The Mad Chatters Podcast | Walt Disney World and Around the Disney Universe
The Mad Chatters Podcast | Walt Disney World and Around the Disney Universe
The Mad Chatters
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Listen if you want to laugh and smile 😊
This is THE most heartfelt, happy, hilarious, podcast… period. The guys have great insights in to the wide world of Disney. Often funny, sometimes irreverent, always a quality production. The show quality and editing are top notch. There’s always a great mix of background music that is appropriate to the topic at hand. I really hope this isn’t the end of the show! We’ve been listening since 2018. Much love to you guys!!
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Still the best Disney podcast.
I really wish this trio would “hurry back.” This is the most entertaining, interesting podcast with not-annoying banter. The way they have created their rotating segments make each show feel substantial. I do miss Emcee Matt being a regular (as well as regular episodes,) but it is still worth a dive back to the beginning of the show and starting from there. I was in the hospital for 76 days during Covid and played this podcast every night to distract me into a blissful mood for rest. Big thank you to the Mad Chatters for keeping my spirits up in a not-so-magical time!
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Great podcast.
So much fun and glad they are back
Great to have you back!! Tired of the dry Disney news podcasts, found these guys who have fun and make the hour go by real fast. Love the games!!
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly about WDW.
Chatters, Derek, Matt and Jeremy discuss all things WDW. Different from other Disney pods, the Chatters aren’t selling vacation planning, or personal appearances, it’s just 3 friends discussing their love for all things Walt Disney World. Full of games, friendly debates, and my personal favorite feature: the good, the bad and the ugly, where they’re not afraid to throw shade at hideous character costumes, (Looking at you, Abu) or the best bathroom stall on property. It gets weird, and I’m here for all of it.
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Cest SI Bon
Top Tier Disney Fan Podcast
If you’re looking for an all things Disney podcast, but mainly Florida, that takes more deep dives than your standard news... Hi, Hello, How are you You found it. I’m not a fan of standard daily news type shows for Disney. I’m really here because I like “hanging out” with the hosts. Derek, Jeremy and Matt. When I listen to them, I honestly just put myself there too, with them in the games, segments, and “in” the parks. They are the kind of people I want to go to the parks with. Derek please please create, Eating Derek’s Favorite Snack Items Around the World 😍
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love it so much
i started listening a couple months back and started all the way at the beginning (2014) and caught up all the way to the most recent episode needless to say i think the podcast is so funny and informative edit: still the best podcast i have listened to
Best ever Podcast!!
It teaches me and helps me with my Disney trip I’m might be going in August and I really like how you rally only talk about Disney World and you do talk about Disneyland make sure that we know. It’s very informational and I love it I listen to it every single day before I go to school and it puts me in a good mood and I make sure I find the magic in every day!!!
tea cup ride
Best podcast ever!
I listen to a lot of Disney podcasts and other podcasts and Mad Chatters is my absolute favorite! I’m fact, it’s one of my favorite things in general. Its just the perfect mix of info, laughs, debates, games etc. I was literally so excited for the new podcast this week. It made my week/month!
Best Disney podcast I listen to
I caught on late to the mad chatters but I genuinely love their content. So much so that I’ve already cycled through the episodes twice. I never understood how podcasts and shows could make you feel like you’re friends with the hosts but I genuinely feel this way about that show. I miss the consistent episodes but know that life gets busy and podcasting is hard work so I appreciate all the new content we get! Thank you for an amazing show and please keep it up the great work chatters. You guys are seriously an irreplaceable part of my week.
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Great Podcast
I found the Mad Chatters at the beginning of COVID. I was needing something to listed to while beginning to work from home and needed my Disney fix. I made it a goal to start from the 1st episode and made it all the way to the last one (260) today and what a journey it has been. Derek, Jeremy, Matt, and all of the guest hosts made a lot of days in the past year a lot brighter thru their variety of topics, games, and other fun segments. This is without a doubt the finest Disney World podcast around and I look forward to many more podcasts moving forward!
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This podcast is the best!!!
I love this podcast, it’s great to listen to when I’m having a bad day. I gives me a huge smile and cheers me up. Keep up the great work!!
Favorite favorite favorite!!!!
This is my number one show of all of my podcasts!! Whenever a new one comes out, I stop whatever I’m listening to and out this one on :) I appreciate so much the work they put into the podcast and it’s far more entertaining than many tv shows out there now. I love letting the imagination run. Thanks for all the effort and may your show go on for many many years!!
