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LPs6e31 - Carmine Talks with Rita Crompton "The Inventor Lady" About a cool way to Get Funding for your Idea
35 minutes Posted Mar 18, 2021 at 1:17 pm.
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Show notes

Rita Crompton. Inventing is habit forming, contagious and there is no cure; I work with inventors who constantly reinforce this belief with their continued success, new ideas and their desire to help others.  A unique resolve and passion is required to get a product from the “I have an idea” stage to the marketplace.Most inventors are alone as they go through the process and this reduces the odds of success dramatically.

When I started FLeCusa International, my goal was to bring the corporate environment resources to the individual inventor. FLeCusa International helps inventors understand the inventing process, go to market, establish distribution networks, protect their intellectual property and treat their invention like a business.