The Left Brain Artist
The Left Brain Artist
Suzanne Redmond
#158 Jessica Hitchcock: Keep Making Art and Share What You’ve Learned
27 minutes Posted May 8, 2020 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

Artist Jessica Hitchcock lives in St. Louis, Missouri. We first talked on the podcast about a year ago, in April of 2019. She had just quit her day job in February to be a full-time artist. She had been painting for a few years part-time, showing and selling her paintings as well as doing the occasional live painting. She went all in, and in a matter of a year she has offered a few collections of her artwork, in her vibrant and bold color style, she’s painted live at a wedding and other events, and now she’s sharing what she’s learned through a year of hard work with others on her blog. She’s adapted to this strange quarantine time by moving forward and sticking with her original plans for her year. Show notes for all of these episodes can be found on my website at