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The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast
Mikhaila Peterson
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Christian Resources
I’ve seen that you started on a journey into religion. Some podcasts that really helped me understand some parts of the Bible that I was a little more hesitant on or just to understand theology better, are the glory cloud podcast (this one’s my favorite), core Christianity and Renewing your mind with RC Sproul (I really like his theology). I hope this helped and good luck on your journey.
Mikhaila is incurious and boring. Her anecdotal experiences and opinions are her focus and she is only interested in bolstering her worldview. She is not interested in learning. Also, I’m not sure I’d take any sort of life advice from a woman who dated a sex trafficker. Clearly her discernment is not functioning properly.
Used to be a bigger fan
I used to be a bigger fan of both her and her father. As much as they both helped me over the last few years, it almost seems like their lessons have taught me to be more critical of how they both speak now. I’m beginning to perceive them both as claiming anecdotal experiences as being truths, no longer tending to pre-emp statements with “this is my experience” like they used to. Almost feels like they’ve moved from Ian Malcom, to John Hammond instead.
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Fresh Wind
Throughly enjoyed list’n to these young voices share life & a beautiful friendship born💋⚔️🦋
im jus say'n
Sharp, deep and thought-provoking
Mikhaila has the perfect mix of depth and curiousity. Her guests are always so rich with experience and insight. Highly recommend!
Not afraid
Mikhaila is not afraid to talk about hard things. Many thanks for bringing to light so many things that we need to know and talk about.
Decent Podcast, Not a good Host
Considering the excellent quality of guests that are featured on this podcast, it is often worth listening to. The conversational talent of the host often irritates me personally. Michaela unfortunately has gained a following for this podcast first and foremost because of the fame of her father, and has attracted speakers to the podcast for the same reason. Her questions and comments rarely add value to the conversation, she is simply reading generic questions from list and then respond ‘fascinating’ to every answer.
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You CAN learn from the youth of today
I’m 61 and have been heavy into fitness and nutrition since 12! I’ve been in my own headspace since becoming Paleo, not paying attention to more recent fads like Keto, which I totally laughed at. With recent autoimmune issues someone pointed me to Mikhaila. So grateful. There’s this whole world I was ignoring that Mikhaila brings to my attention. The mold episode was life changing. And she brought her dad to my attention, yeah! As a daddy’s girl still (for my 88 still working dad) that’s a sweet bonus. Mikhaila is amazing!!!! She Is a top tier interviewer.
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She is an absolute boss!
Love what Mikhalia is sharing! Super impactful and life changing! Thank you! PRESS ON!
Great podcast!
So enjoyed your 150th episode with your Dad! Just fascinating!
Aunt Emili
Best podcast ever
Seriously the best!!
Will Witt
Loved this one!
Love this podcast!
Been a listener since the beginning & Mikhaila Peterson has gotten better & better. I love her interviewing style—as someone who is not familiar with many of the guests, I appreciate the questions she asks. Though I may not always agree with every episode, I always walk away feeling like I learned something new & did not waste my time. I feel like Mikhaila is very fair, genuinely listens & sincerely cares about what her guests have to say. Everything about this podcast has gotten better over time, from the audio/video quality to Mikhaila’s interviews; this podcast is so worth your time!
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Interesting and informative interviews
If those are what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place!
Andrew keen is a bot ! Gee lighten up on the USA, or don’t. He needs a Fourth of July fireworks show to cheer him up!
Woefully unprepared for interviews
Have listened to over a dozen of these now and each time it’s clear Ms Peterson isn’t as prepared as other interviewers with similar podcast - that she isn’t entirely familiar with her guests’ work or background, even when they have been on her father’s podcast and even when he has asked them the very same questions. This can sometimes be an advantage, of course - she will ask the super basic questions that some of the audience wants to know too, and this approach can work decently well with some guests. But it mostly means she is cringsomely out of her depth much of the time, and offers a lot of uninspired questions and follow-ups. Her reaction to most responses is “Interesting”, “Wow.” or “Huh”. She gets some high-calibre guests but if you follow them here from other podcasts, as I have, this will be the least interesting or probing interview they do.
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Informative and diverse
I love how many different perspectives and subjects Mikhaila brings to us through this podcast. Fun to listen to and very informative.
M. Peterson podcast
Mikhaila Peterson keeps getting better and is becoming one of my favorite podcasters. The “Opposing Views” episodes are especially good, love the format, love the content. Keep it up!
guy trying to learn
Grateful for the Truckers
I am grateful for the truckers and for your efforts highlighting their cause! Wonderful job!
Maxximus Decimus Merridious
Just like dad
Hateful person, projecting their own insecurities onto others and hypocritically judging them. They should take their own advice instead of demanding others to follow their lies. Epitome of over privileged spoiled brats completely disconnected from reality.
Just like dad
You inherited your fathers wisdom and it shows! Love your show!
is that a pigeon
Awesome show
Found JBP listening to joe Rogan Listened to all JBP podcast Started listening to this podcast Love your guests and insights especially the opposing views interviews This is how regular people like me Get the information we need to make good decisions for our selves and family’s Thank you for doing what main stream media has failed to do for many many years now
Wow listen to the Pageau episode
The episode with Jonathan Pageau was deeply moving.
