The Language Of Dogs
The Language Of Dogs
Justin Silver, Kristen Hartley
Got a doggie dilemma? You're pooch's bizarre behavior befuddling you? Award winning dog trainer, author, TV host Justin Silver & cohost Kristen Hartley are here answer questions from dog owners everywhere. Direct, funny & informative is the vibe as they share everything they have learned from and about dogs to help listeners live happier, healthier lives with their pooches. . Packed with fun stories, training tips, nutrition advice, product reviews, breed & adoption resources, they cover every dog topic on four legs! Justin has traveled the world training dogs for over 15 years. He is author of "The Language Of Dogs", Former host of CBS' "Dogs In The City", "The Good Dogtors" in Hong Kong and the go to expert on dozens of morning shows and articles for all things dog. He is also founder and host of the charity Funny For Fido "Comics Stand-Up For Homeless Animals" which he runs with his co-host Kristen- a devoted wife, mother and TV producer who manages to rescue and foster special needs dogs in her spare time. Get ready to laugh and learn how to speak dog!
EP. 013 "Near & Far Rescue" W/ Carla Murino
Hello dog parents. This week Kristen takes the lead (pun intended) on a heart warming & informative chat with Carla Murino the founder of Near and Far rescue. They talk about the work and  rewards of animal rescue and debunk stereotypes about rescue animals.  Please follow us at @thelanguageofdogs Follow Carla & Near & Far at @nearfaraf Get 20% off all PET CBD products with promo code "JS15" at
Jun 15
48 min
EP. 012 "Quarantine Dogs Q & A"
Justin and Kristen discuss Justin's recent broken heart over the foster dog he wasn't allowed to keep and answer listener questions. Got questions about your pooch? Bark at us. @thelanguageofdogs And for training demonstrations, tips, tricks, recipes & more visit FOR DISCOUNTS ON ALL PET CBD PRODUCTS USE PROMO CODE "JS15 " at   WOOF!    
May 25
1 hr
EP. 011 "Meet Reggie The Dog Rescuer" W/ @pitlover4life_
Justin sits down with Reggie @pitlover4life_ A man who dedicates his life & home to rescuing dogs. Rehabilitating them for new families & in many cases, keeping the ones with no where else to go so they can run and play in peace. Follow Reggie on instagram at @pitlover4life_  Follow Justin at @thelanguageofdogs Got questions about your pooch? Bark at us!  WOOF! 
May 13
39 min
EP. 010 "Dog Anxiety"
Hey dog mommas & poppas. This week Justin and Kristen discuss many forms of dog anxiety and provide practice tips to help them chill the hell out.  If your dog suffers from compulsive licking and barking. Has fear of strangers, loud noises, car rides or other animals. Freezing up when you go on walks. Odd obsessions over reflections, whatever- We've got solutions for you that don't require dog Prozac, animal communicators or a yoga retreat.  PS- Sorry for the audio quality. My dog ate my other computer.  Got questions about your pooch? Bark at us. @thelanguageofdogs And for training demonstrations, tips, tricks, recipes & more visit WOOF!  
Apr 30
1 hr 10 min
EP. 09 Live Dog Q & A
Hey dog Mommas & Poppas, Listen in to another live Q & A with Justin and listeners. Quarantine certainly isn't fun but there are some positives- The shelters are less crowded as most the dogs are in foster care. You have been spending lots of quality time with your dogs and if your single, they are most likely a great source of comfort. You finally get to work on the training you weren't able to attend to while on your normal schedule. But there are also some concerns. Dogs aren't playing with their friends at the dog park and how will they be effected when you go back to work?  Justin is here to answer all your K9 quarantine questions and concerns. For visual demonstrations, one on one phone video sessions, product reviews or to ask a question about your pooch, that I'll answer on pod or privately, check out  & please follow along at  WOOF!   
Apr 13
36 min
EP. 08 Live Feed Dog Q&A
Hey dog peeps, While the quarantine is in full effect our pooches are getting all the snuggle and play time they can handle. I'm sure no one on 2 or 4 legs is complaining about this. Especially all those shelter dogs who landed in plush foster homes. So, to help you along with that dog training you finally have the time to work on, the new pooch in you scooped up from the shelter or the separation anxiety that's developing from the 24/7 attention Fido's finally feeling- I'll be doing as many LIVE FEED DOG Q & A's as ya'll can handle.  For visual demonstrations, product reviews or to ask a question about your pooch, that I'll answer on pod or privately, check out  & please follow along at  WOOF!  (PS please excuse the audio quality as I figure out the best way to answer all your questions conveniently) 
Apr 4
1 hr 12 min
EP. 07 Fixing The Fear Factor
In this heartfelt & helpful episode Justin & kristen assist listeners who's dogs are afraid of loud sounds, trucks & who throw fits in the bath. Dogs who get territorial or police their buddies. Also Justin's dog Chiquita's peaceful passing ,the impact her life made on him & so many others on both 2 & 4 legs. They also chat about when to say goodbye to dogs who are elderly or ill, in home euthanasia, how to get your other pets readjusted quickly and when to get a new pooch.  Got questions about your pooch? Bark at us at     Follow our Instagram at    Get discounts on all dog CBD products with promo code "JS15" at    WOOF!       
Mar 9
1 hr 1 min
EP. 06 Fan Q & A Buffet
 It's all listener questions on the menu this week. Justin and Kristen have some delicious topics to sink your k9's into.  Introducing new dogs to your current four legged residents that bark and meow. Keeping dogs happy and enriched when you're away. Potty training schedules. Dog friendly hotels. Resources and tips for special needs dogs. When letting your dogs sleeping with you is ok and when it causes the dreaded separation anxiety. Nutrition and supplement suggestions. Bon appetite! Got Questions about your pooch? Bark at us. WOOF  
Mar 2
1 hr 5 min
EP. 05 Dog Reactivity & Aggression
Dogs exhibit unwanted behaviors in reaction to all sorts of stimulus. Barking, lunging or fear of dogs, kids, skateboards,  vacuums, loud noises etc. Sometimes they are hyperactive when company comes over or act weird around your new baby.  Justin and kristen answer listener questions to explain the effective art of desensitizing dogs to the things that trigger them.  By using incremental exposure dogs learn how to manage their instinctual reactions to triggers and go from crazy to calm.  For visual examples of these techniques and to ask questions about your pooch, BARK AT US at Get discounts of all pet CBD products with promo code "JS15" at  Follow us at  WOOF!  
Feb 24
1 hr 14 min
EP. 04 Dog Nutrition
Hey dog mommas and poppas. In this delicious episode Justin and Kristen are joined by Alan Krous, owner of the boutique New York pet shop The Barking Zoo. Alan has been Justin's go to guy for over 15 years on dogs nutritional needs. His wealth of knowledge has been vital for Justin's dogs, his clients dogs and many of the nutrition demos Justin has done on TV.  They share their combined  experience on everything from  home made dog foods, the best commercial foods, supplements and the stuff to stay away from.  You'll eat this one up!  Check out    for rewiews and links to our favorite dog foods & some home made meals you can try at home.    Get discounts on all dog CBD products with promo code "JS15" at    Got questions about your pooch? Bark at us! WOOF! 
Feb 16
1 hr 8 min
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