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The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast
Mikhaila Peterson
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Beyond parody bad
What a pathetic family—just shockingly craven and narcissistic.
Nick Freitas
I really enjoyed your podcast with Nick Freitas, thank you.
Love the mother and daughter relationship
I loved the conversation between mother and daughter. I have two adult daughters and our relationships are amazing. The love and respect and questioning the past and the curiosity about the relationship between the parents is so important to think about. Learning from parent’s relationship for your relationship is important.
I totally missed listening, so glad your back!
Bren Smith 251
Good to see you back
Glad you’re coming back to the podcast space. Please look at Qortal and give us your assessment on it, feel it’s the answer to the centralized censorship in this world and would love your take on the project.
Welcome Back! I missed this show so much!
You helped me believe I could be a mom. This podcast has got me through such a tough time in my life. I am a better human because of it. We also both found God/Jesus at a similar time. I admire you so much and love spending time with you via this podcast. Praying for you and your family!
Anti semitic Pig!
Like father like daughter
I first saw her on You Are Here I think. I didn’t know who she was and only new a little about her dad but I really like this podcast because she asks interesting intelligent questions to her guests. Also I am carnivore based now and it has made me feel a zillion times better. Thanks keep up the good work!!
This lady is very intelligent and it shows. Keep it up, proud of you👍👍
Having so many different and valuable guests is fantastic! I’m a fan
Mewing episode
I love your podcast and learn so many new things. Your show is thought provoking. However, as interesting as the episode on Mewing is; especially as one who has done reconstructive work on my teeth, it was hard for me to follow the train of thought as presented. I wish it had been more understandable with concrete examples. Also it does not address - should it be needed - the fact that so much of dental reconstruction is incredibly expensive. Even simple procedures are expensive. I understand that he is applying good “bones” to how we take care of our bodies- from birth forward, from a health perspective/food, exercise, sleep, etc. But, dental work is very expensive, insurance does not cover much and so it’s not always an option or bare minimum is only accessible to many.
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Very interesting
Mikhaila has so many interesting guests on. It’s a wide range of very intelligent and interesting people and topics. She is very articulate and I always learn something new with each listen. Highly recommend!
Your most recent episode
So I adore your podcast anyways. But the most recent one from this week…I honestly agree with him. Childhood and adult abuse and traumatic events in your life have been tied to fibromyalgia for years they’ve theorized. I’m so happy someone is finally putting the info truly out there. I’ve had severe fibromyalgia among many other mental disorders since I turned 20 (some appeared prior to that. I’m 35 almost now). I have stroke level blood pressure not matter what I do unless I’m on meds. My son was even born early because of it all at 21 weeks weighing 14 ounces. So much of what he said resonated with me. Thank you for always having the best people on your podcast. And just for being you. Cause you rock. 💜
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Larissa Rose M
Thank you
Great podcast! From one fairly disagreeable female to the other, I just want to say I love your podcast, Mikhaila as well as your father’s podcast. I too had issues getting off antidepressants (specifically sertraline) and was only on 25 mg for two years. I however was warned never to stop cold Turkey. Nonetheless it still took 3 months, and I don’t believe symptoms stopped entirely. I wish you and your family well.
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5 stars for a great show! But…
Just wanted to you know on Apple Podcasts where I listen it only posted the first 12 mins of the Chris Beck pod
Intelligent & intriguing
Not to sound sexist, but, I can’t listen to female hosted podcasts. Most females voices are too whiny/over sexual/ditzy OR the opposite and just sound condescending in tone and annoying to me. Mikhaila Peterson is the exception. Her episodes are all super informative and the content is concise and comprehensive. She is highly intelligent and her podcast is an extension of that. She’s not overly emotional in either direction and i truly appreciate that. It is quite refreshing. Keep up the amazing work Mik!! Huge JBP fan as well so please give him a huge hug from TX!!
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For what it’s worth, I LOVE the health-related episodes you do
Mikhaila, I really enjoy your podcast and listen to it all the time. Someone just wrote a review suggesting you should tone down the health-related content and that some of the people you have on here are “crackpots.” As you always do, please ignore that. The recent episode you did on antidepressant withdraw was huge for me. I am currently on antidepressants and have always struggled to get off—now I fully understand why. Thank you so much for the content you’re putting out. Also, I think everyone needs to be aware that Mikhaila has never suggested that everyone should be on an all meat diet and simply advocates that it could be an option for people with autoimmune issues. She’s found that it’s healed her, so how is that even a little crack potty? The only small critique, or rather comment, I have is that I saw people were calling into question some comments that were made on the podcast regarding women’s fertility at different ages. I don’t know the truth about that, though I’d like to research it for myself. Anyway, thanks for everything, Mikhaila!
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The interview you did is great. It’s giving light to the dark side of occultism. The resource person is well-versed with the topic. I admire his courage to stand against this human worship thing called occultism. Sometimes this doesn’t use religion but merely a group that denies God and believes in the human idol or an alien.
4 Stars Because I Like Her
There are and -’s to this podcast. On the positive side, Mikhaila is a GREAT interviewer. She has intelligent questions, and really listens to her guests. She doesn’t push an agenda. I liked how she handled an interview with a very harsh critic of hers, and didn’t turn it into a war. On the negative side, in my opinion, Mikhaila spends too much time on her health challenges. While I appreciate she has had success with non-traditional medicine, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all featured non-traditional medicine is valid or appropriate. I don’t know how Mikhaila vets guests, but it seems to me that some of her shows provide a stage for crackpots.
