The Late Show Podcast
The Late Show Podcast
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Unfunny crap
Deleted podcast after first episode. Not funny. Propagandist crap. I would rather be anally violated by a rhino then listen to another minute
TV is dead
Most libs get their news from the comedy channel. The history channel has shows on garage sales. And the travel channel is dedicated to ghost stories.
Freddie bag of donuts
Love the Late Show, Hate this podcast.
This is possibly the worst podcast I’ve ever heard. It’s a waste of time. It’s a shame because Colbert is such an amazing humanitarian, supporting the arts, education, the disadvantaged. I love his comedy. I respect his views. This was a dud.
Sports pops
What’s the point
Not sure how informative or comedic can you be in 1-2 mins.
Why bother uploading this?
Personally, I have no use for 1-2 minute, out of context audio clips. Please, upload the entire monologue or stop wasting your time and ours.
Mr. Knasty
MSNBC, Stephen Colbert, today night show
All of the above make us laugh, more intelligent with corrupt president in in history of this country, please keep up the great job. Donald and his children are not above the law. ALL human beings are created equally. Love you guys Florence AZ
Satirical and serious
Provides some wit and humor while describing the surreal and scary goings on of the currently powerful, every night. Helps with taking down the temperature a few degrees in these feverish times.
This podcast is so boring.
rep rush con rocks
Hi. Just wanted to write this here cuz there’s only one other review. (Love Colbert sounding so lively, candid and real here. Wish we could hear more of him like this in the show.)
Still funny as ever
Call bear has once again found his niche. It’s wonderful to hear him knock the most terrible president we have ever had. And he’s funny and lots of other ways too.
Colbert hasn’t been funny since he left Comedy Central. Please give us the option to vote down suggested podcasts from our feeds. *******************HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO RATE THIS 1 star before it is removed from my suggested feed!!
Great podcast!
Stephen Colbert!
new PH hater
Love this.
So relieved we have podcast. I love the concept. The Late Show will always be my top show along with the MSNBC news crew.
I’m really confused
I want to rate the first few podcasts that are obviously a lead into the start of the late show with Stephen Colbert a 5 but what in the world are the other podcasts following it? So I’m just making an average rating?
Bizarre, and nothing like Colbert
I thought this might be the Podcast version of the Colbert show, like most talk shows have, but his is just bizarre.
Love your show
I love your show but usually have to see it a day late. Please post the whole episode!
Come back
Sure would love you to come back to podcast.
1 minute?!?
Post the whole episode please!!
very average show
Omg I love this so much
My friend n I love this so much. Dam he's cute as hell
Running lights and Meds
Looking forward to John Dickerson as ur guest
Looking forward to John Dickerson as ur guest
Funny and interesting
I hope you’ll consider continuing with the podcast now that the show is underway. I found it fascinating and fun.
Pretty good
And interesting
Carlos M
Colbert nation
Love the podcast
I loved the podcast and really want to like the actual Late Show. Unfortunately, the Stephen Colbert I have known has not shown up yet on my television.
Please give us more "peaks" inside the Man-Sized-Cabinet
Hey guy, awesome podcast. As a comedy fan I beg you to continue releasing this podcast. Allow your audience into your production and writing process is an incredibly valuable gift. While you are no longer a character on screen, you are still talking to the Nation as a whole. This podcast however provides you an avenue to reach your fans on a much more personal level. As a comedy fan, Imagine having regular glimpses into David Letterman's writing process from day 1 of his Late Show run. Also, you will never find a more dedicated audience than a podcast audience. As the host of the Late Show you will shape the future of comedy. Television is where you display your art. The podcast can be a place for you to display your tools.
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Being on the late night wars!!
Colbert Nation rocks!! Any chance you guys could turn the extended interviews into a podcast episode??? The new show is great... I'm hoping the podcast picks up some. LOVE LOVE LOVE Stephen... I want to LOVE the podcast too!
Came for Colbert, not enough Colbert
I used to be able to say that I loved everything Colbert did, until this Podcast. I appreciate the fact that he is trying to give some of his writers exposure, but at some point they have to realize that they aren't very funny on air. Came for prime rib, got Bologna. Came for Pittsburgh Steelers, got Cleveland Browns. Came for Kevin hart, got Mike Epps.
