The Matt Jones Podcast
The Matt Jones Podcast
Matt Jones
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Good listen
Matt’s guest have been great. Matt seems to get the best out his guest.
Matt is a joke
Matt thinks he’s the most important person in the world and will block anyone with a different view than his own. Rude, arrogant and self-absorbed.
Keep up the great work
Love the new shows. Please keep at em!
Kasey KS
Wish he'd work on improving quality of the sound
I like Matt and KSR and he's a great interviewer and a sharp guy but sometimes poor sound makes the podcast tough to listen to. The relaunch of the podcast has been uniformly great interviews. Great job Matt.
Ricky Jones
What an hateful human being. Everybody is racist but his buddy Matt Jones. What a terrible person. I’m from Japan and that made me mad.
Eddie A
Miss you on KSR but these have been great! BBN love and depend on you Matty bangs lol
BBN Eddie
Meh in every way possible. Host presents himself as a progressive but is so beholden to his RW sports fanbase that he can't resist a 'both sides do that' addendum to most any statement he makes. Guests are okay in the proper interview parts but host spends too much time trying to establish bona fides of his personal relationship with the guest. Has some potential to get better.
This is great
Keep it up, Matt. These are great podcasts.
R. Nash
Need more of these!
Bomani Jones
One of the best interviews/discussions I’ve listened to in a long while. Great job to you both, keep’em coming Matt Jones.
Carr Creek Racers
Always interesting conversation.
Matt Jones
Showing his true colors as a Democrat and blocking republicans on his tweeter feed because they disagree with him on America First!!! Wish nothing but the worst for you and your show.
Kris from KY
Long Time Listener
Mitch Screwed Mitch!!
The big toe of KSR
I hope he runs for Senator because (a) Moscow Mitch is awful and (b) Matt would be a fantastic advocate for the citizens of the Commonwealth That being said, I would truly miss him on the radio show and various KSR podcasts. He’s great on the main show and the podcasts are always entertaining. Maybe the S can be Kentucky Senate Radio? Good luck in whatever you do and more of these uncensored podcasts before you can’t do it anymore PS - your tracker is a bad person. Don’t trust them. Same for Jennings. They would stab you in the back if it meant an extra vote for the turtle.
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Rob Vertrees
We can’t wait
The best
Can’t imagine my day without hearing Matt and the gang.
UK wildcat fan#BBN
Great show!
I never leave reviews, but I love the podcast and am glad it’s back. I appreciated the Rex Chapman interview so much. He was vulnerable and honest and I was so glad to listen to his perspective, particularly when talking about his struggles with addiction. He can do big things by sharing, and I wish him the best with that as well as in his own sobriety.
New one due
Missing in action
Will Lyda
would be good...
would be a great listen if matt ever actually did the podcast
HATER. TRASH. BUM. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I love Matt Jones and this podcast is great. He covers almost anything and remains entertaining the whole time!
All good every time!
Regardless the guest, these are always great conversation whether it confirms I love or hate the guest it’s enjoyable. It has shown me different sides of people I had preconceived one way that turned out differently on air. Thanks!
Stupendous, Insightful, and Entertaining
MJ doesn't disappoint. I was concerned his hiatus from the pod was going to lead to its demise. Thoroughly enjoyed the talk with Ricky Jones and I'm Jonesing for more
Aspiring PM
Great show! Keep it up!
Matt Jones gets 5 Stars
Matt Jones, provides another podcast with excellent sports talk and other entertaining discussions!
Awesome show!!!
Good show
Enjoyed listening!
Matt C Owen
Awesome and hilarious
The uncensored is by far the best stories!
Wish there were more frequent episodes
Great podcast. Lots of good guests and inside information on UK, KSR, and the like.
More Matt
For those of you who don't get enough Matt from the radio, website, tv show, periscope and twitter.
Love this show
Must listen
Matt Jones requested review.
Great PC! Radio expanded. If u love or listen to KSR you'll love this too. DW
Great show!
Love the podcast!
Very entertaining!
I am a daily listener of the KSR show, and this podcast is a great way to get to know the crew a little better. Great guests and very interesting topics!
Great content
Very entertaining
Great Job
Great job man! Keep up the great work and being a great example of what kentucky is all about
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Witty and informative podcast covering all things Kentucky as well as the completely random topics you didn't even know you wanted to hear about.
Ky nuts blue dog
Great show
The latest episode is very informative and insightful with Ryan and Matt. Keep up the great work.
Stick to sports and other stuff too.
Too much nose whistle.
Matt & the KSR Crew
Long time listener of the radio show, and love that the MJ podcast is back up and running. Listening to the radio show has gotten me through a lot of rough times in life. Look forward to listening everyday. Thanks for all you all do. This podcast is awesome!
Charlie, Daniel, Jake.
Great Podcast
Matt always interviews the best guests around UK Sports. Must listen!
This is a review. It was requested. However, of all of the podcasts out there, this one is, unquestionably, one of them.
Great show
Great show
Great show with a wide variety of subjects other than UK sports. My wife got hooked during the Making a Murderer podcast. And of course the UK content is awesome!
Rare Insight
Not often do listeners ever hear as public of a figure as Matt Jones have an open and honest discussion on a varying topic. Great pod.
Biggest conservative I know and listen too
Very entertaining. Loves Donald trump and his mother.
Great podcast
Matt's podcast is great because he gets to talk about what he wants uncensored vs the radio so I feel like we learn more about Matt
E63 Matt Spears Ryan
Great episode listened on the way back from a meeting today - made a long drive home seem like no time at all. Give it a listen - one of the better episodes IMO, Matt and Ryan together - radio doesn't get any better!
Ray J. Vaske
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