The Best!
This is by far the top Disney podcast of all time. The topics are always fresh and the games and different segments are always entertaining. Anytime I don’t have anything new to listen to (even if I have a full library) I listen to past episodes. Only thing I miss is OG chatter Matt. He really rounded out the show. Other than that 10 out of 10 have recommended.
Fun podcast! Lots of cool Disney news! Great podcasters!
I just started listening to this podcast from the beginning, 2014. I’ve learned a lot about attractions from the past. These guys have a great time talking about stuff they love. I really like the underscoring. Can’t wait to catch up to the present!
JSC52 in SF
Listener from China saying Hi!
Well,as a listener from China,I just want to say Hi. I‘ve been listening to this wonderful podcast for a long time,and I finally caught up to the very first episode. Although as I go back some of the earlier episodes might be a little rough for my feelings at certain points,I'm so glad to find that the quality contents and editing were from day one and have remained consistent. Best Disney podcast ever!
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Jigao Wu
My absolute favorite Podcast!
This is my favorite Podcast! It’s the perfect combination of comedy, fun facts and quirky entertainment. Love Derek and Jeremy!
Favorite Podcast!
This has got to be my favorite podcast! The chatters are knowledgeable, funny, and so entertaining! I listen to every episode even if I’m not super interested in the topic. Listening is a great way to get a good laugh and a sprinkling of Disney Magic! ❤️
Fun and Informative
I love how they cover all aspects of the Disney universe: from the parks to movies and all the in between. Their games in the middle are always enjoyable and I find myself yelling at the speaker most times when I know they answer. Their guests are always fun as well. Highly recommend this podcast to any Disney fan!
Disney magic right in your home
I’ve listened to this podcast for years now and it never fails to make me laugh, entertain me, teach me something new about the parks, and bring the magic of Disney right into my home. PS Derek, I hope Jeremy gives this review a heart.
The ideal Disney podcast
If I were to think to my own Disney podcast, this is exactly what it would be. I look forward to these episodes so much!
Love this podcast!!
I wait every week hoping another episode will drop. Been faithfully listening for over a year and just love these guys. They are funny and knowledgeable and make me smile even during this crazy time. So grateful for their hardwork. Sending heartfelt thanks for their bringing a bit of Disney joy into my life.
Best Disney Podcast
I stumbled upon this podcast a year or 2 ago and I absolutely adore it! By far the best Disney podcast out!
Favorite Disney Podcast
The chemistry between the chatters brings a little bit of that Disney Magic every time you listen! Can’t recommend this enough!
True Disney Fan Podcast!
This is by far my favorite Disney podcast of all that I’ve listened to! You can tell that they are genuine Disney fans who know what they’re talking about and they ask have great personalities. Very fun to listen to, especially during these unusual times when everything is shut down due to the pandemic. Thanks for the great podcast!
So great! Love hearing BTS on Disney movies from guests, and the guys are experts on everything!
Amazing and entertaining
Going to Disney my whole life sometimes my expectation are high.. I haven’t been able to find a podcast that teaches me, holds my attention or that is actually funny. This one takes the cake!
Great Podcast!!
These guys are great about giving hilarious and honest reviews of ALL things Disney. They keep things fresh with current events and games that keep me wanting more. All together fun, genuine people talking Disney with each other with a light, fun structure throughout. Also, great music!!!!
Fun listen
I love listening to these guys. They don’t take themselves to seriously like some Disney podcasts. They give good information and have interesting segments. It’s the most fun I have listening to a Disney podcast.
We're All Mad Here
I love the Mad Chatters. This podcast is so refreshing. It's a twice-a-month brunch with other WDW nerds who have opinions on things most people don't even notice. It's so fun to hear them discuss things like signage at Epcot or best Disney covers (YES, I have opinions on these things, THANK YOU). The games are so fun; I've played several with my family. Thanks, Chatters, for this excellent podcast that lightens my normal fare of true crime and personal development podcasts. :)
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A little bit of Disney at home!
Been binging the last few months in preparation to go back to Disney with my 3 1/2 year old for the first time since December 2011 when I finished the WDW College Program! Loving this podcast so much and it has provided lots of laughs! Also shoutout as I live an hour outside of Nashville! Thanks for spending your time putting this show together!
The art of Disney
My daughter Jenny was on one of the podcasts. The one about the art all around Disney. It was sooo cool
#1 Disney Podcast!
