The Migs Cast
The Migs Cast
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Funnest podcast. Gets me over the hump on hump day.
Funnest podcast! Entertaining and you will always get a great story.does this exist anymore.
Ware Rob
The best podcast out there, ghandz down
True rockaholic
Best podcast
Just 3 simpletons who keep it real and keep you laughing. I can honestly say that they are simply 1 taco away from a combination plate, if you know what I mean.
ceezer in seatac
Awesome podcast
Always a good listen, and good laugh.
Best Podcast
This is ghands down the best podcast. Naked people, free beer, all you can eat buffet’s...this podcast has none of that. But I finally know what to do with the 55 gallon drum of lube I bought on PrimeDay. Preach on, Douches!
This is the cure for depression
Hey guys, been feeling down lately. But when I see the the new podcast I know I am going to have a good laugh. Thanks keep it up
Listen with your ghandz in the air
This is ghandz down one of thee best podcasts ever. In almost any given episode I go from laughing so hard I almost pass out to chasing a musical wormhole to being psychoanalyzed by glen, Steve and the rev. Thank you boys! Keep it up.
Most magnificent random funniest podcast out there and worth listening to all available episodes good job fellas
What an awesome show!
From the serious to complete stupidity, this show is fantastic.
Get Your Ghands On This
Great cast, grab a bag of dicks and use your ghands to turn this on. Enjoy.
Serge Z.
Drop a bleep. Drop a bleep. Drop a bleep
8-13-2019. Lost Cause was the best mugs cast ever. Made me shoot a noodle out of my nose laughing. Thanks fellas. Congrats Steve. Glad your better Glen. Sorry your wife doesn’t listen to you Rev.
Slightly better than a Slam Poetry show at a Mortuary.
This cast gets me through my Tuesday/Wednesday. A must listen and can we get Glen a bldg badge and parking pass? Often the best hour of my week, you will laugh, discover new music, and learn things.
J from Federal Way
G’Hands down a great podcast
The Migs cast is a fun look into the worlds of music indie wrestling and anything else these three run across in their lives. Steve Glenn and The Rev talk candidly about the fun and debauchery they have had and sometimes the not so fun they’ve had but it usually ends with a bunch of love and laughter. G’Hands down one of the best podcasts you will here give it a listen.
Bring us some Dicks!!!
I started listening to the Migs Cast right at the tail end of Mono Nick and Top Shelf's tenure, and fell in love with cast. As good as it was, I would put the current lineup on anothr level. The addition of Glenn has made this one of my all time favorite podcasts, and one I make a point to actually sit and focus on as opposed to having it on in the background like a lot of other podcasts. The stories, the songs, the many Internet wormholes, and random guests make this a must-listen.
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Funny stuff
Bunch of jokey jokesters, love the banter!!
Hands down my FAVORITE POD CAST!!
The guys are AMAZING!! There's always a laugh or 20 in every podcast but they also hit serious topics once in a while. I love this podcast so much that I willing use my data to download it so I can listen as soon as it's up. And I often listen to it more than once in a week. :) Faith
These guys are awesome! A must listen.
Awful Show!
Steve who won't even go by his whole name doesn't have the confience to go by Migloire wants to be taken serious. He ruins the BJ show and I just can't support him on any level. Please call RR to save the BJ show and then step down and do what ever on the side because those that matter won't care. I know this is the consensus from all former listeners who gave up on the lazy morning show that lost it's edge with too much Steve, music, repetitive segments, & bending over to management to have real fun moments like it used to. Go listen to older shows before Steve and the show was awesome. I'm actually surprised he made it because it's night and day.
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STP cast
This is an Awesome podcast. They talk about everything. If you listen to 99.9 KISW then you will love the STP-CAST
Love this podcast.
STP Cast
I listen a few podcasts but this is by far my favorite. These guys are amazing at what they do. I could totally hang with any of these guys and it would be a blast. Keep up the good work.
Great podcast
Four titanic douches in a room for a few hours hanging out and B.S'ing. What's not to love?
Amaze balls!
Love, love, love the STP cast!! After recently moving to California, I continue to listen to these guys every day during my morning run, and it helps me feel like I never left Seattle!
Just plow me
Michelle is a hairy beast!
The finn hillbilly
Best podcast!
It's da bess!
Uncle Ricky
Gotta love the stp cast so funny
The best...
show since the Arsenio Hall Show. Woof Woof.
BLD Free
This is the best podcast about nothing.
Stp cast rocks!
Steve the producer, hands down a funny dude! This podcast is a must listen! You will not regret it! After all, he is Steve the producer!!!
Best podcast period
Absolutely hilarious and and entertaining must listen
uw huskies fan
Da bes
Best podcast in western Washington
This podcast rules! STP and crew are freaking awesome!
Horny Guy 69
Great podcast
This IS the best podcast. Four guys hanging out and we get to eavesdrop.
My fave
#4 ranked podcast but should be #2. food rock wrestling porn. Stp, toppy, the rev and mono nick. Kisw in Seattle.
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