The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast
The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast
Mikhaila Peterson
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Awesome podcast!!!
Awesome podcast!!!
Wonder about your success without dad
Just feeding off her father
Interesting conversations
I love the guests and topics that are discussed on the show. I feel as though I learn something new each episode. Keep up the good work!
Sam watts
9/10 slightly different but good
samm wattss
General Review
I started listening to you because of the interview you did with your dad, but became a subscriber because of your talent. I love that your podcasts topics are so varied and informative. You do an amazing job interviewing, getting to the heart of the subject. Your honesty shines through. Thank you!
Nanxi D
The man... THe myth.....THE legend
So thankful to God for this man. Hmmmmm.... I’m having trouble writing this. Everything I start to write sounds so cliche and not what I’m trying to say.... Suffice it to say that Jordan will NEVER fully understand how much encouragement and hope he has blasted out into this difficult, and often ugly, life that we are all living. His choice to speak, when he could have kept silent, has and IS affecting the world in incalculable ways for good. It breaks my heart to think that any of the pain he has and IS going thru now might possibly be a result of the courageous stand he has taken against the insanity of the EXTREME left and EXTREME right. I’ll shut up now. Just wanted to say thanks for giving the world a “hero story” to be encouraged and uplifted by. (That was NOT meant to put MORE pressure on you. Just to say thank you, God bless you, and please please please take care of yourself now. You’ve shown us HOW to be courageous and heroic... You’ve taken the arrows and slain your dragon... Now please just show us how to live that last 20-30 years of life. Help us to see an example of how to “end well”. Help us see an example of strength, grace, love of family, love of humanity.......... In other words... JUST BE YOURSELF......<3)
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dave from indianapolis
Q&A With Jordan Peterson
[paraphrasing] Relationship: Doesn’t matter who you find, they’re going to be full of flaws like you. So, a lot of the relationship is what you create. Find someone you can trust. Find someone you are attracted to. And, perhaps, someone who shares the same ambitions as you do. Or, at least, find someone whose ambitions are compatible with your own. Then, pretty much after that (the rest) is what you create rather than what you find. Traits such as competency and generosity are valuable for child-rearing, especially the first couple of years after birth. [end paraphrasing] For me, Will aim to become competent in a skill Which is to be knowledgeable, able to produce quality results, to say what I will do, how much it will cost, and then follow through on what I said I would do. Will also aim to have more generosity. Which means the willingness to give or to share in the something I have in abundance or to make it so that others who are not me can become rich too. The focus becomes on helping others not just self.
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Like listening to a five-year-old
I tried giving this a chance and well the people she interviewed were knowledgeable and well spoken she sounded like a toddler interviewing an adult. She was not at all up to speed on the person she was interviewing and it was completely disjointed interview. Hard pass!
It’s really good.
I initially only downloaded the interview Ms. Peterson did with Jeanette McCurdy because my teens are huge fans of Ms. McCurdy. I was immediately charmed by Ms. Peterson’s interview style. It was like listening to two friends having a chat over coffee. I definitely will continue to tune into the podcast.
Suzy Northstar
Wonderful family
This is the best podcast I’ve heard in months. Such a beautiful view into a wonderful family.
Tammy Peterson
I can see why Jordan is so grateful. Such a strong woman in his life. Great episode...
If only all millennials were like her!
Mikhaila is a super cool person who thinks for herself. It’s crazy how refreshing that is in today’s world. Like many fans of hers, I’m also a big fan of her dad’s, but she is worth listening to even if you’ve never heard of JBP. Her podcast gives me hope for the next generation!
Best Episode
Your mother is an incredible person! I loved the way she narrated her life story. It was very relatable and inspiring. I am looking for to her next podcast.
Maxximus Decimus Merridious
Wall Street Bets
I Loved the Jamie Rogozinski interview. Worth checking out.
Milwaukee Adam1
Best podcast ever!
