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TheKeys107: HowToChangeThatAverageThinkingWithJosephBWashington
1 hour 14 minutes Posted Jan 11, 2024 at 5:00 pm.
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Welcome to The Keys 107 Network as we kick off 2024 with strategies for self-improvement. This broadcast catches up with master strategist, author, pastor, and change catalyst Joseph B. Washington who drops by for an encore discussion on steps we can take to change our thinking using his make sense strategy that includes 7 principles to let average go. These principles can be found in his best selling book Let Average Go: The Seven Principles To Shattering The Chains of Mediocrity while Unleashing the Extraordinary. He's garnered worldwide attention and testimony to his program's power which has evolved into a fierce movement: The LAG Movement! Find out more about Joseph B. Washington online
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