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The Kris Gethin Podcast
Kris Gethin
192. What is Really in Your Supplements? with Matt Titlow of Compound Solutions
38 minutes Posted Nov 10, 2023 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

In this podcast episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Matt Titlo, the CEO of Compound Solutions. We discuss the importance of longevity ingredients in your supplements and how they can enhance both performance and overall health. Tune in to learn more about the role of NAD in cellular resilience and how to prevent its depletion. Discover the potential of functional mushrooms in sports performance and the benefits of electrolyte supplementation for optimal hydration and performance. Join us as we explore the exciting advancements in supplementation and biohacking.

- Compound Solutions: Supplying Ingredients for Supplements - The Importance of Longevity Ingredients - Boosting Performance and Reducing Inflammation with NAD+ - Addressing Aging Factors: Inflammation, Insulin Sensitivity, Gut Dysbiosis - Fasting, Autophagy, and the Benefits of Youth Spermidine



Enhance Trial: Effects of NAD3® on Hallmarks of Aging and Clinical Endpoints of Health in Middle Aged Adults: A Subset Analysis Focused on Blood Cell NAD+ Concentrations and Lipid Metabolism

Plasma clearance and oxidation of dodecanedioic acid in humans

The Effects of High and Low-Dose Cordyceps Militaris-Containing Mushroom Blend Supplementation After Seven and Twenty-Eight Days

Cordyceps militaris Improves Tolerance to High-Intensity Exercise After Acute and Chronic Supplementation

Locomotor activation by theacrine, a purine alkaloid structurally similar to caffeine: involvement of adenosine and dopamine receptors

A Combination of Caffeine, TeaCrine® (Theacrine), and Dynamine® (Methylliberine) Increases Cognitive Performance and Reaction Time Without Interfering With Mood in Adult Male Egamers



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