The Leviathan Chronicles
The Leviathan Chronicles
Leviathan Audio Productions
The Aquarium Proposal
44 minutes Posted Jun 28, 2020 at 10:21 pm.
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Show notes

Lisette must convince Cluracan to help her and Harlequinn save Leviathan from the destructive AI that has brought the city to its knees. But she has already made enemies at the DefCon hacking conference that she'll need to outwit before she can leave Las Vegas.

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Samantha Parker as The Narrator

Claire Dodin as Lisette

Sarah Mollo as Cranky Waitress

Grace Linstrom as Nuala

Jesse Vaughn as Oberon

Ben Burgess as Cluracan

Zack Percell as Dr. Hate

Richie Ammons as Security Guard

Esther Brzezinski as Old Lady

William TN Hall as Harlequinn

Keith Norton as Leviathan Guard

Stephanie Komure as Astrid Ansler

Nancy Wu as Dr. Nora Link

Colin Cassidy as Honor Guard