The Main One Podcast
The Main One Podcast
Chris Mickle, PJ Robinson, Tim Robinson Jr.
The Main One Podcast - Ep. 22: Cruises!:This week we discuss...
1 seconds Posted Mar 30, 2018 at 1:42 am.
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The Main One Podcast - Ep. 22: Cruises!: This week we discuss cruise vacationing. All three of us have recently experienced life on a cruise ship and we’ve all got our own opinions about them. From steak everyday to keeping boredom at bay, we cover it all. Enjoy! Our Instagram Page: @themainonepodcast Mickle’s Photography IG: @chrismicklephoto Tim’s Photography IG: @trobinson_photography Paul’s Art IG: @wallet_boyniac Intro Music By: @beatscribes Listen Here!