fun, inspiring host. I get as much out of his talks as I do from his interviews. And yes, the guests are really fantastic as well. They bring experiences that illuminate different ways of applying the principles this podcast explores. The result is that the podcast is really inclusive and does not limit the idea of “entrepreneur” to one set of outward-facing traits (e.g. a guy who looks like mark zuckerberg). If you’re here reading reviews, it means you’ve got a really enjoyable binge ahead of you. Get to it!!
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I Was All Like
Super great
I loved this episode. The way you highlighted the core principles and concisely applied them to business made it a worthwhile listen and quite applicable and motivating. Thank you.
Seeing From a Different Angle
I have been experiencing a slap in the face seems like everyday the past 3 years. Felt defeated no matter what I did. I’ve started to listen to motivational recordings and came across this today. It was a calming experience for me to tell myself to chill out cuz ish could be worse and I’ve been there. So yes, thank you James for giving me my virtual chill out DJ pill and count your blessings. Bless you too for sharing 🙏🏽
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DJ’s Account
The Best!
There’s so much I can say about why Mind Your Business has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts, {I never miss an episode} but in honor of brevity and fitting this into a review box 😊 let me simply say that as an entrepreneur in the online space since 2006, I’ve been waiting for years to come across this very message that James shares so thoughtfully. A genuine, wise leader who gently nudges us forward, while holding us accountable in our steady, forward progress - James’ podcast is a perfect blend of practical + mindset when it comes to running your business. I recommend each and every episode. I also greatly appreciate the guests James invites to share their stories. I am continually fired up and inspired every time I tune in. James, you and Team Wedmore {loved that episode too!} truly show us what is possible, Thank You.
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