The Kevin David Experience (Ninja PodCast)
The Kevin David Experience (Ninja PodCast)
Kevin David
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Your good
Kevin David
I support Kevin David I want to start a business because of Personal reasons I can’t work outside of my home. Kevin was real supportive of my needs. And gives Options. He really a Rockstar, this is a new thing I’m doing.
Factual content
These are facts that are heard in the podcasts. I’m a believer in what’s fluff and what is worthy of true trustworthy sincerity and David hands it on a silver platter.
Easy approachable information
I’ve been following Kevin for a few years now on and off and every time I come back to him I forget why I stopped following him. He’s easygoing and his content is well done and interesting. His charisma is contagious. Highly recommend
jonatan P.
Excellent Source
I have been looking for sound advice on starting a new business. I found Kevin David's podcast.
Entertaining, empowering and actionable! 🔥 🔥 🔥
Whether you’re well established as an entrepreneur, or just getting started carving out a profitable niche that’s ready to grow - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Kevin does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving business - and life you can be proud of - with leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Kevin’s the Man
If you want to listen to anyone, let it be him!
His podcast are the best and deserve five stars and the talk are very interesting and will keep your attention
I can’t wait to learn more things!
Make money online
I learned a lot and it really motivated me to start trying to make my own money
Love it
U was introduced, and I started it and am enjoying it.
Learned a lot and motivated me.
Great stuff
Good podcast I could listen to all afternoon after work or with the kids.
The seminar i seen on youtube are so awsome. Keep up the great work.
Kevin delivers an incredible experience
Kevin has the smarts and personality to deliver a unique experience to listeners. He does a fantastic job of bringing on a diverse set of entrepreneurs which keeps the show dynamic and interesting. I highly recommend this podcast.
God just show me your podcast
You are inspiring my in this moment, I don’t have job but I’m looking for the best option for me right now and be able to make money and help my family
Josh is awesome! He even knows about the Commodore Amiga computers and sold them! I used to do that!
Amazing Content Always looking forward to the next one 💪🏾
If you want to be successful, listen to the PODCAST
Amazing content and it’s something I always look forward too. Can’t wait to keep listening to what’s next💯
Kevin is simply amazing!
I have learned so much from Kevin David. At the start I was like this guy is my peer, so what does he possibly have to say that I have not already heard but he had proofs, so I listened and the more I listened the more I liked what I was hearing then I started taking action and today I’m singing a happy song!
Zyana D.
Absolutely love your podcast
ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR PODCAST nothing but amazing topics and information
Great job
Thanks for the information can’t wait to Learn more
Kevin David podcast
You explain everything so great!!! I seriously love this podcast. It’s really great motivation and motivates me to be more successful especially when I’m feeling low and down!! Thank you David!!!
Great job
Great info
Kevin explains things in such a way that makes learning the complex world of digital marketing and E-Commerce understandable and enjoyable to learn and master. It can seem so intimidating but he gives the tools and resources to step up and take on the challenge easily.
Machete Micah
5 star
Great to listen to
Great content
Best podcast ever
The keven David experience is so amazing idk why but listening to his podcast is soul soothing it’s like it builds up ur confidence and boosts your self motivation thank you keven
Amazon Training
Great information very easy to follow Along and not borning
I dunno man lol
Why do most these reviews seems so sketchy lol
Great Podcast
able to follow along pretty easily , and he is decently informative .
Great content!
This is very inspirational! The truth is the truth! Love it🔥🔥
Home run hit and a life saver
David is one of the best business makers I have ever met I was about to be homeless with less than 10$ in my pocket until I saw David on YouTube he explained everything through and honestly it was nice and clear and very helpful for any type of person wether it’s a beginner or a business man he guided me and finally helped me get to the business I always wanted with 0$ in my pocket to more than 3000$ per month thanks a lot man I really appreciate
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A great motivator!🔥
I am inspired by his constant enthusiasm to want to teach others and share what he knows amongst thousands of people just to build wealth and share further knowledge to build it for others to be inspired as much as I am! This is some healthy motivation!
Koolaid no sugar
Glad I Found You!
Answer to my Amazon prayers! Kevin David is the truth!
Awesome Podcast!
Great podcast, helped me a lot. Thanks!
Best get in the game Amazon platform to start selling on Amazon!
Home run hit!
Happy Months for $50.00
This is it! So easy to listen to and motivating. The best advice for us average Joe’s trying to make something better for ourselves. Thank you!
0-$50 mil in a year!
I actually was in a #Clubhouse room with Ann and didn’t even realize I had a pair of her lashes that had been sitting in my drawer for about a month that someone sent me. When I heard her tell her story the name of the brand sounded familiar and I thought to myself “Go look in your draw I think you have those!” Well I did and I tried them that night and loved them. Her story is not typical but very inspirational! Loved this podcast btw, I find a lot of your info valuable. How is it that you are so great at so many things?? If only you could bottle that up I’d mix it morning smoothies 😂, no seriously.
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Today's Mompreneur
This is absolutely amazing!!! I love what your doing and I hope to be just like you one day. 👌👍👍
Amazing Cast
Very great podcast setup.
Damon (Lokii)
Thanks to Kevin David for this experience
Thank you so much Kevin David for this opportunity🙏🏽. Also thanks for sharing!
Love this
Thank you for the free advice. 10 out of 10 would recommend
Kevin Is the GOAT
Kevin is an O.G. in the online business space and always gives away a ton of value for FREE. Thank you, bro! 🙏🏼
The Garcia Report
Thank you for sharing!
Amazing interview
I am always looking for new ways to improve on my hustle and this podcast delivered. Thank you for an outstanding deep dive into the mind of yet another like minded entrepreneur. It was very educational and worth every bit of time I spent tuned in.
This was very informative and inspirational.
Bertina 😁
Amazing Content for both Beginners and Experts!
Kevin does it again! This podcast is perfect for someone wanting to go deep with Kevin’s entrepreneurial wisdom, or someone who needs a 5-minute pick me up to get back on track. It’s similar to the content he shares on other platforms such as YouTube, but with a fresh new take that makes it invaluable. Kevin not only relies on his own learning and teachings, but invites many EXCEPTIONAL guests on to share their knowledge as well! Can’t recommend enough, keep the content coming!!
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Upbeat and full of information.
I was a guest on Kevin’s podcast. He asked thought provoking questions. It keeps the interview fast paced. He has great energy.
Thanks for sharing
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