The Long Game
The Long Game
Jon Ward
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Try's to build bridges
Faithful to democracy and reality but holds the guests to account. I am new to the pod but I find it engaging
If you're looking for the opposite of a hot take...
So much of current events discussion gives instinctual reactions to the topics least worth consideration. Jon Ward is discussing some of the most important topics in thoughtful and penetrating ways. His humble integrity is so refreshing.
Great Podcast on Religion and Society
There are few journalists that place such a focus on religion and its impact on society and I am thankful for Jon Ward’s willingness to dive in and talk to people on all sides of the religious-political spectrum. Good work.
Adam K interview
Thanks Jon for this interview! Especially appreciate your insight about ppl being susceptible to being misled bc they are engaged only around an election and then tune out again. That has been me in the past. But thanks to you and Twitter and a wide variety of sources much less so now. Will be praying for you and also Country First and Rep Adam K. Grace and Peace
Real Journalism
I found Jon through the recommendation of Dan Koch, of the You Have Permission Podcast. I find Jon’s work to be invariably thought-provoking and deeply honest, even when I disagree with some premises or conclusions. I commend this show without reservation - I’d love to see this type of journalism proliferate.
Regurgitation of the same narrative.
How much un-biased coverage has there truly been? This is just the same narrative spun by all other major media, owned and operated by the same 4-5 players. It cannot be called journalism, news, or investigation when an agenda is clearly in play. The only accurate description for this is propaganda. Considering its affiliation with Yahoo, you can be certain, there is no opportunity for intellectual, open minded, conversation here. Simply read a few comments and it becomes abundantly clear to anyone with an ounce of common sense. When you keep people uncertain and in fear, judgements becomes clouded. "Everyone stay indoors, dont catch the flu, we will tell you everything you need to know in the meantime". They are paving the way for socialism/communism in America.
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The Mammynun
Understanding institutions
Institutions are supposed to be grounded ideological ideas that last for years, but what happens when something or someone throws a monkey wrench into the system? This is what Jon Ward tries to answer in his one man band podcast, “The Long Game.” I was introduced to Jon Ward through an interview with Skye Jetani on “The Holy Post Podcast.” I happened to stumble upon Ward’s podcast later when I heard he interviewed National Review’s Jonah Goldberg. I have found Ward’s conversations to be refreshingly nuanced and deep. He talks to people from both sides of the political aisle and engages in thoughtful conversation, while acknowledging and maintaining his point of view. I will echo statements made by other reviewers about the sound quality of the podcast. The background noise is distracting such as the constant fidgeting. I only want to hear the voices of the interviewer and interviewee. One of the best parts of this podcast is the wide range of guests. From conservatives to liberals, Ward draws in a wide range of perspectives. I think I saw one reviewer say that the interview with Terry Mattingly was bad. That’s complete hogwash and any thinking, reasonable person would know to ignore this bad faith argument by this reviewer. Ward is intellectually honest and he certainly does pose hard questions, but he allows the listener to decide if the interviewer is right or not. The greatest strength of Ward as a journalist is that he comes from an evangelical background, so he understands the Religious Right. I hope he uses his perspective more in upcoming podcasts to understand religious institutions in politics.
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Extremely disappointed
I gave Jon Ward a long chance, starting to listen several month ago. It was hard to get all the way through many episodes, however as Jon often allowed intellectually dishonest statements and brash opinions stated as fact to go unchallenged and unquestioned. The extremely disappointing interview of Terry Mattingly was the last straw. Terry was beating the drums of the culture war over and over, literally saying that liberal politicians and the media FORCED evangelicals to support Trump. Anyway I had to stop listening and I’m totally done with this show. I hope other listeners realize that this show has just become a platform for hucksters with an agenda and unsubscribe as well.
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Good themes, thoughtful questions
Jon Ward is doing great work. His focus on faith and politics, and the openness he has about his background in both, leads to some really good discussions with his guests. This is a thoughtful, slow podcast. It’s an ideal counterpoint to the rapid response and quick take journalism that tends to soak up our attention.