Authenticity, bravery and intelligence. The kind of woman the world needs!
Non-feminist woman
great questions, amazing interaction, inspirational conversations that get to the core of current topics!
Christo Pher
Great Podcast, great info!
Mikhaila took the opportunity/visibility afforded to her by being the daughter of Jordan Peterson and turned it into a great podcast on its own merit! So many great guests, lots of diverse perspectives, and really great integrative health info that will be so helpful to so many people! Highly recommend!
Vivian Linden
The future is bright for Mikhaila Peterson
Most (if not all) of us know Mikhaila from her father, but he isn’t why I’ve subscribed to her podcast. She has interesting guests. She asks important questions. She has an open mind, and she gives her honest opinions. I’m not surprised that I enjoy her content, but I am delighted that she’s creating it. She is my exact age, and I wish I knew more women like her to just have lunch with. How much more interesting to converse with people who think about more than CNN/Fox talking points. I’ll have to settle for just listening instead. She and her family are in my prayers. May justice be brought upon the media tyrants who disparaged the years of struggles they went through.
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Mikhaila comes into her own
It has been great to watch Mikhaila Peterson progress from working alongside her father to creating a platform for herself. She definitely possesses the intellect and personality to successfully do so. Her podcasts are genuine, thought provoking and informative. Really enjoying the shows that cover opposing issues on controversial topics. Keep up the great work MP!!!
Bias Shines Through
In the abortion episode, the approach between each viewpoint is met with a failure of nerve in the part of the pro-abortion interview. The first interviewee is challenged and met with resistance but the second with extensive listening, passive agreement, and a clear cohesion between the two. Sorry, not a good neutral discussion
Love it!
Great info about health and wellness! Very inspiring
My favorite Peterson
Love this podcast. Hopefully someday you post the part you edited out where Chris Voss 100% owned your papa for being a complete D.
Great Show!
Love the guests - Interesting subject matter. The interviews are very well done. I always learn something new! Thank you!!
Podcasters are a curious lot. I appreciate things I’ve learned from them in found time. But they all go on each other’s podcasts to plug each other’s books or podcasts. It just seems odd ... like a cover for getting more views or selling more books rather than having something truly interesting or enlightening to share.
Good podcast
Interesting subjects. Inspired me to start thinking about my own health and productivity and how to maximize it.
Good idea poorly executed.
I cringe something like 56% of the time Mikhaila speaks. The interview is never allowed to gather much steam because she keeps relating everything to her own life. She seems to swim strictly in Lake Mikhaila. Her insights are seldom thought provoking. Her guest intros are non existent, she asks the guest to introduce themselves which always feels awkward. It’s like she doesn’t know who they are exactly. I expected more. That being said, I do think the concept is good and I persevere in order to gain some understanding of the topic but there’s more knowledge to unpack, she just can’t seem to figure out how to get at it.
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Informative and enjoyable
Not only are the topics and guest delightfully different, bringing a diverse range of insightful bits but her voice is very pleasant. It’s so important for me the sound and tone of the host(s) voice, it makes me focus easier, opening up more to the topic at hand. Thank you!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Mikhaila, host of the The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, highlights all aspects of alternative health and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Exceptional Podcast
Mikhaila is a talented host with broad interests. This podcast is keeper.
Lia kass
Great Useful Info
Really enjoying Mikhaila’s podcast and guests. As someone who suffered (past tense) from an auto immune disorder and healed with diet, I find the health information on this podcast very useful for helping to control my symptoms and improve my overall health. Mikhaila is a kind and understanding host on the show. She asks interesting questions that I myself am curious about. All of her guests are fascinating people with amazing stories and info to share. Always looking forward to the next episode.
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My new favorite
This is quickly becoming one of my most listened and favorites. Always interesting, always truthful, always real. Her podcast with Jocko is now one of my all time greats list. Thanks!
