The Matt Jones Podcast
The Matt Jones Podcast
Matt Jones
Police Chief Rick Sanders
55 minutes Posted Sep 1, 2020 at 8:23 am.
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Show notes
Matt Jones is joined by Rick Sanders, a former Kentucky State Police Commissioner and current Police Chief in Jeffersontown, to discuss recent events from the perspective of a 40-plus-year veteran in law enforcement.Among the topics? Controversial videos involving police officers, the national spotlight of certain cases, ongoing protests, and much more. 
  • What is it like to be in law enforcement in recent months and beyond?
  • Sanders' opinions on high-profile cases such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, among others
  • Seeing controversial videos involving police officers through the eyes of a Police Chief and former State Police Commissioner
  • Is life more difficult now as an officer? 
  • "Of 10 million arrests made every year, less than four percent result in use of force."
  • Does Sanders believe it is too difficult to fire bad officers?
  • Why geography is important to consider when looking at arrest numbers
  • Cases of "bad policing" by "bad policemen"
  • Thoughts on no-knock warrants
  • Details on body cameras and why they're essential for accountability purposes
  • Sanders' genuine thoughts on protesting

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