The Left Brain Artist
The Left Brain Artist
Suzanne Redmond
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My Favorite Podcast
This is now one of my favorite podcasts I love art and this is inspiring and entertaining!
Down to earth, concrete artist support!
Listening to the episode with Kiki felt like sitting down with two artist friends over a cup of tea to discuss the latest happenings in our art careers. I left with so many practical suggestions such as what papers buckle least for mixed media. Thank you Suzanne for the service you provide to ALL artists with your substantive podcast.
Great artist stories
I’ve really enjoyed listening to this podcast and hearing about the stories and journeys of different artists. I love the summary at the end with the main points. I also really appreciate how Suzanne changed the podcast to reflect the current times and finding ways to encourage others. That’s awesome.
At the Top of My List!
The Left Brain Artist is one of my go-to podcasts. I really love Suzanne’s left brained approach to exploring a right brained world. Her natural curiosity leads her to ask great questions about a wide variety of art related topics. I always appreciate her summary at the end of each podcast with the take-aways from that conversation. Definitely a winner!
Lou Stine
Valuable details in each episode
Love this podcast. Suzanne digs deep and asks the right questions... I get actual tips on products used, shows to check out, how to deal with doubt... lots of good stuff every episode from everyday artists.
Love this podcast
I love this podcast. I am an amateur artist with no real intention of creating an art business. But I find the business tips applicable to my own entrepreneurial efforts as a lawyer and your art discussions are inspirational.
A Listener from Texas
I think I have only not listened to a couple, but many I have listened to twice. Love this podcast.
Love learning about the artists!
Suzanne does great interviews and I always come away having learned something new and/or broadened my perspective. I love how Suzanne provides a list of takeaways at the end of each interview.
Stefie S
The Left Brain Artist
This podcast is wonderful. It is great to listen to as you do your creative art work. Suzanne is knowledgeable about so many aspects of the artists’ life.
Lady Hornet
Inspiring and practical 😊
I absolutely love this podcast! It is really inspiring but also filled with tons of practical advice. Suzanne, with her bright personality, is a great interviewer and she brings the most incredible guests. Highly recommended! Magdalena Sabatino
Great ideas
Lots of interesting conversations with working artists about varied topics even including accounting and taxes. Very helpful ideas in every episode. Suzanne is a lovely interviewer and brings out good conversation.
Great and Inspiring!
I love this podcast! It’s inspiring to hear from successful artists and how they got started and their daily practice. Thanks for doing this!
Where women create
It is so great to learn the behind the scenes in the publishing of art magazine that I have seen on the store shelf! I always find tidbits of info on all of your podcasts. You are always prepared and conduct a great interview.
Loving this show
It’s such a cool concept to help other artists be heard and seen! Suzanne has such a good way of articulating her message and interviewing artists!!
Giving artists a voice
Suzanne deserves a lot of credit for her work with artists. She gives them a voice and does so in a way that encourages other artists to learn more about the ever-changing world art. It’s not easy out there but with someone like Suzanne in our corner, the navigation is a bit more smooth. LC
Great Podcast
Thank you so much for a fabulous podcast- I love your clear, practical advice. I especially love that you sum up the highlights at the end - so helpful!
Valuable topic!!!
So glad to see you tackling this topic! Always needed!!! ~ @schulmanart
Miriam Schulman
Massive value!!
This show is filled with massive value!! You can really hear the passion when the host speaks about art! I highly recommend this show!
matt kirschner