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Hundreds of Thousands of Miles!?!?!?!??!…Classic
One of my favorites
I love when Mikhaila does opposing views. This show is so educational. It’s a must.
The Travelling Glutton
Entertaining even on serious topics
Mikhaila has a talent in making even serious subjects entertaining. She has interesting guests and timely topics. She’s a naturally good interviewer.
Informative yet lighthearted
The only complaint I have about this podcast is I don’t think the episodes are long enough. Mikhaila has great guests who discuss a wide range of topics. It’s clear she is incredibly intelligent and has specific opinions yet does not shut others down or get too intense about politics. We need more young political influencers like her that are digestible! As a 22 F I listen to her podcast and feel informed not exhausted by the info. Good stuff.
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Tough chick!
If it wasn’t for Mikhaila, her struggle with autoimmune disease, and her story of how she has overcome….I seriously don’t think I would be here today. I was literally planning my funeral. Her experience gave me hope and strength. Now I’m healing from my disease. Mikhaila is a warrior. Mad respect!
Absolutely recommended!
Awesome podcast! Makes your brain itch real good and for someone who doesn’t side with either side of the isle, it’s most satisfying.
Great Alternative Viewpoints and Thoughtful Discussion
Truly an intellectual. She’s amazing at having thoughtful dialogue not just with those who’s viewpoints she shares, but opposing viewpoints as well. She seeks first to understand, then be understood.
Voice of calm reason
Love this lady’s ability to have open conversation with class and dignity. A rare find these days.
MP is the cooler JP :)
How can Jordan Peterson’s daughter not be interesting and amazing?! Love her voice , love how smart and intelligent she is without being toxic.
This podcast is addicting
Mkhaila never disappoints! She covers a lot of current hot topics and is never afraid to speak against toxic societal norms and invisible enemies. I learned about my current diet through her primal type diet success story and my health has been improving as I adopt similar changes. Perfect easy listening and she invites great guests too! Listen for provoking content and to keep inspired 💭🤍
Love her podcasts
Mikhaela Peterson podcasts are very good, helpful and full of information. Keep up the good work… we’ll keep listening!
How to be calm and honest
Watching this podcast is a master class on being honest and still emotionally regulated. Well done on so many levels.
10 star podcast
great podcast! i look forward to new episodes. Mikhaila is a brilliant host, and her work speaks for itself! I’ve been eating a healthier diet and living a better life since discovering this podcast, along with the jordan peterson podcast. Thank you both for your positive influence! 🆗🆒
Refreshingly Unwoke!
In all sincerity thank you for not following the “woke” crowd but being truly “awake” to the truth out there and sharing it! You have more people in your corner than you realize. Most of us just listen and don’t post.
Great Podcast; Interesting Guests
Mikhaila has interesting guests on that are not like the guests you can hear on just any podcast, clearly prepares well, and is open minded to diverse views. I would recommend if you want to learn something new or hear a different view. I always enjoy hearing new episodes!
Thankful for Peterson fam!
Interested and thought provoking as always. Grateful for her voice
She is incredibly insightful and I appreciate her humor as well!
Just like dad
You and your dad are both so smart and I love listening and learning from you both! Great podcast very I interesting conversations.
Love this podcast 🙌🏼
She’s amazing
Watch her all the time. Great for informational takes without shoving right or left wing talking points down your throat. If you leave a bad review for her, you are an obvious troll.
Danny Mnz
Great show, very educational
Just listened to the episode on Iran. Peterson asks questions from an empathetic, curious, and sane perspective.
Theee best
Haters gonna hate because they are stupid dummies 🤸‍♂️
I always keep on top of Mikhalia’s podcast even if I’m not super keen on the guest or topic. I appreciate that she appears to be very genuine and asks questions that engages a natural flow of conversation instead of trying to lead her guests into an answer (like many podcast hosts do too often). After a few years of listening I feel like she’s my friend- she’s relatable, doesn’t pretend to know everything, has a unique candor to her. Thanks Mikhalia!
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If you fear Free Speech, don’t listen
If you are someone who can’t stand the Idea of hearing a different take on various topics just stay away. If you are the type of person to get “triggered” by words this podcast is not for you
Matty M.B.O.
Love the podcast
I appreciate the collaborations. She is so insightful without being toxic. I’m a huge fan of her father and really appreciate what they contribute. She covers such a wide range of topics and I am always so intrigued.
Sara sofl
This girl has the guts to bring on guests that offer different perspectives on touchy topics. She’s a thoughtful listener and the show is organic rather than scripted. I look forward to seeing new episodes in my podcast feed. Keep up the great work!
Love the context and stance. Full of class. 5 stars - 10/10.
Well Spoken
I enjoy her perspective though I don't agree with everything she says. She is thoughtful, and most importantly she tries to see things from an unobscured perspective.
Review from Nyc
Keep up with your work. You are true as the day is and as the night is. Your dad is the voice of the hope for making changes in this world. I love your podcast. You are always telling the truth.
M-i-r-a s-u-n
Mikhaila is my favorite 🙌🏻💜
Mikhaila cares about truth & always interviews as many different perspectives as she can have on. I enjoy all of Mikhaila’s content - she asks the right questions, shows a genuine curiosity, and has insightful responses for all her guests. Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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