The Mary Mac Show | Grieving After a Loved One's Death
The Mary Mac Show | Grieving After a Loved One's Death
Mary M. McCambridge
Mary M. McCambridge (Mary Mac), is a Grief and Bereavement Specialist, Coach, Speaker and Award-Winning Author of several works in her field, who established the Foundation for Grieving Children, Inc., her weekly podcast, The Mary Mac Show, and The Mary Mac Store offering products and gifts for the bereaved. She has endured many deaths of family and friends to drunk drivers, accident and illness, including the murder of her 11 year-old stepdaughter and lends her over 35 years' experience to comfort and educate those grieving the death of a loved one. Her show is recognized among the 10 Best Podcasts on Grief and Bereavement by several organizations, heard in 78 countries and in the top 5% of podcasts globally. Visit
Dealing with Loneliness
In Episode 94, we look at how we can feel overwhelming loneliness and isolation after a loved one's death and how to help ourselves through these difficult times.
Sep 18
22 min
Dealing with Stress
In Episode 93, we look at how stress affects us during the grieving process and techniques that will help us bring calm to our lives.
Sep 11
26 min
9/11 | 20 Years Later
In Episode 92, we remember the morning of September 11, 2001, the deadliest terrorist attack in world history and the first on American soil. Also visit to read more about this and to see videos of that day as well as the memorial which now stands in its place. Bless all who died that day, all who grieve their deaths, and may the world always remember the horror which took place so it is never repeated.
Sep 4
17 min
Creating End of Life Choices
In Episode 91, we discuss the courageous act of developing a plan for what we would like to happen should we become ill, unable to care for ourselves, or die and the decisions that need to be made so our families know of our desires.
Aug 28
16 min
Conversations About Death and Dying
In Episode 90, we discuss the importance of speaking about death and dying preferably long before imminent death is upon our relatives and loved ones.
Aug 21
20 min
Grieving For Our Infertility
In Episode 89, we discuss the grief of not being able to get pregnant, the isolation when we choose not to share this with others, and alternatives some couples decide to take to build a family.
Aug 14
18 min
Grieving the Death of a Sibling
In Episode 88, we discuss our feelings and pain after the death of a sister or brother, stepsister or stepbrother, the nuances of our relationship and how to help ourselves through the grieving process.
Aug 7
16 min
The Power of Embrace
In Episode 87, we look at the value of hugs, embraces and touch to ward off despair, depression, fear, stress, loneliness and isolation after a loved one's death and instead soak in love, peace and calm.
Jul 31
13 min
Last Chance to Vote for Us | Podcast Awards
This is the last chance to vote for us at The People’s Choice Podcast Awards for best podcast in the category of Health, as well as under the Adam Currie category. Please vote for us by visiting by 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday, July 31st to make your vote count. We appreciate you and we appreciate your vote. With Gratitude and Blessings! xoxo
Jul 30
2 min
Pet Loss II
In Episode 86, we discuss how others treat us after a pet's death, what to do with their belongings, how to help children, ways to memorialize them and when or if to get another pet.
Jul 24
23 min
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