The KORE Women Podcast
The KORE Women Podcast
Summer Watson, PhD
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Relevant and inspiring topics
Summer brings such a great variety of guests who are discussing relevant and inspiring topics. It’s always a treat to see what new topic and great guest that she is going to highlight next!
👋 Tim West 🤔
Supportive & Strategic
Summer is so full of sunshine and a joy to listen to. Tune into the KORE women podcast to be inspired and supported as you build a life and business you love.
Sarah Fejfar
Inspirational podcast
Each episode is full of wisdom and terrific takeaways.
Feel like you’re sitting in on a conversation!
The KORE Women podcast allows you to feel like you’re in the living room, comfy on the couch, listening in on conversations. These talks give, not just amazing insights, but moments of fun and joy! I highly recommend subscribing.
M Edgington
Timely and so practical!
I love the tight and timely topics on this podcast. Super practical and actionable. Thank you!
Brief is the New Black
What a great podcast!
What a great podcast! I can’t wait to listen to more! Summer is awesome!!!❤️
Amplify Women’s Voices
It was such a thrill to appear as a guest on the KORE Women Podcast this year. I absolutely adore Dr. Summer Watson and I’m inspired by her commitment to empower the feminine and amplify women’s voices.
Vanita Lee-Tatum
Fun, Intelligent and Inspiring Podcast
KORE Women is a fun, intelligent, and inspiring podcast. Summer interviews women from around the world are movers and shakers but also give the spotlight to non-famous women with stories worth sharing. The episodes are informative and you'll learn fresh perspectives on tough subjects, from honest people who have been there before. These women share their amazing backgrounds, their trials and tribulations, and what it took to get where they are. Every story has a piece of wisdom shared and something that you can take away from each episode.
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Legal Training Ninja
Thank you Summer for being a LEADER!
Summer is a gem and a true leader for women’s issues and women’s inspiration! The Kore Women’s podcast has great interviews with interesting guests and Summer brings up topics that are relevant to ALL women!
sassy healthy fit
Tune in
This podcast has something for everyone!
Real Empowering Authentic Talks with Women!
Dr. Summer Watson has an incredible way of connecting with others. I had the pleasure of not only being on this show but in listening to her other episodes. Her conversations are always super engaging and authentic. Highly recommend for those looking to be inspired!
Empowering discussions with great women
Summer has an outstanding podcast around women who are doing great things in this world. Her podcasts are full of energy, empowerment, and strategies. Not only is Summer inspiring, her shows are too!
Dr. Watson is a treasure, a champion of women, and an advocate for those who have been traditionally marginalized and voiceless. I am honored to have been part of her program and I am a lifelong fan and supporter of her work. Her podcast is a “must-listen” for men and women alike!
Margie MK
KOREWomen Is Mighty Awesome!
⚡️One piece of content can change your life ⚡️ Her podcasts episodes make an impact Get away from the back of the line... to the front of the line‼️ Subscribe and listen today. Dr. Summer Watson brings a plethora of guests, knowledge, experience, and powerful information to help you get to the next level in any area of your life. Cheers! , Sharon Lee Zapata, author of Middle Finger Happiness
Sharon Lee Zapata
I love everything about this podcast. Always inspiring and full of nuggets of wisdom!!!
GiRLiFE Empowerment
Lisa Hoffmann
Dr. Summer Watson is a perfect example of a no nonsense kind of woman who has strong beliefs in living the life of your dreams. Charging full blast with no stopping. This world is a better place to have Dr. Watson in it and anyone who knows her is truly blessed.
Women supporting women
Summer is a fantastic example of what determination, education and boots on the ground leadership looks like. This podcast is inspiring and well worth your time. I met her on Twitter and am amazed by her strong voice and positive influence.
Amazing community!
I had the pleasure to meet Summer last year and was instantly connected to her and KORE Women. Her own journey and the stories shared on her podcast are the pick me up I need. Stay tuned because Summer is unleashing a major amount of work - releasing a book, interviews, and hosting group conversations for women to share their stories.
I’m excited to have this resource and soundboard in Dr. Summer Watson and her KORE Women program. This debut episode sets the tone for something I’m looking forward to learning from and strategies I will hopefully implement in my own daily routine and business.