My absolute FAVORITE Disney podcast! The games are amazing and the show never fails to make me laugh out loud. I miss Matt being a regular but having different guests brings a whole new dynamic to the table (I can’t get enough of the ‘where in the world’ segment with Matt’s name dubbed over). It’s great to know that there are people who love all things Disney as much as I do. Keep them coming!!!
If My Innermost Disney Thoughts came to Life as Dudes
Never before have I found a podcast that I can both relate to and be impressed by. Usually when I listen to podcasts I find myself criticizing the hosts for not knowing enough about a topic or being able to deliver it in an entertaining way. You guys always exceed my expectations and I am in awe of your supreme Disney knowledge. Plus because we are around the same age your memories and experiences of all things Disney tend to mirror my own. Also, why does the HYPO have such long eyelashes?
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Tried all the Disney podcast and this is the best!
I listen to an assortment of Disney news and park info on a regular basis. These guys do a masterful job of blending fun and facts. It’s well edited with a great soundtrack behind the conversations. The Games are fun and we often play them as a family in the car. Great guests and a range of topics in conversation.
A lot of Disney with a little charm!
I love these guys. I just recently found this podcast and I have been listening going backwards. I love all the trivia and games and they just seem like genuinely nice gentleman and are so funny and knowledgeable about all things Disney. They also have great very knowledgeable guests which adds to the interest. I also love the little “church” references.
Entertaining and fun!
This is one of my favorite Disney podcasts! It is so entertaining and I love the energy between Derek and Jeremy. They’re so creative and provide really helpful information too. It seems like they put a lot of effort into each show with quality, content, entertainment, and creativity. Love it!!!
Lots of inappropriate takes
I started at the beginning and am not caught up yet, so I’m hoping this improves as the podcast goes on, but I’m frankly shocked at some of the racist, sexist, transphobic, etc. comments made by these hosts. The content is hilarious and informative (especially the games - I love the segment with one star yelp reviews!), but I’d like it a lot more without the Republican/Trump slant and church/Jesus references.
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Something Different!
Recently found this podcast! Seems like everybody has a Disney news cast with a few top ten lists thrown in but this is so different. The Games! Most unique and fun experience I’ve found while bringing the magic close to home. If you see a bunch of weird traffic with somebody downloading all of your back episodes that’s totally me.
Zombody to Love
Love It
I was on my way down to WDW for the holidays and I thought I would try out a new podcast and stumbled upon you all. Since I was going down for the Christmas decorations I thought I would listen to Episode 209. Great episode but what made a listner was the joke at the end. "why did Queen else forbid Anna from wearing men's jeans?" I won't spoil the answer, you have to listen to find out but put it this way, we were driving around 11pm so my familiy was sleeping in the car. When I heard the joke I laughed so loud I woke them all up. Unfortunately they were not as amused and said I have a messed up sense of humor. Eh...probably right. Great job you all. Looking forward to more great discussion and work shopping jokes!
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Best Disney Podcast!
These guys are soooo funny! I feel like they’re my good friends and we’re all just hanging out chatting about Disney. I love their sense of humor, games, and the ideas they come up with. There isn’t another podcast like this!
Thank you Chatters!
A constant source of joy and imagination.
I love listening to this podcast! They have such a unique view. Crazy but I feel I know them! And I love them! I highly recommend!
Adorably Disney
My all-time favorite podcast. These boys have great chemistry together. They share charming and hilarious personal experiences from trips to the parks as well as poignant reviews of restaurants, rides, and hotels. Love their banter and their upbeat disdain for certain park occurrences. Miss the weekly episodes and co-host Matt, but still love the podcast!
Favorite Podcast Ever
This was the second pod cast series I ever listened too and I feel like Matt, Derek and Jeremy are family. They have great chemistry, they give the pros and cons of Disney and are freaking hilarious.
So fun!!
Always a great show. Lots of variety of content. You guys are awesome, keep it up!
This podcast makes me smile and laugh out loud. You guys provide great insight, practical steps, and ( my favorite) laughs. You are adorable and so easy to listen too. Thankful for all the work you put into this!
I know loys of stuff now !
LOVE this podcast !!
Absolutely love this podcast !!!
Love it!it inspired my podcast Seize the magic come check it out!
Best Disney Podcast!
Definitely my favorite Disney related podcast. The guys are hilarious and the segments are always entertaining. I look forward to a new episode every week and have my whole family listening now!
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