Great Content, need better production - 12/11/19 - seemed fixed now
I've listened to two of Jon's Long Game podcasts now (Voter Suppression and Andrew Sullivan). For both, I'm been thoroughly impressed with the depth to which he explores the topics with his guests. I'm hooked and will continue to listen. That said, I really wish the sound quality were better. With Andrew Sullivan, there needed to be some kind of sound leveling. Even with app's my sound leveling on, Sullivan would talk loudly for a second and then mumble. With the Voter Suppression, the interview was conducted over what I think was a mobile phone line and the woman interviewed is hard to understand . I want to keep listening. What can you do to improve the sound? Thanks, Update : 12/11/19 Listened to many more of The Long Game podcast now. Continue to be thoroughly impressed with the depth of conversation. I appreciate the historical perspective presented and also the opportunity to hear the "shop talk" among journalists when they are on. Keep up the good work. The sound problem mentioned earlier seems addressed now so I upgraded to 5 stars
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Paul B2019
Need more of this
Jon is focusing on issues that are beyond the day to day vapid cycles we often find ourselves in and is asking important, long reaching questions. His pursuit of truth as opposed to an angle is a refreshing and much needed alternative to partisan for the sake of it viewpoints that are so loud today. Listen to this podcast.
Interesting guests and topics
I appreciate the depth of discussions and diverse speakers. Moreover, my dad and I both listen and talk about the episodes! Love how this podcast fosters meaningful discussions on sometimes contentious issues.
Like the show but the audio quality is just too hard to take
Finally unsubscribing from this pod. The audio quality is just consistently bad.
Jennifer palmieri
The sound quality so bad she didn’t sit and speak into mic
az 88
One of the best podcasts on Washington that exists! Do yourself a favor and check it out!
Jon Ward does an amazing job of putting together a quality podcast that makes me think. It forces me to look beyond the news cycle that is getting shorter and shorter. He covers issues of substance in an interesting way. When people ask me about my favorite podcasts this is always on that list. Check it out!
Jon, Thank you for your thoughtful approach to your work and life. I love listening to your podcast; it always challenges me to be better in my everyday life and to think about long term goals. No doubt, we need strong institutions and your podcast gives practical advice on how all of us can make a difference in our families, hometowns and beyond. Carry on, sir.
Great Podcast
John is attempting to do what we all want to do—make a difference. He’s talking about institutions, the single most important thing in our society right now. I hope this podcast continues to get better and better.
Essential questions few are asking
Jon ventures into the unsexy yet absolutely necessary discussions about institutions that should be at the forefront of our concern. Great podcast with top thinkers.
Very Pro for a One Man Show
Ward's exploration of the importance of institutions (political, religious, educational, communical) in our life and their demise in the rise of individualism is important, timely and thoughtful. The 2nd and 4th episodes are so far the best in my opinion as they are more structured...perhaps this is because of his interviewees (Levin and Rausch) and the way they write analytically. I look forward to the next episode and think this is a hidden gem.
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Institutions need us
This podcast gives me lots to ponder. I'm an average mom and high school teacher. I admit I shy away from politics but this is helping think through it.
Thoughtful discussion
First heard Jon Ward on 'With Friends Like These' podcast and could relate to the thoughtful examination of faith and it lived out
Great Start
The production value is top notch. An interesting new perspective on the ongoing saga of the diminishing US institutions.
Thoughtful and Relevant
I'm really excited for this podcast. Introductory episode was captivating (podcast opens with audio from 2016 GOP convention, which, if you'll remember, was chaotic), thoughtful and very informative about the trajectory for this podcast and more specifically how conventions/political parties were designed and how they are working today. He weaves in a couple of relevant hip hop clips (when is Kendrick not relevant?) and a few historical clips which I personally love and feel like those elements give the podcast added texture. This is a podcast that Jon has thought about at length, and the people he mentioned that he will be interviewing have also thought at length about their specific area of expertise. Thoughtfulness and focus are hard to come by these days. We, myself included, would do well to listen to those who have thought long and hard about the things that matter.
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So excited for this series. Excellent first episode.
Informative and Discerning
In an age of tiny attention spans, information overload, and deep distrust, we need to listen to the unraised voices of people who know what they are talking about. Jon Ward knows what he is talking about. He's covered the game of insider Washington politics and knows how to differentiate between the many great people working hard for the common good from those who want to pimp the common tongue of mob frustration for something far less than the common good. It is people like Jon and the good folks he plans to interview who protect us from being pimped (check out Dissect podcast if you don't follow--Cole's another unraised voice we all need to heed). It's not in the whirlwind but in the quiet where the sustained change is made. Listen, folks. We need to play the Long Game, and Jon is a gifted narrator for the unique role our institutions must play in that.
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