The Makeup Show Podcast With Danessa Myricks & James Vincent
The Makeup Show Podcast With Danessa Myricks & James Vincent
James Vincent & Danessa Myricks
The Makeup Show is a makeup and beauty focused Podcast hosted by Danessa Myricks and James Vincent. This podcast puts all things makeup center stage. Join in and listen as the duo talk product, gives tips, separates fact from fiction and offers insight, inspiration and information for professional artists and passionate makeup enthusiasts. Danessa Myricks and James Vincent have decades of experience in the industry as educators, brand developers, beauty editors and more. They are recognized for their contribution to makeup ranging from celebrity to fashion to representation and diversity in beauty and fashion. Join us and join in the conversation.
66 - Being An Ally
We have scaled back to every other week as catching up with business while things slowly reopen. This week James and Danessa get on withb special guest Joy Fennell to talk about being an ally and what it means for diversity in the beauty industry. @thejoyinbeauty @allblackeverythingsummit
Jul 15
38 min
65 - Strengthen Your Community
This week James and Danessa talk about the importance of a community and how most of us are still missing ours and what we can be doing to strengthen the various communities we are a part of. We are always stronger together.
Jun 30
42 min
64 - Take Action
After a short hiatus to be able to focus attention on the current state of the nation and support Black Lives Matter, James and Danessa get on to talk about the state of now and how you can educate yourself, take a part and stand up for what you believe in.
Jun 18
35 min
63 - Getting Back to Goals
This week James and Danessa want to let you know that it is ok to be down and feel unmotivated in this time of crisis and talk about makeup not only as a career but an identity and how to move forward.
May 20
24 min
62 - The Future of Hygiene with Jake Aebly
This week James and Danessa have an updated chat with Jake Aebly (@makeupbyjake) about the future of kit and on-set hygiene. A must-listen episode for all beauty professionals.
May 14
32 min
61 - Support Creatives with Michael Duenas
Community building has never been more important than ever before. This week James and Danessa invite on celebrity hair stylist Michael Duenas to talk about mentorship and his new charity Support Creatives. @michaelDuenas
May 5
33 min
60 - Back to Work Kit Building
Things are still strange out there and a lot of artists have been reaching out about how they are going back to work now or in the near future. This week in response to all of the questions, James and Danessa talk about the future of the industry and what makeup will look like post COVID-19 as well as tackle smart ways to build your kit for the new future to be able to guarantee proper sanitation.
Apr 29
53 min
59 - Remember Who You Are
This week James and Danessa talk about hindsight and revisiting yourself and your work when you once thought you were at your best. Revisiting your past and looking to the future.
Apr 22
37 min
58 - Old Hobbies, New Beginnings
This week James and Danessa get on together to talk about how spending this tough time revisiting old hobbies reminds you of other skills we all possess and how to monetize them if we so choose.
Apr 15
37 min
57 - Optimizing Your Optimism
How can we try and keep ourselves positive in the face of so much uncertainty? That is exactly the question James and Danessa get online with each other to discuss this week. We have found a way to get better audio as well. Thanks for being patient with us.
Apr 8
39 min
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