The Keto Diet Podcast
The Keto Diet Podcast
Leanne Vogel
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In depth, but accessible!
Great podcast - scientific, but accessible for anyone
Great podcast!
I have really loved listening to this podcast! Leanne makes understanding low-carb diets very simple! I highly recommend it!
My favorite podcast
Being Keto for over 3 years now, your podcast has helped me as a woman tweak my diet according to my cycle and mental health. Thank you for all do for the woman who may have struggled like myself. I’ve learned it’s okay not to be so rigid all the time. Hugs!
Clyde's owner
Love KDP
I love Leanne and the Keto Diet Podcast, I am so thankful for the content she provides and the knowledge I have gained from her podcast has transformed my health and body. Thank you Leanne!! I look forward to every new episode!
So happy I found your Podcast!
This is FANTASTIC! I appreciate you sharing the Keto love. I listen during my walks and so much great information. You educate, inspire, uplift and love all the recommendations.
Upbeat & Informative even for non-Keto eating
More than ever, I love listening to Leanne’s podcast. She’s always upbeat & positive and offers many health-related takeaways even for those of us who are low-carb, not keto per say. Toss aside all your previous knowledge of “keto” & give this health-conscious gal a listen. She digs deep into hormones, inflammation, glucose, fasting & more. Super knowledgeable & fun to listen to. Great guests as well.
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Awesome keto info!!
Listen to Leanne, you won’t be disappointed!! This girl knows her stuff and she explains it in such a fun and easy to listen to way!! She is super relatable and down to earth. I’ve been listening to her for years since starting keto and fasting. It’s a judgement-free zone, she encourages you to play around and do what works for you but gives you some great foundations to work from. You can tell she really cares about helping people on their journey to health!! Her passion for this work is very obvious in this podcast 👌🏻❤️
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Listen to this podcast!
This podcast was the first keto podcast I listened to when I started keto. And let me tell you, getting fat adapted can be tough! Having Leanne’s voice teaching me the science behind the ketogenic diet helped to keep me motivated and felt like I had a cheerleader along the whole way. Now, after being keto and fat adapted, I love geeking out on all the keto information she shares! So much great wisdom! If you are keto or thinking about being keto, or just want to learn more about the ketogenic diet/nutrition/how our bodies work - listen to this podcast! As for people commenting about the ads, they aren’t bad at all. She obviously has to make a living and podcasts take a LOT of work! If they bother you so much, then go listen at google podcasts and there are easy skip ahead buttons you can press while listening. But honestly, I have learned about some great keto products through her ads and love often getting a discount code 😅
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Fantastic podcast
I have been listening to this podcast for many years and look forward to each one. I even had the pleasure of meeting Leanne at a book signing. She is so warm, personable and authentic . I have learned so much from her podcasts and have enjoyed following her along her own journey of growth and development. I highly recommend this podcast!
Love, love, love!!!
There’s so many podcasts out there that have a one track message and only talk about either intermittent fasting, keto, carnivore or hormones but you cover them all and I truly appreciate it! I just started my period after 124 days! You’re information helped me get here and I feel like a million bucks! Thank you!!!!
One of my fave’s!
I’ve been listening to Leanne’s Keto Diet Podcast for the past few years (before I even started eating this way) and I absolutely LOVE tuning in to hear her newest content! She is a free-spirited and fun individual with a great personality, so if you’re looking for information about keto combined with a little bit of fun-she’s your gal. Tons of helpful information if you are just getting started in this space, which I found super helpful as I transitioned my own diet, plus I feel like I’m driving to work everyday with one of my favorite gal pals :)
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Well Rounded, Research-based, and Informative
I love this podcast! I have been listening since 2018, even when I wasn’t doing keto because I love hearing the information and how it is presented. I appreciate hearing interviews with people who share the same views, but also different sometimes, from Leann’s approach to keto. I also feel that the information presented is done in an easy to understand format and love that this podcast is geared towards women specifically. Lastly, this is a podcast where you c an continually go back to older episodes that you’ve already heard and come out with a new understanding from before. Great job!
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Great info!!
I’m just getting started but I love everything thing you talk about and have learned so much already. I really need to start from the beginning but so far I have done about 15 of the newest. Now on my keto groups I feel like I want to tell everyone to listen to you because I hear so much misinformation! Lol I’m always taking notes too. Thank you!
Good for young women too
This podcast is great. Very informative easy to understand and Mrs. Vogel is very honest. I’m 25 and chasing around 2 2 and under everyday and breastfeeding one of them! This is a podcast I can listen to in the car or throughout the day and not feel lost when jumping back in after attending to my kids!
