Find Your Food Voice
Find Your Food Voice
Julie Duffy Dillon RDN
Ep 006: Help! I am addicted to food.
30 minutes Posted Feb 22, 2016 at 2:00 am.
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Do you feel addicted to carbs, sugar, or any foods? Hear the latest research on food addiction and what dietitians in the trenches have to say about the experience. Can food addiction explain your problematic eating? Or is it something else?

Key Points:

  • Eating is just like peeing. Yup, it is although don't mix the two. Stop judging your food choices unless you also judge your urination habits.
  • Food can have too much power and if it does in your life you are not alone!
  • Don't believe the hype! The food addiction theory model has many limitations including:
    • Food addiction is poorly and vaguely defined. Too catch all.
    • Most research done on animals and can't translate directly to humans.
    • Fails to consider alternative explanations for neurobiological pathways seen in food addiction research.
    • When food restricted, pleasure centers of brain light up stronger than when not restricted. This means diets will make you feel addicted to food rather than food causing the addiction.
  • Marci says, "Food is meant to be rewarding" {My new favorite quote!}
  • We can be addicted to food just like we can be addicted to music and laughter.
  • Tug and pull with food can promote the food addiction experience when other underlying experiences promoting the experience.
  • Do you know of any food addiction research that is controlling for dieting, restriction, avoidance? Let us know!!
  • Dieting gets us in the way of primal evolutionary systems. When food feels addicting and a person is not a failure! The body is being a successful human.
  • What are the steps to recover from what feels like food addiction?
    • You are not alone!
    • Let's redefine the word healthy eating.
    • Is your eating satisfying and pleasurable. Be sure eating includes these!
    • Ponder this: what's happening in my body rather than what's happening in my brain?
    • Move the judgement and moralistic thinking away from food and the body will find balance to find health.

Show Notes:

  • My colleague and friend Marci Evans RD, CEDRD and ways to connect with her wisdom via twitter: @MarciRD. If you're training to become a dietitian or want to work with those affected by eating disorders, be SURE to check out her online training launching very soon. Check her blog regularly for food addiction information.
  • Marci's food addiction blog posts: here and here.
  • Eating Disorder Dietitians
  • Julie Dillon RD blog

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