Allie J C
About the Rollo episode
I had to stop listening 35 mins in, not sure how much worse it could have gotten. To Clarify, I love the show! This episode was so Cringe. I’m not super Agreeable, but I couldn't listen to any more. I felt lime Rollo was fishing for more info and dirt on you, even during this interview. You’re explaining, goes to show, you never know what people are going through. A lot of that the info you told, I felt like wasn’t my business and need not be explained. Again, I enjoy the show and appreciate you and your dad. Best of Luck in the weird episode department and in general in 2022.
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I've been listening for years, lots goes into making this amazing content -nothing else like it!
Rolo Tomassi is disgusting can’t believe you talked to him. Might as well interview an incel
Good but needs work
The format for these podcasts featuring debate on topic is a solid attempt but leaves the listener confused as to how to proceed with formation his/her own opinion. I would rather two experts debate the different sides of a topic live in the podcast than have each give their version unchallenged by the other side - I can get such information from other sources already. What i cant get is a live debate; consider changing format in future debate podcasts. Thanks for the time and effort!
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Opposing views is the best!!
This concept is the best podcast idea ever. They are intelligently presented. The host offers up provoking questions, and both views are equally presented. This allows the listener to form an educated opinion. Awesome!!!
A+ Mikhaila is a Natural
I love Mikhaila’s natural and innocent unbiased approach. And she has great guests!!
Horrible Audio Quality
Was just listening for the first time to the interview with Chris Voss. The former lead hostage negotiator with the FBI. It sounded like the hosts of the show were calling in on a phone long distance from the 80’s. Horrible audio. The guest (Chris) was loud and clear. Very weird how the people producing the podcast can’t produce a show with decent audio quality.
Long time listener
I’ve listened to this podcast since the beginning. I am not a particular fan of this style of interviews of opposing views that aren’t speaking to each other. On this and the interviews on abortion it was obvious that the host was not well versed in the subject at hand. I applaud the efforts but would prefer the opposition to be able to question the answers. As always the host does a great job in letting the guests say what they want.
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Better Your Life
A must listen if you're interested in approaches to improve your life.
Mr. Peterson, I have heard you speak of your trials through these interesting times, and it is easy to forget or dismiss what you went through. You didn’t want to be a leader in a movement, but the woke mob went after you, and you triumphed. You were a professor in a university that didn’t want you, and now you are a professor for the entire world. Your wisdom and humility is a lamp in the darkness, a light on the hill. And the podcast is great too =8^)
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Obsessed w. the theme song. 🔥 Can you talk to someone about Squid Game?
Wonderful podcast
Wonderful family. God bless the Peterson family.
Great content - NEEDS MORE VOLUME
Hi Mikhaela; please invest a little on audio quality. You can barely hear the podcast on regular earbuds.
Deep and Intentional
I only listened to the Matt Hussey interview and was the first time ever listening to Mikhaila. She’s a great interviewer! Her questions continuously blew me away. Also love her personality. Sort of direct and to the point. Wasn’t trying to “please” the guest. Looking forward to listening to other ones
It’s just ok. Nothing special except she picks some really great guests. Often runs into problems because she spends most of the time talking about herself and making disclaimers about whether she agrees with the guest. She claims to be an independent thinker but isn’t actually THAT sovereign in thought - and is evidently terrified of most people and ideas. Her neurotic hunger for approval is perceivable through the podcast. That’s why she refers to some guests as “spicy” and “intense”, and her introductions are super biased. Maybe she’s afraid of the Canadian thought police? It’s disappointing. Just let people talk.
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One of my top 5!
I love all the variety and have been listening to as many as I can!
RJ Kansas
Love this podcast
I love this podcast. I don’t always agree with everything she says, but Mikhaila is intelligent and outspoken, and more importantly she thinks for herself. We need more people like her
Michael Stookey
Very interesting
Mikhaila is a great host who has very interesting guests. She is always on top of her game and asks the right questions.
Great podcast with interesting and insightful conversations. This show offers truthful information and great advice. The guests are also great and cover a variety of topics.
Dr. Zubin information is incorrect
He works for the gene modification industry... Conflict of interest wouldn’t you say? That being said gave ya 5 stars enjoy your cast yet not fake people like him
Prioritizes seeking truth over being socially accepted
Very trustworthy information
Hire me!
Thanks Mikhaila!
Mikhaila produces great content that’s varied across all spectrums. I always feel like I’m learning something new or at least hearing things from a different perspective. My favorite guest on the show Tammy Peterson ♥️ I feel so privileged that the Peterson family is willing to share their often painful, difficult, and deeply personal experiences with the world in order to help complete strangers.
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Not User Friendly Design
Hot, smart, fun
Great topics and solid Conservative guests.
Love mpp
One of my favorite podcasts , great range of topics for health and fitness to political issues Keep up the great work Mikhaila !!!!!!!
sam centerton
I can’t take seriously someone who gives a voice to hate groups and legitimizes them. I saw some clips on tik tok and thought it might be interesting. Wrong. Antifa doesn’t exist. Research the people who you invite to your podcast.
Thanks for talking on the difficult topics and bringing on the right people! Love your show Stacey Osorio
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