Informative and Fun
This is such a great show! All the topics are thought-provoking and informative, and one episode in particular basically changed my life. Leanne’s presentation is fun and relaxed!
Great Information!
This podcast is a wealth of information. I found it about 2 months ago when I started Keto. It has answered so many of my questions! With over 275 episodes I can always find something amazing to listen to and learn from!
Informative & fun!
I am so glad I found this podcast as I decided to embark on my keto journey again! Leanne stresses to do what works for you, and I also enjoy hearing from the various guests she has on her show.
Morgan, PA-C
Leann is a force!
I love this podcast the information she brings is so helpful. I specifically enjoy her perspective on many keto topics. She is honest and transparent.
Keto since Aug.2018. Just recently started to listen to Podcasts when I exercise. Leanne was the first keto “influencer” that I discovered and I am so happy to have found her podcast. So so many episodes to catch up on. She is real and honest. Thanks for all you do❤️
So much info
This is the first podcast I ever listened to and I have listened to them all! Such a great variety of topics. It is not just “keto”. I love the episode transcripts as it makes it easy to search her website. I have learned so much overall. I really appreciate Leanns work!
Loving this
Just started Keto for weight loss, found this podcast and now my journey has taken on completely different strides. I’m focused on health, I feel empowered as a woman and all that comes with that. This is the only resource I have found that Is answering literally all of the questions I have been having along this journey!
Food issues are distracting
I love her book! The podcast is hit or miss, in my opinion. I feel like the host offers far too many insights into her vast and varied medical issues with food. From sensitivities, to hormones, to a plethora of bodily responses to so many foods. I feel for her situation, having had an eating disorder, but I find it extremely distracting. I love Keto and many of the episodes are helpful, but I do not relate at all to much of the content around the foods she excludes due to “issues” and the discussion devoted to addressing these issues sends me to the “skip” option every time.
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Thank You!!!!
Where do I even start?! I’ve been tired, foggy brained and a sugar addict my whole life! I tried every kind of nutritious eating style but then...always back to being hungry and craving. These episodes helped me tweak, sustain, fat adapt and NO cravings! My blood glucose is finally in the normal range! Tomorrow will be day 50 of keto and I’ll never go back! Leanne, you are a doll and I love hearing from your guest as well....and personal life! P.S. you said most roads may lead to dairy. I had given up dairy milk years ago but was excited I could have cream. As it turned out a month in as my body became so fine tuned...the cream was the culprit! I love you, Leanne Vogel!
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So many amazing and helpful tips. I’m so glad I found this show.
Amazing podcast for preventative health !!!
Leanne has always been ahead of the game when it comes to health. She brings people on her podcast who compliment her and give listeners accessible tools. As a nutritionist and expert in Keto and anti-inflammatory living I am always sending my clients and followers to her podcast / books to use so they too can live a healthier life.
torie b
DO NOT SUBSCRIBE unless you can listen at 1000 words per second. The one episode I chose, she read from a book SO fast! I got NOTHING from the episode. DELETE button where are you??
Disappointed to hear Leanne is an anti-masker
I listened to Leanne religiously for her insights into keto, but on her most recent episode her guest went on a tirade about why masks are ineffective (which Leanne agreed with). Seriously? You’ve lost a dedicated listener.
Love this pod but the ads are killing me!
Leanne - I am begging you to please stop interrupting the podcast so frequently with ads. Would love if you could just concentrate them into 2 places instead of 6 ads spread throughout. I love this podcast but am getting so frustrated with interruptions every 10 minutes. We know you wrote a book - it doesn’t need to be plugged literally every 5 minutes.
I am so grateful for you! Thank you for continuing to increase my knowledge of my health. Whenever I feel like I’ve learned all I can you continually blow my mind with loads of new information and guest speakers.
Jenn Adele
I've really enjoyed listening to this podcast on my car rides. Leanne has an informative style, never annoying. Feels like I'm listening to a friend. I've learned a lot from her, and am looking forward to listening more.
Keeps me motivated
I love your down to earth approach to keto. I listen mostly in the morning before work and it feels like I’m listening to a friend talk about things they are doing and love. I’ve recently purchased your keto for women and I can’t wait to dive into it. Thanks for all that you do and the effort you put into it!
So informative!!
