The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi
The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi
Ben Azadi
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Love the Keto Kamp podcast! It keeps me motivated while I work. Instead of thinking of food, I think about ways to get healthy. I cannot thank you enough!
Great information
I listen to lots of podcasts as we don’t watch tv and I have over an hour drive each way to work and don’t listen to the radio. Keto Kamp is the most informative podcast. Keto flex is a must read!
Great show!
I was obese for most of my life also. I found the keto lifestyle and have finally begun to understand why. Your show is amazing! From diet and exercise to spiritual and emotional health, this podcast has it all! Inspiring guests and science to back it up. Thank you for helping me master this lifestyle.
Incredible podcast!
This is one of my favorite podcasts out there! Ben is a great host and always has amazing speakers on his show. They discuss fascinating topics including keto, fasting, sleep, anti-aging and more. It’s my go-to resource when I want to learn about something in the wellness space.
Buckle up…
I’ve been researching the keto space for a while now, but Ben has by far the best podcast I’ve listened to yet. The guests he brings are are phenomenal and Ben himself is a pleasure to listen to. The amount of information provided in each episode is amazing and don’t get me started on these show notes!! The show notes are THE BEST I have seen! I’ve used them frequently to pinpoint a certain spot I wanted to listen to again. I’ve been researching keto and low carb over the last few years but listening to Ben and his guests and reading books they have all suggested has inspired me to do more. I’m currently a nurse practitioner but Ben and his guests have inspired me to pursues functional medicine in order to help my patients even further. It may seem crazy to say a podcast changed my life, but that’s exactly what has happened. This podcast has helped me to see where my true passion lies and take the steps to become my true authentic self. Ben thank you for being your true authentic self and providing us with an abundance of knowledge! I will forever be grateful!
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Chad G.
I am a consumer of all things keto/paleo. Ben’s podcast is on if the best I’ve heard. Great info. Great audio quality . Well spoken. Well informed guests. I highly recommend it.
chad garner
So interesting and informative, thanks. Love the different topics and experts every week. Love that you walked the walk too and changed your life!
Informative and Positive
Love these podcasts! So informative and interesting. Just started Keto a month ago and Ben’s book Keto Flex in conjunction with this podcast has really helped me and my wife in making it to this incredible state of energy and health. I have just discontinued the asthma inhaler that I’ve been on for years! Thank you, Ben! (I’m looking for a podcast on what to look for when I go to get a blood test next month, so if you have one in mind, please let me know.)
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ducky flap dup yo lol
This has been great!!!
I have done keto in the past and was successful-never listened to podcast at that time. But I found that this podcast is so informative and has a variety of speakers- I wish I had this podcast before! I would like to hear more about disease processes that interfere with keto or slow it down and why, what you can do to improve the keto experience....thanks Ben!
Over The Hill Nurse
I LOVE, LOVE the Keto Kamp podcast!! I can tell that Ben cares about people’s health and well being❤️💯❤️. Not only does he share EXCELLENT, professional, ground breaking experts in nutrition and physical health-Ben offers great pathways and advice for quality mental and well being health! I love the fact that EVERY podcast gives relevant information that can be implemented day one!! I implement a new technique or skill after each podcast. This podcast is EVERYTHING!! Thx Ben!! Carolyn
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Love Keto Kamp
I’m new to podcasts and listened to several before I found Keto Kamp and now it is all I listen to. The guests that Ben has on are so informative and helpful along with Ben. Im so glad I found this podcast and have so much to learn and am interested in learning about how checking my ketones and glucose will better help me. I love data driven information and find it fascinating.
Keto 4 health
Very informative!
Very professional. Very knowledgeable. Always worth my time to continue our keto journey. Thank you!
Love this Podcast
Ben is informative, knowledgeable and willing to freely share his secrets of the ketogenic lifestyle. His mission is to reach 1 billion people to help get them healthy!
Loved your info on Keto!! However if I wanted to listen to political opinions I shouldn’t have find it in a health podcast.. it is so obvious where you stand politically.. everybody has a right to their opinions, but politics on a Keto podcast?
What an awesome podcast!! I listened to you on the Resetter Podcast (love doctor Mindy) and had to go find you on Keto Kamp immediately!! Your energy, excitement and enthusiasm are so inspiring, not to mention your vast knowledge about ketosis, the ketogenic diet, flexing, etc., and all the tips & tricks!!! Your content is so powerful, it’s changed mine and my family’s lives!! Thank you thank you!!
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Inforamtivae and Interesting
Ben is a great human and an expert on whom advice about Keto and Intermittent fasting can be followed with closed eyes. He is full of energy and transfers his energy to get everyone to their best healthiest way.
