The Lifestyle Practice Podcast
The Lifestyle Practice Podcast
Justin Short, Derek Williams, Steve Van De Graaff
The Lifestyle Practice Podcast was created to help dentists obtain their desired life, by creating uncommonly successful dental practices.
67. What Are Typical RESULTS of TLP Clients?
Derek, Justin, and Steve discuss the data behind the growth of TLP clients, and WHY they believe success is so prevalent in the TLP process.
Dec 1
19 min
What Does a Typical TLP Client Look Like?
In this episode Justin and Derek discuss 'typical' TLP client situation and 'who' tends to make the best client and see the most success. Also for good measure they talk about the smelly dogs in your office. (Seriously they do!)
Nov 25
16 min
Using Learned Optimism to Enhance Your Practice and Life
Derek shares some of his recent personal findings and strategies to have a better practice and life through increased optimism.
Nov 18
21 min
80/20 Rule: Narrow Your Focus!
Steve teaches you about Pareto's Principle: focusing on the few most important things will bring you the most dramatic results!
Nov 13
14 min
Relational Currency: How to Zag When Everyone Else is Zigging.
In this short but poignant episode Justin discusses ways to increase your 'relational currency' to become unique and set you and your office apart from the pack!
Nov 5
13 min
You're Booked Out HOW FAR?!
Derek and Steve break down the perpetual myth that the dentist that is booked out the longest, wins.
Oct 29
35 min
Crushing New Ownership with Dr. Chris Eline
Coaching client Dr. Chris Eline, Pennsylvania, struck immediate success in his acquisition. He talks with Steve about the successes and challenges of ownership.
Oct 20
32 min
J. Short's 10 Lessons to Grow Your Practice and Life...(and make your 'friends' hate you)
In this episode Dr. Justin Short discusses 10 'truths' or lessons he's learned over the past 5 years of coaching that will help take ownership and conquer the goals that you have.
Oct 14
24 min
Best Case/Worst Case Scenario with Dr. Melanie Villalobos
After a productive coaching session, Derek decides to bring on client Dr. Melanie Villalobos, who practices near San Diego, CA. Melanie and Derek discuss using best case and worse case scenarios as a way to problem solve challenges.
Oct 9
34 min
When Should I Hire More Staff? Part 2
Steve and Derek talk about the proper size of your staff and when to add front desk and a hygienists.
Oct 2
34 min
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