The Kevin David Experience (Ninja PodCast)
The Kevin David Experience (Ninja PodCast)
Kevin David
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0-$50 mil in a year!
I actually was in a #Clubhouse room with Ann and didn’t even realize I had a pair of her lashes that had been sitting in my drawer for about a month that someone sent me. When I heard her tell her story the name of the brand sounded familiar and I thought to myself “Go look in your draw I think you have those!” Well I did and I tried them that night and loved them. Her story is not typical but very inspirational! Loved this podcast btw, I find a lot of your info valuable. How is it that you are so great at so many things?? If only you could bottle that up I’d mix it morning smoothies 😂, no seriously.
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Today's Mompreneur
This is absolutely amazing!!! I love what your doing and I hope to be just like you one day. 👌👍👍
Amazing Cast
Very great podcast setup.
Damon (Lokii)
Thanks to Kevin David for this experience
Thank you so much Kevin David for this opportunity🙏🏽. Also thanks for sharing!
Love this
Thank you for the free advice. 10 out of 10 would recommend
Kevin Is the GOAT
Kevin is an O.G. in the online business space and always gives away a ton of value for FREE. Thank you, bro! 🙏🏼
The Garcia Report
Thank you for sharing!
Amazing interview
I am always looking for new ways to improve on my hustle and this podcast delivered. Thank you for an outstanding deep dive into the mind of yet another like minded entrepreneur. It was very educational and worth every bit of time I spent tuned in.
This was very informative and inspirational.
Bertina 😁
Amazing Content for both Beginners and Experts!
Kevin does it again! This podcast is perfect for someone wanting to go deep with Kevin’s entrepreneurial wisdom, or someone who needs a 5-minute pick me up to get back on track. It’s similar to the content he shares on other platforms such as YouTube, but with a fresh new take that makes it invaluable. Kevin not only relies on his own learning and teachings, but invites many EXCEPTIONAL guests on to share their knowledge as well! Can’t recommend enough, keep the content coming!!
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Upbeat and full of information.
I was a guest on Kevin’s podcast. He asked thought provoking questions. It keeps the interview fast paced. He has great energy.
Thanks for sharing
Amazing Content!!
I cannot give enough credit to this podcast!! David is always delivering quality advice on how we can diversify multiple income streams. I’ve gain an abundance amount of inspiration through a few of his suggestions and have been applying them to my business. Keep them coming KD
Smart and genius
He is awesome!
This is an amazing podcast, so inspirational. I love all the tips and different guest you have on here, everything you talk about expands my knowledge on entrepreneurship, starting a business or selling online. I love your stuff! Keep it up!
Amazing Informational Podcast
The gift of knowledge that Kevin David is giving to those who listen to his podcast is an amazing investment one can give themselves. I’ve been listening since the beginning and it’s awesome seeing the changes and growth the podcast is evolving into. Consistency is Key and I feel my life changing thanks to this podcast.
Amazing content
These are uplifting and inspirational with lots of wisdom I’m impressed
Great podcast and webinars that are inspirational !!
Kevin has taught me that I have to work for what I want and whatever I put in I get back so I want to put in my best so I can get my best. In Kevin's webinar he told me what to do to be successful using Amazon and what to use and I will put everything I know to my advantage.
Girl of UR dreams
Been listening to KD for the past 3 months and just in that small amount of time my mindset has changed 10x. Keep up the good work Kev.
Crazy Good
Kevin and Katie are such amazing people. They helped me so much when it came to understanding this business and they actually made me feel like they cared about my questions. They went out of her way to make sure that I was getting the best help possible. This is something they could keep to themselves yet they are selfless
Amiah A.
I want to thank you Kevin Davis so much after watching you training and honestly I can see it really resonated with me you are definitely going to help me make a shoes life change it really give me financial freedom I want to thank you and I’m gonna show you results and I’m going to be just like you on the stage holding up the plaque thank you
Andrew LS 87
Life changing
My experience with Kevin has been tremendous, he has given me countless tips and tricks to start my amazon private business. Kevin is really here to help people unlike a lot of people on the internet Kevin actually changes lives. Just trust in him and he will get you where you want to be in your future.
Zen 10]
One of the best to do it!
One of the best to do it! Kevin makes selling on amazon so much easier thanks to his helpful videos and advice. Reaching out to him was easy and he replied so fas!
Big Fan of YouTube channel, excited to find his podcast
First heard Kevin on an interview on YouTube talking about FBA and amazon success which got me and my business partner headed in that direction. Ended up buying his course on subject. Guy is clear concise and straight to the point with little BS. Highly recommend for any present tender or future entrepreneurs!
The Truth
This podcast was very uplifting, had a lot of great information about money and wealth! Listen to this guy he is the truth.
A change of mentality
Love the podcast, it’s so uplifting to hear all the possibilities by putting in work, not giving up and just believing in your self
Take action!
I have been following Kevin David’s content for the past year, and it has been the source of a wealth of knowledge and motivation. Often times, we just need a bit of perspective to think about problems differently. Kevin gave me the encouragement to start my own online review management company found at and I am so glad that I did! I am so grateful for the value provided by this podcast and look forward to more content
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How much did you pay for these 5 star reviews?!
Always Deliver
KD’s content is next level. I literally look foward to his podcast like it is the next Marvel Movie.
The best
Very inspiring, one of the realest guys out there
This guy is amazing ! Listen to what he has to say. Do it fast before you miss out!
Amazing work!
So motivational and inspiring!
I appreciate the knowledge drops your giving the game!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Well Versed
I love how Kevin brings the knowledge and experience of so many different successful people together. It’s informative and inspiring.
My top 5 podcasts
Very informative, extremely inspiring. Real good stuff here
Nice podcast
This is very nice podcast channel i rated this channel 5star
Amazing podcast
I am just soo excited about this and I know it will change my life for the better and I told my family about it and they just couldn’t believe it so I’m hoping that it will help other people out there as much as it help me
Great Show
This is a great channel I rellay like it
Great Person with Great Tips
So I’ve been watching Kevin David’s Youtube videos and now I am listening to this podcast. I can assure that for anyone who is thinking of listening to this podcast, do it!!! This guy has managed to make me money and by using his information, you can make money too. He’s a great person that has earned his money and I can recommend this podcast to anyone.
Episode 101
Honest business talk with no bs. Thanks for the motivation.
Excited for this new venture!
Super helpful information! Gives so much confidence in creating success in the near future!
Thanks for that word!!
Have never tried this before today is a new start thanks Kevin!!!
Suzetta Olunwa
Good job
Nice podcasts
kirito 2168
Amazing marketing
I love the way he explained marketing
Marketing GENIUS!
I love the way Kevin explains marketing in a way that anyone understands it and feels like they can implement it immediately!
The Andrew Tucker
Amazing Podcast
Amazing Podcast
Great Podcast
Great Podcast
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