Stephen Colbert is THE AMERICAN MAN
When Stephen Colbert ended The Colbert Report, I was crushed. I wondered, how will I survive all these months until his new show on CBS? And then my sister found this podcast, and the world became a better place. The world is a better place with Stephen Colbert in it. And now it's even better since he graces us with hilarious audio clips in a form of a podcast.
I’ll Bite
Guy walks into a bar...
Fun and interesting
I love learning about the creative process behind big projects like creating artworks, or writing and producing comedy, so this podcast is a real treat for me. The group dynamic is fun and intimate.
Authentic, fun, wide-ranging!
I love this podcast because I love process and I love learing about the craft of improv and comedy. I also love hearing bits rise up out of conversation. I imagine that's what a morning pitch meeting must be like. Also: so great to try something experimental and fun. That's what we'll start seeing 9/8 I would imagine. Plus: it's intimate.
John Dickerson
Just wish there were some longer episodes
The show is great but i prefer longer podcasts so I don’t have to find something else to listen to while working after only fifteen minutes. Episodes that go into more depth and were an hour long would be great.
I'm loving this podcast so much! It's great to hear Colbert out of character and hear him chatting about anything and everything and to hear some behind the scenes info about putting together the new show. Please keep new episodes of this podcast coming! :)
So funny
Well done, great glimpse at how he is putting the show together and the people behind the scenes. The Intros are perfect. And his take on the Confederate flag coming down was so funny and yet completely spot on.
DA in Ga
Colbert! Can't wait.
Great show.
String strong
Love getting some inside baseball and intro to the inner workings Really hope the panel is just as quirky, self aware, and unabashed
It's just ok.
Some of this stuff is fairly interesting, but really it's not very funny. I'll keep listening though.
Nonsense to me!
Maybe there is something in it that I do not get but to me it is not even a podcast. I kind of like Colbert but s it is nonsense to me.
Want to love it
I love Colbert. And I really wanted to love this podcast. But I don't always listen to podcasts in a library where it's super quiet. The sound needs to be fixed so I can hear it while I'm going about my daily life. If they fix the sound I will definitely download it again.
Somebody please, turn the volume up.
Fix audio
I like to actually hear my podcasts. This one needs a volume boost. The content doesn't matter unless you can hear it.
Steve Connor
Not a real show
Like most people I suspect, I downloaded this podcast because Colbert's face was on it. It became clear pretty quickly that the show isn't really taken that seriously by Colbert himself. He and the two other hosts talk about completely inane things and are constantly whipping out esoteric inside jokes. The sound quality sounds like they're 20 feet away from the mic. The hoard of good reviews saying "This is the best podcast ever!" make me strongly suspect that Colbert's media team is flooding the review page with them. Because as an avid listener of all podcasts, this doesn't even come close to anything from Gimlet, Maximum Fun or Panoply.
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Just so much meh. Not very good so far. Made me worry that his show will be boring once it debuts
Colbert & a Podcast
The freakin best thing thatve happened , one of the bedt ppl and most entertaining personalities in a podcast what could get better
Big fan of Colbert, but this is terrible. Poor audio, banal conversations.
Niu Bee
Sponsored by Skygate
Only 2 episodes in, and I already can see patterns and bits starting form. 20min is the perfect length. Great job, and excited for the new show! Also, I was wondering if my company, Skygate, could ever sponsor a podcast sometime. Skygate…for those who’d rather have their balloons close to them, instead of in the cloud.
Not Good
I'm a fan of Colbert, and podcasts in general, but have to say that thus far this one is not worth listening to. Stephan blathers on and on and on.....and the production sounds amateurish at best. I hope you guys step it up soon, as I would love to follow a podcast that does good service to Stephan's shining character and wit.
I wanted to love this show because I am a fan and it has been doing so well on the charts but yikes…not good. I hope that you guys step up your game a bit - you are competing with Mystery Show and Serial, not random podcasters blathering on about nothing (at least I hope you are!). Good luck!
Too much Stephen Colbert?
I’m not sure how much too much Stephen Colbert would be but I was thrilled to find this podcast. Whether he’s in the cabinet or out, love listening to this podcast and can’t wait for the show!
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