The Man To Man Podcast w/AB & DB
The Man To Man Podcast w/AB & DB
The Man To Man Podcast
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Love the Podcast, Fellas ✊🏽🙏🏽
Anthony Childress
Football knowledge
Nothing like listening to a couple NFL vets giving great takes, breaking things down and giving their insight into the game! If you like football podcasts and learning football, have to give it a listen
Better late than never!
I’ve just stared getting into podcast and I’m grateful after watching DB on PMS all this time that I choose man to man pod as my first download. I’ve loved every minute of the past few shows I’ve heard. AB is the man too💯💪
mike Bts
Now this is a football podcast!
Hosted by two NFL legends. So much knowledge of the game. And not just the Xs and Os, but the life struggle to make it as a professional athlete. Their conversations are so much more informative than the typical sports podcast.
Room for improvement
Love the content, how comfortable the conversation is and the unique perspectives. But y’all gotta put effort into titling the episodes and descriptions. If I weren’t already fans of you guys I’d have no reason to click on this podcast. I wouldn’t know what it’s about
Five Stars
This show deserves to skyrocket and be at the top of the charts. DB & AB, keep doing what you do!
Awesome podcast
WAY BETTER then First Take , no repeating topics and they cover every team for the most part. AB just needs better internet service lol
One of my favorites, some of the most genuine football knowledge you can get on a podcast, AB and DBut and the guys! #305represent
Greg hanford
Great Pod!
Insightful and cool to hear personal stories
Great Pod! 🎙 5⭐️
Great pod, great insight, no holding back 💯 all the way. Love the opinions, love the realness, great insight from former players. Great pod 🎙
Great show
I love listening to former players talk about the NFL, it’s the best
Great listen
Players speak differently when it’s player to player. A lil more Ebonics, a lil more honesty. Interesting & recommended.
Great pod
Learn a lot
Guest ideas
Can you guys get marshon lattimore on the pod ? He’s my favorite DB . Love the pod btw
Eastern city of New York
Yes sir.
Man guys I really enjoy you fellas. Keep it up and keep grinding.
Feel much smarter about the game after listening to these guys! Can’t have too much knowledge and these guys are full of it!
One of the Releast Pods Out!
DB and AB got amazing chemistry and break down football with great player insight and knowledge of the game.
Drake All Day
Authenic REAL talk
Really enjoy listening to guys who have played before and sit around & talk ball.
Not the smoothest of podcasts but one I listen to every week.
carlos felipe barrios
Man to Man
AB & DB consistently dropping gems no matter if it’s on the field, court or just life. Raw, unfiltered, and unedited conversations as what’s known as locker room talk m, you don’t want to miss a episode. Big ups to these men!
Doctorate in Defense
AB and D-But dropping defensive knowledge like no other show out there! All young players, coaches and fans can learn from this amazing pod. D-But a little sus with his fresh champions gear after they win a SHIP and his take on K Leonard being THE, but we got AB there to bring him back to earth, seriously though this is the freshest take on football right now!
Favorite new podcast!
So much insight. No BS.
Great podcast and so much knowledge you don’t get from players. Down to earth no nonsense talk.
Awesome podcast highly recommended
I learned so much great podcast. Keep up the great work.
Lesson Learned
I promise I am all in on this podcast. DB breaks down the defenses so that the common fan can understand the chess game that is being played on the football field. This podcast is a must for any fan of the game who wants to know more than what the stats tell you.
DB is the man!
I found out about the pod after watching DBs coverage breakdown vids on twitter and was hooked. You don’t find that type of content out there. I even requested to get breakdown on Derwin James and Casey Hayward and he said he would do it! I’m all in on DB. Just listened to my first episode and loved it. I love football and it’s so cool learning about it at this high of a level that the common fan has no clue what goes into every play. Couldn’t recommend more.
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Lance Micucio #boltup
Great listen!
Great mix of football knowledge and also real life experience! Love it!
WI Momma92421
So glad you’re doing this podcast
I’m a lifelong colts fan and a fan of Antoine and Darius as players and people. Glad I can add this to the list of podcasts I listen to at work. Thanks guys!
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