The laughingalltheway's Podcast
The laughingalltheway's Podcast
An author and journalist specializing in feature profiles for the last 17 years, Christie Cuthbert hosts "Laughing All the Way" a podcast dedicated to storytelling with the underlying theme of finding joy and humor in life.
Episode 23: Drinking Through Motherhood
Today's episode discusses drinking and motherhood, how our culture glamourizes it, how often new moms depend on it to cope with the transitions in their lives, and how it can sometimes because a habit with negative effects. My guest is an amazing writer, Jenny Jurica, and she and I share our stories and insight into the world of motherhood and alcohol. Follow along on our instagram @laughingallthewaypodcast You can learn more about Jenny at @introvertsguidetosobriety
Oct 19, 2020
50 min
Episode 22: Pivots and Prospectives
My guest today is Heather Pacheco, a dear friend who also runs a salon in California and has been at the forefront of the hardships small businesses have faced during the pandemic shutdown of our nation. We discuss how she kept her business afloat, her personal health challenges from flying a kite and our shared outrage over the Taco Bell announcement that the Mexican Pizza will be discontinued. It ain't right people! It ain't right! For more photos of Heather, head over to our instagram @laughingallthewaypodcast
Oct 5, 2020
52 min
Episode 21: Managing Media and Motherhood
I'm so excited to bring you today's guest - Jennifer Richardson! Jen and I grew up together in Gilroy, California, and both had aspirations of becoming the next Diane Sawyer. I got married young and went the newspaper and magazine route, and Jen stuck with it, ultimately meeting her husband on the job and becoming co-anchors with him! She's got super fun stories and experiences, and she's also started a new business in light of Covid and has a quarantine motherhood situation so many can relate to. I hope you enjoy today's episode. For photos of Jen check out our instagram page @laughingallthewaypodcast and you can find out more about jen at
Sep 28, 2020
46 min
Episode 20: Finding Justice
Chris Lambert, creator and host of "Your Own Backyard" Podcast sits down to discuss the disappearance of Kristin Smart, and his journey of investigating her case. Kristin was a freshman at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo when she disappeared after a party while walking home to the dorms. It's been 24 years and her body has never been found and there's never been an arrest in the case. Chris also discusses the reinvigorated interest in the case since his podcast aired, and potential developments in 2020. Find out more about his podcast on Instagram at @yourownbackyard and as always, subscribe to our podcast and follow us @laughingallthewaypodcast
Aug 11, 2020
52 min
Episode 19: A Hand to Hold
Dee Bauer is a mom of four who goes above and beyond for children in need. She's been on mission trips to India, and also cares for children in need. She's an amazing woman and I'm excited to share her story with y'all. Find out more information about Dee on our Instagram @laughingallthewaypodcast and make sure you subscribe on Apple Podcasts so you don't miss upcoming episodes.
Aug 3, 2020
47 min
Episode 16: Land That I Love
Happy Independence Day Weekend Y'all! Coming to you with a special patriotic interview today with one of my favorite people - Genna Giammatteo. She moved to NYC 10 days before the attacks on the World Trade Center. Over the course of the next two decades would work as a performer with the USO, married a Veteran, and eventually work for Achilles International - an organization that supported wounded veterans and others with disabilities.  In this episode she discusses watching soldiers deploy, her own husband's recovering from being wounded in Iraq, her amazing celebrity ties and escaping NYC as Covid 19 began to spread. I hope you enjoy her story, and as always, check out our Instagram page throughout the week for more photos of Genna @laughingallthewaypodcast
Jul 3, 2020
56 min
Episode 15: A Grateful Heart
So excited to be back, y'all! Despite the sound glitches here.. Bare with me. I'm up at the lake and figuring out new equipment. My guest todays is Lindsay Essery. She's a mom of 3, married her childhood crush, was a contestant on Price is Right, has run marathons (jealous), and has overcome cancer and trauma. She has an amazing story, and I hope everyone walks away today feeling a sense of connection with her story, or experiencing a bit more gratitude for their own journey in life.  For more info and photos on Lindsay and her family, go to our Instagram account @laughingallthewaypodcast   Have a good week and laugh a little!
Jun 8, 2020
31 min
Episode 14: Spread the Happy
She's a mom of 8, overalls enthusiast, maker of all the fun things and a Kelly Clarkson Show Master Crafter. I have "fan girled" her on Instagram and was so excited she agreed to come onto the podcast! Kristin Gambaccini is an absolute delight, and I hope you enjoy her as much as I do today in Episode 14: Spread the Happy. You can find her on Instagram @perfectlydestressed
May 4, 2020
49 min
Episode 13: The Doctor is In
Ever thought about plastic surgery and what's all involved? Dr. Will Albright of Alamo Plastic Surgery is on today's episode, talking about mommy makeovers, finding the right doctor, red flags and also aging gracefully. I also divulge that I had a tummy tuck in 2018, and we discuss my experience. Dr. Albright can be found on Instagram @alamoplasticsurgery Follow along with us for more photos and info @laughingallthewaypodcast
Apr 27, 2020
48 min
Episode 12: Own It
Today we are talking with Life Coach Kendra Harvey about what it means to truly be happy, and also owning our emotions, not running from them. Six weeks into her first marriage at 21-years-old, her husband expressed that he was going to commit suicide. She'd spend the next six years in the marriage, acting as his care giver before moving on in life and finding love again. Five kids later, she's been a working mom, stay-at-home mom and everything in between and offers great advice or those struggling during quarantine. You can find her on Instagram @kendra_itgetsbetternow
Apr 20, 2020
43 min
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