Getting better all the time
Really enjoying so many of the guests and the inquisitive way the host responds. Her relatively disagreeable nature resonates well with me, and I love her unique sort of soft bear-huffing laughter, it is awesome. Intelligent and varied, I would recommend it to anyone. Only wish it was twice as long to dig even deeper...
Diversified Podcast
Mikhaila does a great job moderating her podcasts. The tempo of discussion is always at a steady, absorbable pace. She also covers a good range of topics. A lot of health related topics but very diversified in what the conversation is about, along with a range of topics including conversations around political topics though not the politics themselves usually and people who have interesting stories or experiences that are usually highly pertinent to contemporary concerns. She always has plenty of good questions on hand to help explore the topic being discussed.
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Ok cool
There are good guests sometimes, but the way mikhaila interacts with the guests is so annoying to me First of all “who you are and what it is that you do” you say it the same exact way every episode it kills me. And every time a guest answers a question or tells a story she is like “ok. Cool. Now let me ask you the next question on my checklist” Like this sounds like a high schoolers podcast who was forced to do it by their teacher plz learn how to sound more engaged 😭
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החתולה הסמוראית
Great Guests, Flat Affect But Smart
I like this podcast a lot. However, sometimes M seems bored or uninterested—which affect me a bit. Should I keep listening? However OFF script, she’s brilliant and a bit more connected. Maybe her tough life with medical ailments hardened her. No worries. Still a worthy podcast.
Interesting and enjoyable podcast
I highly recommend listening..... she’s very authentic and intelligent....great guests. It seems as though people who are criticizing her, don’t like her father. She’s a very good interviewer as she gives space to people to express themselves without interrupting, she asks very intelligent questions.
Charming frog
Great podcast!
I really enjoy Mikhaila’a interviews. Very informative, excellent guests. Keep at it, I’ll keep listening! Thanks!
Listen to Mikhaila
Mikhaila is a really smart, interesting podcaster with a variety of interesting guests. I’ve listened to all her podcasts, and it’s very noticeable how much more comfortable she’s become talking to her guests. I loved the most recent podcast with Jocko Willink, and I have to say it was the one episode that she seemed genuinely intimidated by her guest. I can understand that, though. I mean, he is Jocko Willink. Great job Mikhaila! Can’t wait for Bjorn Lonborg.
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Great Pod!
Really enjoyed the Jocko interview.
RA, PMR, start here. Briefly, It works. Listen and you’ll learn with her why. She is smart and articulate, with no bs. Time well spent.
just an old guy 111
Great podcast- listen with an open mind
This podcast challenges conventional beliefs. Understand the astronomical amount of variables that affect our genome (piano keys) and epigenome (pianist). Even though many studies show a positive correlation between meat consumption and a variety of diseases, these studies are on people who are out eating hamburgers with fries 5 times a week and processed bacon for breakfast. Few people out there eat a beef-only diet combined with fasting/ intermittent fasting. I’m not sure that it’s ideal or even viable for everyone- but open your mind to the possibility of a carnivore/ 0-carb diet being a healthy choice. The human body is capable of adapting in fascinating ways. Don’t confuse correlation with causation.
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Future Tiger
Great podcast
Great podcast in a time when we need it! A must listen to! Thank you!
Keep the Truth flowing.
Charlie Fox64
She (almost) killed her dad lol
Great Interviewer
Good interviewer, cool topics, and a pretty sexy voice.
She can dumb down a conversation at a speed that makes Joe Rogan look like an academic.
She’s Great!
It’s nice to hear an intelligent young woman talking about interesting topics. It’s very candid and doesn’t feel forced. I just listened to her conversation with Michael Malice and I’m now hooked! Great job Ms. Peterson
really like this podcast!
really interesting people are featured and i enjoy hearing about her lifestyle because it’s so vastly different from most people. a new perspective is always intriguing.
Love her podcast
She covers great topics, hosts interesting guests, and is very informative and entertaining. I love her work. Give her a listen!!
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