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Professor Karin Verspoor on Suzanna Lewis
12 minutes Posted Sep 25, 2017 at 1:16 am.
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Show notes
Karin is a third culture kid, or maybe a fifth culture kid, depending on how you count. Born in Senegal (that’s in West Africa) to Dutch parents, raised in America, married to a Spaniard, and living in Australia, she speaks 4.5 human languages and at least as many computer languages. She has developed mission control software for a NASA subcontractor, managed a team of Brazilian, Russian, and Kiwi software developers before there was Skype, worked in an office inside the security perimeter of a nuclear weapons facility, and eventually found her way back to a pretty normal academic job involving (unsurprisingly) computers and languages in Melbourne. She’s working on acquiring the nuances of her fifth (and a half) human language, Australian, and a sixth: the language of biology.