The Leader's Campfire Podcast
The Leader's Campfire Podcast
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Love It
I listen to all the PTC podcasts. They help me keep energized for Scouting.
Mama Bear Tina
Hey that was the first time I heard that. I like. I am I AM for troop 22 in Terre Haute, IN. Keep up the good work and keep them coming.
Great Shows!
I really love your shows. I downloaded all of them and burned them to a disc on mp3 files and listen to them in my car.. As a new Unit Commissioner (I've been doing about 14 months was a ASM years ago) I find your show very informative and I love the humor. Thanks for what you do for Scouting. ScouterJon
In between roundtables
Listening to this show keeps me going in between our district roundtables. Thanks guys. I want to be on your next game show!! Eagle Scout Doug
Eagle Doug
Ok.. I am a bit bias
Show 73 is without a doubt the best PTC/ Leaders Campfire show I have ever heard. Fantastic work partners!!! Jerry
Scouters on Scouting
A great podcast of combining PTC's podcasters discussing topics relevant to runing a scouting unit toay. They have fun on this community podcast as well.
Scouter Tom
Great job
I just wanted to check in and give you guys my support for a great podcast. I enjoy listening to the podcasts when I'm out on the road. I'm a first year den leader for my son and his friends (Cub Scouts - Wolves, Pack 446, Lafayette, LA). I wanted to do the best that I could and searched iTunes for extra support from groups like you. I think you guys hit a home run as I've gotten some great ideas for work we can do now and into the future of Scouting for both of my sons. Thanks, and keep up the great work. Marty Cannon
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Great guide for scouter
This is an excellent show to get ideas, support and laughs for new scouter, and I'm sure experienced scouters will enjoy it as well. I find it to be a wonderful companion show for "An Hour a Week" and "A Scoutmaster's Minute," both of which are produced by PTC as well. Its like having a great roundtable available to you at any time of day! I only have one complaint-- the shows can't keep coming fast enough.
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A Level Above!
I love this show because it takes you a level above the "cub" or "boy" level scouts right to BSA level. Many times the topics cover things universal throughout the BSA. With representation of both Cubscouts and Boyscouts and sometimes even other levels of the BSA, this show is always a homerun! Often, it is very entertaining as well which makes it even better! Tom, West Palm Beach, FL Cubmaster, Pack 106 aka CMTom106
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A Great Addition to a Scouters 'Toolbelt'
This podcast has been a Godsend for me as a new Cubmaster. The ideas that I have gotten and the encouragement I have received through the podcast itself and the forums have been outstanding! I recommend this for anyone who has been a Scouter for ten minutes or ten years. I would give it 10 stars if I could!
Scoutcamp the move show
Awesome show and awesome timing. It reminded me to go preorder my copy, I also grabbed the sound track.
I learn something in each podcast.
Chris and Bob ya’ll (it is a Texas thing) rock. I have learned so much from ya’ll. The Leaders Campfire brings up so many topics. I learn something new in each podcast. Keep up the good work. I can not wait to see what the next episode brings. Soon to be Den Mom Erin Katy, Texas
I really enjoy this podcast! Inspirational.
This is podcast supplements my monthly roundtable attendance. I really enjoy Chris and Steve, and the occasional appearance of Jerry. There is so much useful information in these podcasts. I really like how the audience comments (emails) really help shape the topics of this show.
Kris F.
Great Show
Look forward to new shows. Never know whats coming.
A Stuff Sack Crammed Full of Information
I have listened to all the shows since I found this podcast and have learned more than I can remember. I wish this had been around when I was a "Tag, you're it!" Den Leader for my older son. Oh well, at least I can use it for my Wolf's den. The podcast on ADD/ADHD should be a must for all new leaders. Great job, guys.
Kevin (BigMc)
Great podcast!
I've found that each episode is informative and entertaining. I come away motivated after listening to each episode. I'm a long-time Scouter (25+ years) from Florida. Keep up the good work!
Inspiring Resource
I just finished my first year as a shell-shocked Cubmaster. I just started tuning in about a month ago. I wish I located this resource sooner. Each broadcast make me more motivated to try harder and make things more fun for next year. I listen to each show with pen & paper ready to take down all the helpful tips and links. Keep up the good work... It is very appreciated.
Great Roundtable
My district is known for really bad round tables. It is so refreshing to listen to these podcasts and get constructive input on the struggles that most scout leaders have. Sometimes I get an idea on how to work through a problem, sometimes I realize that I've been the problem and sometimes it's just plain encouragement.
Sebastian (a lady)
Great Job!
I am new to Cub Scouts and you have really given me a lot of good information. I enjoyed the show where you talked about what the Committee Chair does in the pack. I am the New Committee Chair at our pack so it was really helpful.
The Leader's Campfire
I have just recently started listening to the PTC Media Scouting podcast and I find them a wealth of information . Although I have been a Scout leader for 15 years I hear new ideas on every show. I will be the Cubmaster of a new Pack starting this summer and I don't want to do things a certain way because "thats how we have always done it". Your shows provide fresh ideas and valuable information. Thanks for all you do.
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(I'm not writing this just to win a prize. Really!)
Chris, Bob and Steve have been doing great things with this podcast since they started it up. Switching between a fresh topic and a feedback show, the format works well. The topics are pertinent to me as a leader and informative in helping all of us Scouters understand that we're all in this together. Keep up the great work guys!
Leaders Campfire
Really like the show.
#42 was great
The latest podcast on communications was great. Keep up the good work!
Great Show!
This is a great source of information and I enjoy the lively discussions! I recommend this show to all Scout Leaders.