Leanne does an amazing job of breaking down keto so it’s approachable and I really appreciate her not conforming to any one way of doing keto. I reached a point where I was losing hair on keto and I wrote off the diet completely. But, after listening to Leanne explain carb-ups and how keto for women is different than the typical keto advice out there, I’ve had much more success. Thanks, Leanne, for the amazing content!!
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Great podcast for women, not just about keto
I’ve been bingeing Leanne’s podcast for over a year now. I love how she takes more of a holistic approach talking about women’s bodies. It’s not just about what we eat, but how we feel and what we think. I’m loving all the guests and the wonderful content. I have learned so much from Leanne!
Great advice - going deep on Keto
I’ve listened to almost all the episodes. Leanne gives great advice on the deeper topics and has the experience of having healed herself by Keto.
Will Not Subscribe
I thought I’d be a natural subscriber to this podcast because I’ve lived a keto lifestyle for many years and this is an area of great interest to me. But after listening to the Kelly Hogan interview, I don’t recommend this podcast. The host prefaced the interview with comments that discounted Hogan’s info and experience. She asked Hogan for lab test results that are not usually run on a healthy person of Hogan’s age, and was then condescending to Hogan when she couldn’t produce those results and at other times throughout the podcast. Pass on this.
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5 stars
While I haven’t completely adopted the Keto Diet, I am incorporating a lot of the lifestyle changes and expect to transition fully in the near future. Leeanne is a joy to listen to. Calm, knowledgeable and a friendly demeanor. Very easy to listen to and I have been so very impressed with her guests and topic choices from the very beginning of my listening. I look forward to time in the car listening and anytime I am in the kitchen for an extended period prepping meals I listen and it teaches me so much about more ways I can be healthy! Thank you so much Leeanne. Namaste 🙏
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Geeking out on keto + beyond!
I hold Leanne Vogel in the highest esteem as an expert and leader in the keto space and feel so lucky to have found her first in my quest for more information. I love geeking out about keto and the individualized, non-prescriptive approach Leanne takes in guiding those who follow her. Over the course of my journey listening to over 100 episodes, I did a lot of healing that helped me let go of loads of body shame and the pursuit of body manipulation - having Leanne in my ears focusing on health and speaking from her own journey influenced me for the better in so many ways. Also, she’s got great books. Thank you!
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Coach Caitie
Long time listening
I’ve listened for three years now and originally the content was great. It’s slowly digressing kind of seems like Leanne is grasping for filler material because she has other dreams she wants to pursue but doesn’t want to let go of this one. My thoughts pursue your other dreams and retire this podcast before it slides completely off the cliff. First 150 episodes were great time to quit while you’re ahead
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Great show from a stay at home Dad
1st off i appreciate your show. I listen to some. I absolutely loved your show with the Keto Dog food guy!!! I did vote for Trump but only because I like less government and it was between to dumpster fire candidates but at least one provides more freedom. My wife is a nurse that lost a ton of weight and is healthy as ever with a keto diet. Her coworkers have lots of weird comments that seem threatened by her weigh loss. Also it’s ok to tell a skinny beautiful energetic woman that eats massive amounts of organic salads every day with chicken or tuna every day to gain weight then tell a obese or chubby women to lose weight. Our society is backwards. Learning that about three companies own most of the unhealthy dog food chains isn’t surprising at all. Imagine a nurse that helps bring babies to this earth to just watch our healthcare system take over and scare and overwhelm the patients to do what the hospital thinks what’s best instead of leaving up to the mothers and supporting them and not interfering in labor. Today’s society is all about power, money, and greed. We need to not rely on our government, just look at our food pyramid and start focusing on ourselves. We are losing our freedom by the second. I am pro choice on vaccines and in California mandating them for stay at home parents and nurses but won’t test them against the placebo is terrifying. I am so thankful for your podcast and wanted you to know a lot of different people listen to your podcast. We have two beautiful healthy kids and people love and are drawn to us even after we say we aren’t big in the medical system. We full time in a 5th wheel and having a blast. We have 3 dogs and two cats lol so life is crazy but so much fun. I guess why I’m saying all this is because I hope there is a swift to eating clean, teaching our own kids, having real diversity, going away from big corporations, not listening to propaganda like regular tv and even Netflix ext. Switching to DuckDuckGo vs Google is a start. I love google but they are extremely bias and are blocking health content and anything they don’t want you to have like healthy natural treatment for stuff. Facebook, pintress etc is doing the same as the researchers for the dog food manufacturers, lying or completely miss informing the public. We all will have disagreements but to completely misinform the public for personal gain is a problem and unfortunately that’s happening today at a massive scaled. Big Pharmaceutical like flu shots, Monsanto’s, CNN Fox etc, our schools and so forth. You mentioned your low medical treatment unless you had to well we are the same!!! There’s to much money in these vaccines and not helping the citizens get over their sickness with food and herbs versus a masking pill that either makes you sicker and does nothing to help the problem. Mass propaganda on tv like on kids shows is preprogramming our kids to thinking pediasure or how ever you spell it is great for you and will help you stay healthy. It’s just promoting sugar in take and obesity. No need for breast milk just take pediasure lol. My kids know better thank goodness. Sorry it’s just shocking when you start to realize all the wrong and brainwashing at a mass scale and how people are being miss lead at a massive level even very smart people. I challenge you this. Research health risks of 5 G radiation from cell towers. We could just use fiber optics but they are pushing something that they won’t allow a private company to access the health repercussions of it. Why we’ll probably because it’s very damaging and like everything else there’s to much money involved. Keep up the great work and know even a white Male Trump voter listens to this pod once in a while. Not a fan of his language and realize he’s sleezy I’m sure but the Clintons aka Epstein besties isn’t a great option. Cheers 🥂
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Bye Magic!
