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The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast
Mikhaila Peterson
Mikhaila Peterson speaks with thought leaders, influencers and industry changers - continually finding the best ways to improve the human experience. From stay at home moms to CEOs, fitness enthusiasts to spiritual guides, nutrition researchers to health professionals - Mikhaila has interview-style conversations aimed at provoking thought, addressing difficult subjects, and delving into topics that are generally shied away from.
Evolutionary Psychologist's Advice on Relationships
In this episode, I chatted with evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller. Geoffrey is an author and researcher widely known for studying sexual selection in human evolution. We spoke about the dynamics of men and women and woman in the context of dating and relationships. I asked him about monogamy from an evolutionary perspective and what traits men and women look for and find attractive in the opposite sex. —Links— Follow Geoffrey Miller Website: Twitter: Book: Follow Me On: All Platforms: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Telegram:​​ #sexualselection #mikhailapetersonpodcast #relationshiptips #geoffreymiller
Feb 1
58 min
How Billionaires Stay Young and What You Can Do Too | Dr. Adeel Khan EP 178
Dr. Adeel Khan is a regenerative sports medicine specialist from the University of Toronto. He focuses on science-based bodybuilding and dispels popular gimmick-based approaches to health and fitness. In this episode, I spoke with fellow Canadian Dr. Adeel Khan. Dr. Khan is a scientist and entrepreneur who focuses mainly on Stem Cell therapy. We chatted about the applications of stem cell therapy, FTM, botox, boob job alternatives, and NAD infusions. If you enjoyed this conversation, please consider subscribing :) —Links— Follow Dr. Khan: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Follow Me On: All Platforms: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Telegram:​​
Jan 25
1 hr 10 min
Harvard Doctor Chris Palmer Recommends Diet for Mental Disorders | EP 177
In This Episode, I spoke with Dr. Chris Palmer. Dr. Palmer has worked in psychiatry for over 23 years and currently serves as an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He just released n new book “Brain Energy” which outlines the role of ketogenic diets as an effective treatment for mood disorders. We discussed his background and experience with conventional psychiatry as well as the effectiveness of diet specifically a ketogenic or low-carb diet, for treating the symptoms of mood disorders and their root causes. If you enjoyed this conversation, please consider subscribing :) —Links— Follow Dr. Palmer New Book: Website: Twitter: Follow Me On: All Platforms: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Telegram:​​ #depression #mikhailapetersonpodcast #mentalhealth #ketogenicdiet
Jan 11
1 hr 24 min
Michael Malice on Why You Should Leave New York, Bad Relationships, and The White Pill | EP 176
In this episode, I spoke with my good friend Michael Malice. Michael is a Ukrainian-American author and host of the “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice podcast. He has written multiple books and recently launched his new book “the White Pill” Which documents the rise, fall, and true horrors of the Soviet Union. This conversation went all over the place but it was a lot of fun. We talked about launching his new book, the possibility of national divorce in the United States, how to not be lonely, getting out of bad relationships, and the issues with universities and traditional degrees. If you enjoyed this conversation, please consider subscribing :) —Links— Follow Michael: Get his book: Twitter: Website: Youtube: Podcast: Follow Me On: All Platforms: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Telegram:​​
Jan 5
1 hr
Reacting to an Attempt to Remove Jordan Peterson’s Psychology License
The College of Psychologists, an organization set up by the government in the 1960’s to protect individuals is harassing my dad and has been for 4 years, because of his political opinions. He criticized the Trudeau government and they’re after him because of that and his tweet about Elliot Page and the sports illustrated obese cover model. They’re threatening to take his license for “causing harm” and actually have the power to take his license. I think complaining about the college for causing harm to my family is more than reasonable. In order to submit a complaint about the people who run the college you can go here: And you can submit a complaint about these people: Thanks for the help. What a scam.
Jan 4
5 min
'Detransitioned' Navy SEAL Opens Up About Gender Dysphoria | Chris Beck EP 175
In this episode, I was joined by Chris Beck. A retired Navy SEAL with multiple awards, including a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, he gained significant public attention in 2013 when he came out as a trans woman. At the time, Chris transitioned to “Kristen Beck” until 2022, when he announced his “detransition” and shared that the initial transition had “ruined my life”. In our conversation, Chris tells his story and shares his experience with gender dysphoria and  gender identity politics. We discussed the potential dangers of transition therapy, the politicization of gender identity, and the problems with pushing it as well as ways to navigate gender identity disorder. If you enjoyed this conversation, please consider subscribing :) —Links— Mentioned by Chris: Chloe Cole Instagram: Twitter: “The Gender J Curve” “XX Male Syndrome” Follow Me On: All Platforms: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Telegram:​​
Dec 29, 2022
1 hr 13 min
Q & A to End the Year | EP 174
In this episode, I answer your questions. The year is ending, so I thought doing another Q, and A with you guys would be fun. These questions were all over the place, from marriage advice to where I'm at with God, what's going on with Peterson Academy, the launch of my own products, and my thoughts on psychedelics. If you enjoyed this conversation, please consider subscribing :) —Links— Lion Diet: Peterson Academy:   FMRI Study: Follow Me On: All Platforms: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Telegram:
Dec 22, 2022
41 min
Christianity In The Modern World | EP 173 Whaddo You Meme?
In this episode, I spoke with Jon McCray from the Youtube Channel called “Whaddo You Meme??”, where he discusses and comments on Christianity and culture. Jon uses his channel to explain, spread and promote the Christian faith while answering common questions about how it intersects with people and current events. We covered how Jon became a Christian YouTuber, why he became Christian and common questions about Christianity. I share my experience with Christianity, attending church, and what led me there. We also spoke about “Woke Churches'' and what is happening with Christianity in the modern world. If you enjoyed this conversation, please consider subscribing :) –Follow Jon– Whaddo You Meme?? Youtube Channel: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: –Follow Me– Audio - Twitter -​​ Instagram - Facebook - Lion Diet - Telegram - #Mikhailapetersonpodcast #Whaddoyoumeme #JonMccray #Christianity #Christianquestions
Dec 13, 2022
1 hr 1 min
5 Year Anniversary - Carnivore (Lion Diet) Q&A | EP 172
5 years on the lion diet. Crazy. Here’s a q and a with some questions I hope you find useful.    For free recipes, FAQ’s and more info on the Lion Diet you can visit my website at and @theliondiet on Instagram:  Website: Instagram:  If you want a crew to do the diet with - my Facebook groups are here:  If you would like to learn more about my “After Party” supplement, you can learn more here:  Website:  Instagram:    If you enjoy the episode please subscribe!   —Follow Me—  All Platforms:   Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Telegram:​​ 
Dec 6, 2022
35 min
What Antidepressant Withdrawal Is Really Like | EP 171 Brooke Siem
In this episode I spoke with speaker, author and Food Network “Chopped” champion Brooke Siem. An award-winning chef, Brooke Siem is also an advocate for the safe de-prescribing of antidepressants. “May Cause Side Effects”, her debut memoir, chronicles her own experiences with antidepressants, withdrawal, and learning the skill of happiness. We spoke about Brooke’s experience with psychiatric medications and the horrific withdrawal she went through when she came off them. I talk about my experience and my Dad’s experience with psych med withdrawal and Brooke shares what people need to know about taking psychiatric medications and coming off them. Thanks for tuning in. If you enjoyed this conversation, be sure to subscribe!
Nov 29, 2022
1 hr 14 min
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