The BEST podcast for Scout Leaders!
Cubmaster Chris and Mr. Bob give us a forum to discuss all the issues that really matter. This is the place to listen to and discuss all the stuff that roundtables and training doesn't cover! This is my favorite podcast! Cubmaster Chip - Pack 61 Denton, TX.
Scouters talking about Scouting
Chris, Bob, and the rest of the guys at PTC have put together a really great format for people who are interested in Scouting. The Leader's Campfire is aimed primarily at Scout leaders so if this describes you, subscribe to this podcast! Each show consists of several Scouters from different backgrounds and perspectives talking about a topic. You will be educated, entertained, and often drawn into the discussions through the PTC forums. This is a great podcast! M. McKee Cubmaster, Pack 421 Arlington, TX
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Good take for all leaders
Come take a listen to a roundtable in discussion format. Different experiences and points of view help those interested in cub scouting to understand some of scouting's policies and events.
Just started listening...
Being a Cubmaster is sometimes a lonely position. It was so nice to sit and listen to Episode #39 and feel like I was listening to folks who were walking my walk.
Wow. Chris and Bob You Guys Rock!!!
Fantastic. Lots of information. It is a major part of my regular listening.
Great podcast
Just finished the podcast on the new format for Quality Unit. A great deal of information that i had not heard before. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!!! YiS, Jim
Pack Committee Chair Gives FIVE STARS
As Committee Chair I was tasked with doing the re-charter for the pack this year. I must admit that I was putting off starting the re-charter, but after listening to The Leader’s Campfire podcast #39 I'm going to take your advice and jump right in. Thanks for the encouragement and lively discussion! I look forward to listening to the next Leader’s Campfire podcast.
Ron The Great
Great Resource For Cubmasters
Cubmaster Chris et al ... Thanks for the great work on this & "An Hour A Week" I am shamelessly stealing all your ideas, but you need to stop bragging about the beautiful Texas weather (just kidding ... keep it coming.) I like the continuity that your podcast brings to scouting ... EVERYONE involved in scouting should listen to at least one of the PTC media podcasts. For those of you even thinking of downloading, this is the right podcast for you. It's a great pick-me-up when you need it, and these guys are the best for sharing their experiences ... Remember, "if it's not for the boys, it's for the birds."
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Great Job Guys
A very informative source for scouting information! I enjoy listening. Keep it up! Lots of great stuff here.
AWESOME Resource!!
HEY!! If you are just thinking about downloading these Podcasts DO IT!! They have been one of the uplifting resources I have found, I know it sounds funny but it really does help remind us all that we arren't the only people giving our best effort for our Scouts.
Wil H
Great resource
Cub Master Chris & Mr. Bob (with guest) do a great job sharing their experience, and others that share, in the scouting world. Many useful tips of how to improve your own scouting experience. Keep up the great work. Cub Master Mack
Excellent podcast!!
Thi podcast is amazing. even though i am still a scout there are tons of helpful things. Our troop is run by the boys and everything in this podcast is gold. I also love the relaxed atmosphere of the recording.
One stop shop for Leader ideas
A "must" listen for anybody in Scouts, especially Leaders.
Great Info and Entertaining
I completed my scouting 20 years ago. I’m now back as a new den leader in my sons pack. The information and insight provided by Chris, Mr. Bob and guests is very helpful. This show is a must for all Cub Scout Leaders and parents looking for an experienced perspective on scouting.
Awesome Podcast - A Must Listen for Leaders
I have just finished listening to all 31 episodes and I have a notebook full of ideas for our Cub Scout Pack for this year. This podcast is just as invaluable as the Program Helps and Baloo's Bugle. Thank you Cubmaster Chris and Den Leader Bob for your time and excellent thoughts and suggestions.
Essential information for all Scouting Families
This podcast is a must listen for anyone involved in scouting regardless whether or not you are involved in Leadership and scouting. Filled with innovative ideas fro meetings and providing understanding of how the functions of BSA work. I will be sharing this cast with all my local scouters and parents alike. :)
Such a terrific resource for all Cubmasters and Committee Chairs (and others interested in improving scouting in your unit)!
Just like sitting around the campfire....
I love listening to this show as it give me important Leadership tips and tips for working with the boys. Keep up the great work and 73.
When you can't get to roundtable....
What a great idea and great discussions - I can't wait to see who they will have on or what the topics will be next. Great job folks, ACM James, Pack 82 Austin TX
Great help!
I just got caught up on back episodes for this year and I have to say: As a new Cubmaster, I find your ideas and your guests to be very helpful. Keep up the great work! Cubmaster Dave, Pack 499 Kempsivlle Dist., Tidewater Council Virginia Beach, VA
Dave Maple
A must listen for any scout leader
Chris and Bob do a great job of offering helpful advice, insightful guests and terrific on-line resources. If you are a new leader like me you find this as helpful if not more helpful than most available resources.
awesome information
Great information. I have become more involved with the pack over the past year and your podcast has great information and good ideas. Keep up the good work!
Awesome! Energizing and Engaging
I listen to each podcast and come away with so many great ideas, and the resources to implement them. Totally energizing and exciting. Love Den Leader Bob and Cubmaster Chris - and all the fabulous guests. Please keep it up - just awesome!!
Awsome Show
This show rocks it gives the best of both Mr Bob's and Cumaster Chris's Shows
Cubmaster Erick
Great Resource for Scouters
As a parent it is great to have this resource. You guys are doing a great job. I definately want to become more involved in our pack now. I had no idea how hard everyone works. Thanks for the great podcasts. Keep em' coming.
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