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The Local Glow
Tariq Shihadah
The Local Glow is an independent podcast production based out of Chicago, Illinois, created by Tariq Shihadah. Through our featured interviews, live performances, and story-telling, we dig into the heart of local music and arts throughout the Midwest and beyond, uncovering what makes your art and music communities come to life. This podcast is a celebration of art and the unique relationships that it fosters as it draws individuals from different worlds into a space where we all feel a little more alive. This production is also here as a resource to connect you to your local music community and to connect your local community to its rich and ever-changing neighbors around the Midwest and beyond.
Do You Want to Talk About It?
Marco Aziel, also known as Aaron, and his musical partner Travis Anderson are two great big hearts on the sleeves of southeastern Michigan’s musical world and together make up the emo-adjacent band, Daddy and the Long Legs. The two-person outfit glimmers with youthful resilience and curiosity, and it glows with a strong balancing force of beyond-their-years wisdom and emotional weight. Take our Listener Survey: Learn more about The Local Glow at; listen to Daddy and the Long Legs’ new album at; learn more about In The Band at Production music by Lowell Shaffer of IT( ( and Frail Body ( as well as Tariq Shihadah ( Outro song “Restless Sleeper” by Fay Ray ( Produced by Tariq Shihadah, Brian Doherty, Victoria Thomas, and Fredd Villa. Original performance mixed by Fredd Villa.
Sep 3, 2019
44 min
Art is intimate, and don’t mistake it, art is a choice. And it’s a hard choice to make, because intimacy is hard. It’s elusive, unknown, it bites. In today’s episode, we foray into this tenuous and fearsome space, featuring six poets from around the Midwest and beyond, exploring intimacy in its various forms and stages. We’ll hear poems about intimacy, new and old, close in proximity and close in heart, about the color it paints on an ordinary life, and the void it leaves when it vanishes. Poems that are vulnerable and honest, some that wonder and some that ache. Featured Poets: Holly McDermott - @worksbyham, Dominick Duda - @literarally, Nishat Ahmed - @thenishfish, Topher Leon - @topherleon, (Topher will be directing the world premiere of Desire in a Tinier House, with Pride Films & Plays here in Chicago, running May 30-June 29; find more at Rachel Egly - Kim Addonizio - (learn more about Kim’s in-person and online poetry workshops on her website) Learn more about The Local Glow at Production music by Snayl (, NAAL (, and sailbear ( Outro song “Queen Anne’s Lace” by Bailey Minzenberger, available on Spotify. Produced by Tariq Shihadah and Victoria Thomas
Apr 29, 2019
33 min
...Anyway, Here's Wonderwall
The open mic night is a celebration of talent as it showcases personality. It’s a testing ground, providing validation for the bedroom artist, and it’s a lab for the experimenting veteran. It’s a place to support and be supported, a place to laugh and to be moved, by whoever happens to come through the door that night…’cause you never can know what to expect. Special thanks to Santos Ramos and Mike Vivirito from Two Brothers and Eric Quigley from Uncommon Ground for their contributions to the episode. Featured single “Not Another Love Song” by Nikki Morgan, Learn more about The Local Glow at Production music by Snayl ( Check out Megan Sontag’s photography at @shutterblade and Produced by Brian Doherty and Tariq Shihadah
Mar 25, 2019
27 min
Samantha Jordan, AKA FURY, is writing the soundtrack for a revolution. It started in her grandfather’s church, where she learned that music can be a feeling. That it’s not just words and melodies, but it’s got a soul that can spread far and wide, breathing life into communities and culture. With a revival of the lyricism and purpose of the Golden Age of Hip Hop, FURY brings a monsoon of vision and passion. Like a prescription for the ills of the world, she declares “What I’m doin’ is reducin’ the pollution on the airwaves.” Learn more about FURY at more about The Local Glow at music by Snayl (, outro music by All Over the Place ( Music mixing by Tariq Shihadah, music mastering by Joni Elfers.Produced by Tariq Shihadah.
Jan 22, 2019
47 min
For the Kids
First Gig Rock Camp is a summertime gem found in a few cities around Central Illinois. The week long day camp brings in young kids from around the region to get together, and try on the rock star life for a few days. From learning songs, to photo shoots, to radio interviews, to Skype sessions where national musicians share stories of life on the road and how to find success in music, First Gig brings the stage to the next generation of hometown heroes. Learn more about First Gig Rock Camp on their website. Learn more about The Local Glow on our website. Production music by Snayl, outro music by Dead Lucid. Special thanks to Guido Esteves, Mayah Bickers, and Deane Geiken. Produced by Tariq Shihadah.
Dec 10, 2018
36 min
The Fusion of the High and Low
Chris Bernstorf, a Taylor, Michigan resident, explores painful and beautiful realities through his high-energy, passionate spoken word poetry. There's a breathless urgency in his work, evident in the hard-hitting lines that tore through the silent living room at a DIY show one night in Uptown, Chicago last winter when we met him. He's a bright-eyed young punk with a few hundred shows across the country under his belt, an audacious and timely voice, and a spiritual life that guides him along the way. Learn more about Chris on his website. Learn more about The Local Glow on our website. Music provided by bread internet. Produced by Tariq Shihadah.
Nov 12, 2018
34 min
Welcome to Season 2
Our team has recently grown from 1 to 4, and our vision has grown even more. We've just announced the launch of Season 2 of the podcast to be November 12th, and we are exhilarated to share all new stories, performances, and more. This season will feature an exceptional line-up of narrative explorations of community experiences, passionate showcase performances by musicians and poets from around the country, and in-depth looks at the creative world around us. Support the season launch on Kickstarter! Visit our brand new website Music by Snayl and FURY
Nov 5, 2018
5 min
Act Right
There’s something undeniably charming about the homespun music of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania post-something or other folk band Birthrates. The duo band embodies a few of the things I love most about the DIY music spirit: it’s the undying urge to make music mean something, and the conviction to take care of the people around you. Their music is energetic, but it’s not in a hurry, it’s casual, but not coarse. And there’s a salient fear that braids itself through the lines of each song that seems to capture the burden of so many young folks in music as they bellow:   “You know I’m not religious, not even a bit. But I’d like to know that when I go, if there’s a candle for me, someone’ll keep it lit.”   Purchase this performance on Bandcamp.Birthrates on Facebook and their Website. -- Original music provided by IT( and Tariq Shihadah. Find The Local Glow on Facebook and Patreon, or email us at!
Oct 30, 2017
52 min
Tell Me a Story.
Today, we want us to celebrate the beautiful, chaotic humans that make up the hands and feet of our communities, and to take a minute to hear from the listeners. Send us your stories at! -- This episode features original music by The Dream Masons, String Machine, Naal, and Lonesome Animals. Find The Local Glow on Facebook and Patreon, or email us at!
Oct 1, 2017
22 min
A Cure to Disillusionment
Usually when he’s on stage, Evan is bursting with energy, fingers dancing along the fretboard of his guitar while horns blast in the background over a complex, math-y rhythm section. You’ll probably be bobbing your head and sweating next time you hear him perform, but today we get a glimpse into the more delicate side of this entertainer. Evan plays through some stripped-down versions of his band, The Phantom Broadcast’s tunes, and he and Tariq discuss what it means to find rest and refuge in music. Purchase this performance on Bandcamp.The Phantom Broadcast on Facebook and their Website. -- Original music provided by IT( and Snayl. Find The Local Glow on Facebook and Patreon, or email us at!
Aug 31, 2017
43 min
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