Loving this show
I just started listening to Keto Kamp two weeks ago and am addicted. I am a RN i love the way Ben backs his information with evidence based. I am amazed about how much misinformation is being fed to us. I have shared so many episodes with friends and family I am hooked! Thank you Ben for the education you share I appreciate you so very much!!
Great content
Love the content, guest speakers and conversations - I learn so much in each episode! Very real, down to earth guy; much appreciated! Awesome tasting advice, it’s my way of life.
Tina Haen
Educational and Entertaining
I’ve tried many “diets” over the years including many of the popular ones. Even Keto and had trouble sticking with it. Ben is my virtual coach. He is passionate about heath and helping you be successful in your wellbeing journey. He has high quality guests on his shows and provides a lot of insight. He approach of being overweight is a symptom of underlying Heath issues opened my eyes. First get your body healthy, then your body will naturally lose weight. Thanks Ben! I’m excited about this adventure.
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Life changing!
Started weight lose Journey on Dec. 9th 2020 was told I was pre diabetic and wanted to put me on blood pressure meds. I said to my self nope. And started to change my diet. And found you totally by accident. Going through a few pod cast. You have changed my life! Thank you Ben for being my guide to healing from the inside! Weight lose is only a buy product. And buy the way I was 248 on Dec. 9th and as of today March 14 I am 218! Thank you!
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fat burn machine.
Keto Kamp
The recent podcast with Dr Mind Pelz has been one of my favorites. You give such great information yourself and with your guests. The learning is endless.
Good old Ben
I like his Keto Kamp but I think he’s too long winded. Get to the point faster. Put up the lists of what we need to eat and or buy from the grocery store. That’s the gold. Don’t bury the lead.
Great info!
I appreciate Ben’s science backed approach, along with helpful anecdotal info. He has a great way of disseminating and describing what he brings to each show. Also, his guests are informative. Thanks Ben!
Amazing human being with a powerful message!
Ben is an intelligent, caring and courageous human being! He truly cares for others and wants to see everyone around him win. This podcast is a MUST LISTEN podcast, he has amazing guests who share generously their knowledge. Subscribe and follow his IG, FB, and YouTube channels!
10/10 recommend
I came across the Keto Kamp podcast just a few weeks ago and I am so grateful I did! I can’t listen to the episodes fast enough. Ben is so knowledgeable and shares information that is easy to understand and apply. I’ve been practicing fasting for a while now but have hit a plateau with weight loss. With the knowledge I have gained from this podcast I am so excited to start incorporating Keto with my fasting. Thank you Ben for such an amazing podcast!
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In thinking of what I’m grateful for, one thing is people like Ben. I have been doing keto for 2 years with a great deal of success but still with issues of losing hair and weight stall. I am so thankful for this podcast and all of the guests that share what they have learned and how the body works. This is such a great resource of information!
Thank You
Ben Azadi is truly a unique master mind in the understanding of a healthy Keto lifestyle. After years of competing athletically I was always focused on healthy carbs and low fat food sources. I have overcome many challenges but pushing to understand and implement Keto is definitely one of them . Research for me is key - lots of mistakes made on the way - feeling better daily and praying I am on track . My “why” is to strengthen my future cognition as I have watched my sweet mom struggle these last few years. Watching her decline is heart wrenching and I will be relentless and proactive with Keto now. Ben is truly available to help anyone who wants better overall health and helps us overcome insulin resistance one day at a time. God bless you Ben (and staff) - so so grateful for your passion to serve others. Cordi Smith
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Keto camp rocks!
I am always looking for healthy podcast and it found one! Good clear information! I binged listened to get caught up!
Just Learning
This episode was very helpful I have shared it with my friends who are practicing Keto and Fasting! Keep up the good work!!
I’ve been on and off Keto but hit a plateau and got frustrated. Listening to these podcasts is helping me in my understanding of how to adjust to my personal needs. Working on healing the symptoms and trusting that the healing will follow. Thank you
Keto Kamp King
I LOVE Ben Azadi!!!! He is so down to earth and easy to follow. Not to mention the plus of incredible guests who also share amazing knowledge. Nothing but positivity for this man! Only downfall ..I wish I could have found him 20 years ago. But they say it’s never too late to fix yourself! Please never stop these amazing podcasts❣️
healing purpose
Anti keto but a fan!
I personally am pretty anti-keto however I really appreciate and respect all opinions and views and love learning about all of the science and understanding all different aspects of health and what works for some people and what doesn’t. Thanks for your info!
