The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast
The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast
Mikhaila Peterson
Mikhaila Peterson speaks with thought leaders, influencers and industry changers - continually finding the best ways to improve the human experience. From stay at home moms to CEOs, fitness enthusiasts to spiritual guides, nutrition researchers to health professionals - Mikhaila has interview-style conversations aimed at provoking thought, addressing difficult subjects, and delving into topics that are generally shied away from.
91. How Liberals Have Changed | Ryan Long
In Episode 91 of the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, Mikhaila is joined by Ryan Long. Ryan Long is a Comedian and Filmmaker from Toronto, who is currently living and working in New York City. He is the Creator, Star, and Showrunner of the hit digital series ‘Torontopia’ on CBC Comedy and podcast ‘THE BOYSCAST'
Jun 22
1 hr 8 min
90. How To Fight The Woke | JP Sears
On Episode 90 of the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, Mikhaila was joined by JP Sears. JP Sears is a comedian who tours the country extensively doing stand-up comedy and publishing weekly online videos. His videos have been viewed more than 500 million times. In addition to inspiring laughter in a weird world, JP’s work takes an unapologetic stand for freedom, free speech, and encouraging people to free themselves from fear.
Jun 15
1 hr 2 min
89. How to Improve Your Fertility | Dr. Ghadir - MP Podcast
Mikhaila and Dr. Shahin Ghadir discussed infertility, In vitro fertilization, the process of freezing eggs, what healthy eggs, sperm, and embryos look like, the changes in fertility rate, and much more. Dr. Ghadir is a renowned specialist in Infertility & Reproductive Endocrinology. If you enjoyed this, be sure to subscribe!
Jun 11
38 min
88. Agree to Disagree | James Smith
On this episode of the Mikhaila Peterson podcast, Mikhaila sat down to talk with  @James Smith PT . Smith is an online personal trainer with a huge following. Mikhaila and James discussed keto, fasting, and much more. They ended up agreeing to disagree on a number of things including: psychedelics - good by YouTube ads - and air fryers, pregnancy pillows. Find more James Smith on Twitter and Instagram, @jamessmithPT, and with his new books: Not A Diet Book - Not a Life Coach - He also gave a great TEDx talk at TEDxBundaberg -
Jun 8
1 hr 18 min
87. How to Improve Your Life | Ethan Suplee
On this episode of the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, Mikhaila is joined by Ethan Suplee. Ethan Suplee is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in the films American History X, Remember the Titans, The Wolf of Wall Street, Without a Paddle, and several of Kevin Smith's films, as well as Frankie in Boy Meets World and Randy Hickey in My Name Is Earl. Mikhaila and Ethan Suplee discuss his incredible health transformation and the distorted relationships with food that many Americans have.
Jun 4
59 min
On this episode of the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, Mikhaila is joined by Lewis Howes. Howes is a podcast host, author, and entrepreneur. He started his highly successful podcast show School of Greatness in 2013. On his show, he interviews experts in all topics and purports to expand one's knowledge and continually learning more about yourself.
Jun 1
1 hr 1 min
85. COVID - What's The Government Doing!? | Dr. Zubin Damania
On this episode of the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast, Mikhaila is joined by Dr. Zubin Damania. @ZDoggMD (Dr. Zubin Damania) is an American physician, assistant professor, comedian, internet personality, and musician. He was a practicing hospitalist at Stanford University School of Medicine for ten years. He was then the founder of Turntable Health, a direct primary care clinic in Downtown Las Vegas that Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh funded.
May 28
1 hr 7 min
84. How We’re Breeding Narcissists | Russell Peters & Jordan Peterson
Mikhaila’s Dad, Jordan B Peterson, joins the show to co-host this episode with Russell Peters, a Canadian comedian, actor, and producer. Together, they explore politically incorrect humor, stand up, acting, travel, working during the pandemic, universally funny truths, spontaneous action, the personality of a comedian, and more. Russell is hilarious and we had a great time.
May 24
1 hr 31 min
83. The Dangers of Psychiatric Medication | Dr. Jim Wright & Dr. David Cohen
SSRI withdrawal - something I didn’t know existed - gave me the worst psychiatric symptoms I’ve ever had for more than 2.5 years after I suddenly stopped taking them (not aware that you had to wean and that they’re dependency forming). If I hadn’t had the diet I’m on (the lion diet) I don’t know what I would have done. It was like I was in hell. Then almost right after I recovered my dad almost died from psych medication. I brought two experts on - Dr. Jim Wright and Dr. David Cohen - to discuss the actual reality behind psychiatric medications and pharmaceuticals and dependency and withdrawal and suicide. This is an episode everyone should listen to if they or a loved one is on psychiatric medication or considering one or acting strange after being medicated. I’ve linked a film you can watch for 6$ until May 31st as well to learn more (at least go there to check out the trailer and the message from the woman behind the film). This information could save someone you know: Dr Jim Wright is a clinical pharmacologist. He has a PHD in pharmacology from McGill and spent his career studying prescription drugs. He explains how there are no long term studies of these medications and that we don’t actually know much about what prescription drugs do to patients. Dr. David Cohen isn author, professor, and Associate Dean for Research and Development at Luskin School of Social Work, UCLA. Dr. Cohen’s research looks at psychoactive drugs (prescribed, licit, and illicit) and their desirable and undesirable effects. This topic is discussed in great detail in the new documentary Medicating Normal for those interested in a perspective from informed experts on the actual dangers of medication. RESOURCES:
May 21
1 hr 13 min
82. Tammy Peterson on Spirituality, Religion, and Life | Tammy Peterson - Mikhaila Peterson Podcast
Mikhaila features her Mom, Tammy Peterson, on the podcast, continuing discussions from the first time she appeared in March of 2021. This episode was recorded back then too. They cover a variety of subjects including spirituality, meditation, expectations, organization, beauty, teaching kids, Tammy and Jordan’s Hells Angel biker landlord, and much more.
May 17
1 hr 6 min
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