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The Matt Jones Podcast
Matt Jones
Matt Jones’ Podcast Ep. 67: Bahamas Edition
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Jul 30, 2018 at 5:53 pm.
Bahamas overview
-40:00 - What they've heard about the team, roster breakdown
What do they know about the opponents in the Bahamas?
- Advice to those traveling to the Bahamas
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Show notes
Surprise! Another episode of the Matt Jones Podcast is here!
This time, Matt and Drew break down Kentucky's upcoming trip to the Bahamas, the roster, and fun stories from their last trip to Atlantis in 2014.
Here's a breakdown of everything discussed:
-Why the Bahamas trip is so crucial for this team’s development (looking back to what 2014 trip did for them)
-Stories from the last Bahamas trip: What sights do they expect to see on and off the court
-Describing the Atlantis resort
PJ Washington— “most anticipated return since the Twins”
Quade Green— Improved shooter
Nick Richards— Drew’s take on why he could play more than people expect; his way to play is defense
Jemarl Baker— issues with spelling of his name
Reid Travis— “toughness we haven’t had since Julius Randle” “we haven’t had an old dude in a while”
Keldon Johnson— his shooting has been a surprise; where he ranks among UK trash talkers
EJ Montgomery— he’s a superstar, he’s playing
How to figure out the frontcourt rotation
Ashton Hagans— Matt thinks he will be the starting PG
he runs 1000 mph… he’s like a headless chicken
How long can a chicken live with his head cut off? (they pull out the Google machine)
Immanuel Quickley— he’s in Karl Towns conversation for good kids
Drew’s fun Quickley fact and led to us learning about Matt’s system for sending out Christmas greetings
Tyler Herro— do they like his confidence?
why Kentucky fans have been waiting for his arrival
he could be most athletic dude on the team along with Keldon Johnson
amount of calls to Matt’s show he should play more
Will he meet fan’s expectations?
Matt’s take on the two highest draft picks on the team
Are the guys now leaning towards being fans of Tom Crean? Who to hate among coaches in the league now?
easiest and toughest opponents based on their little knowledge
they work on converting centimeters to inches
Do they expect them to win them all?
It will be the most chest hair we’ve ever seen Kentucky play
They expect these to be better teams than 2014-15 faced
Expensive and bring some cash $$$
More crazy stories from the last Bahamas trip:
Fashion problems the last time they traveled to the Bahamas
Matt and Drew tell about their crazy adventure leaving a game last trip when the final bus left them behind
Drew’s $25 ride home