Crazy Whack Funky
Amazing Connection
Keto Kamp is amazing and I really connected with Ben. He is down to earth and a true inspiration. “We get healthy to lose weight.” Ben digs into Keto as a way to create a everlasting lifestyle. I am inspired to push myself further because of listening to Ben and Keto Kamp! Already down 20 pounds and living my best life. Thank you Ben!
Just what I was looking for!
There’s way too much information out there about keto. It’s very hard to navigate and much like drinking from a fire hose. I am loving Ben’s show. He is super clear and organized, gets straight to the point, and I learn something new with every episode. Thanks, Ben!
Amazing knowledge
I love the truthful information that Is shared, and the effort put into the amazing research behind the facts.
So informative
I’ve done keto on and off for 3 years now and I’m constantly still learning & I love it! Ben makes it so easy to understand and gives so many new ideas regarding keto! He’s made it easier for me to explain things about keto to my husband who is new to keto. Keep up the great work Ben!
So helpful!!
The Keto Kamp podcast has helped me troubleshoot issues around ketosis, from dealing with plateaus, to finding new recipes, to adjusting my mindset. Ben Azadi and his guests are a fantastic resource for anyone serious about improving their health, whether you’re a beginner, or looking to take your health to the next level. Ben is the man.
Bright and informative
Ben brings an awesome verve to his podcast. He has a genuine interest in his guests, covering topics from dental health to, of course, the keto diet. There's a lot to unpack here so be prepared! Highly recommended for anyone who's interested in their health.
Juana Poareo
Amazing! Thank you!
Ben, I first heard you during the sugar summit, I have to say I’m a huge fan. In such a short amount of time, I have learned so much from you! Thank you for all the educating you do, the world is in such need of this. I am listening to your pod casts and learning so much!
Kimberly K (colorado)
Good info
I just found this podcast and it has real good info. Host is easy to listen to and has good info about fasting and over all good health.
Very informative!
I've been bingeing these episodes. So much valuable information to help me get my Keto done better. Ben gives solid advice, lots of tips, all focused on health and nutrition. Thank you for these episodes!
Get yourself on the right track! Literally switch tracks with Ben’s help!!!
I’ve been doing keto for over two years and I’m so grateful for this lifestyle… My energy level has never been better, my brain fog has lifted, my desire to get up and get going in the morning has basted improved, it is a pleasure to find enjoyment in eating healthy and sharing the keto lifestyle of my family and loved ones. Did I mention that I lost a ton of weight in the process! Like Ben says, “If you are casual about your health, you may end up a casualty.” I can’t speak highly enough of the excellent content that Ben is consistently finding to educate us with... I so appreciate his sincere encouragement & excitement for living a purposeful life. His info is so much more then just what foods to eat to get yourself onto ketosis— really well rounded lifestyle information that impacts your whole life. So grateful to be able to plug into his knowledge!!! Living life with a purpose!!!
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Very informative
Thank you sharing your information
Keto Kamp
I have followed Ben for some time but I have now join the Keto Kamp Academy. This podcast is very helpful in supporting my journey. Love the podcast is available to everyone. Ben keep spreading the word to get us healthy.
Keto junkie
New to this podcast...but love the knowledge bombs and simplicity of this podcast. Definitely hooked!!
Ball mom 7
Keto Kamp
Hoping to start the new year learning about Keto, I have been fasting for 8 months with some results so wanted to try Keto and see if I can ramp up my metabolism because the scale hasn’t budged.. I have listened to a few of your episodes and am excited to hear more very good info ! Thank you !
P Lox
My favorite Keto podcast
I’m new to Keto. I started a week ago and have been listening to a few different podcasts on KetoDiet to learn more. I found this one to be the most informative and to the point podcast. Ben is very enthusiastic and does not waste too much time promoting products like other podcasts. I’d like to learn more about how can we prepare veggies so they do not block the absorption of other nutrients. Also, if you can make a list of foods that should not be mixed together to achieve the most efficient nutrient absorption. Thank you so much Ben!
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Egyptian American girl
KK has been super informative in helping me master this Keto journey.
Powerful information!
I’m a new Keto Kamper and I'm becoming a true fan! Ben shares powerful insights on a weekly basis and you can tell it comes from a place of passion and experience. Very clear and to the point information anyone can grab and turn into action. Love the authenticity and highly recommend Ben’s channels to everyone!
JMPerrone - Cofounder
Best health podcast!
I’ve listened to a lot of keto and health podcasts lately and this is by far, the most straight forward and useful one I’ve found. It’s scientific but relatable and practical. Ben’s enthusiasm is also inspiring!
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