Much improved
I have listened for almost a year and must say this podcast is wayyyyyy better since Leanne took back over. I like that there are less ads and it’s way more personalized now. I would love her to have more interviews versus ‘take overs’ which aren’t as good. Love listening and love her honesty, also love that she includes her personal life in the podcast it takes it to a much more personal one on one level!
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Love the show! Question about the oils ... you stated these are the 3 words you look for.... what do you mean ? Look for to avoid or look for as a good source? I think you mentioned cold press, expeller pressed and one other? Are these good or bad ?
Life changing insight and information
This podcast never disappoints and seems to always give me the perfect information at just the right time! Even if you aren’t Keto, this PODCAST includes so much other great useful information to help you manage life, emotions, spirit, mental health and physical health.
Regina Wheetie Baker
Great keto podcast!
Leann was one of the first people I found when I adapted to a ketogenic lifestyle. This podcast has always been a source of information for me as I continue to learn about keto and my body. The podcast has adapted over time to include more knowledge about mental health which I think is an amazing holistic approach to health and wellness
This podcast is a must!
I’ve been pretty hit or miss and was feeling pretty lost with keto the past year. I also fell down the black hole of Facebook keto group- Yeesh. KeTo police can really ruin this woe. But, LeAnne’s instagram and this podcast have really helped me get Re energized and look at keto in a different way. It is super informative! Plus the podcast about women menstrual cycle and fertility was so enlightening and helpful! I love her journey, and that she shares so much in such a real and genuine way. I’m also getting into crystals and love her insight about tarot cards, positive thinking and mindful eating. She is also the only “keto person” I’ve found that talks about what to do if keto is not working for you, especially as a women. Like removing dairy, and limiting your saturated fat. She was also the first person I found that talked about carb cycling. (Her books are spectacular btw) There is so much substance in this podcast, if you are struggling, looking for more or alternatives with keto, this is 100% for you. And to the reviewers hating on listening to her personal life or to many ads, just move right along! Or skip that episode (duh) ...No one needs your critical negativity here. Good vibe zone. Keep it up LeAnne!! I’m a big fan, you are helping so many people. 🤩🙌
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Love How You Do You
Thank you for all the hard work you have put into educating yourself of the keto woe and sharing it so abundantly with your listeners. I enjoy how you do you and talk of what’s on your mind at the time ..... from keto, to puppies, to sailing away 😉. I enjoy getting to know the person I listen to on podcasts, as opposed to just absorbing info. Thanks for the info, but most important thanks for just being you!
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Love listening to Leanne
She has so many good tips, along with life lessons. I enjoy her podcast tremendously.
My F A V O R I T E Podcast!
I’m in love with this podcast!! Leanne gives so much amazing info about keto, health, hormones, and just life in general. I appreciate how she teaches to real people who live real lives and aren’t necessarily perfect all the time. It’s like she’s speaking right to me!
Madeline Rosie Hewitt
Stick to the subject
Forgive me, but as a first time listener- if I wanted to hear about sailing, I would subscribe to a sailing podcast.
Dr. Will Cole!
Holy cow! I was meant to listen to this episode! Thank you so much. I just ordered his new book and look forward to feeling relief! I have leaky gut, PCOS, food allergies, high histamine..inflammation! 😬😬 Thanks again!
Too much advertisement - it’s sick
Subscribed to this podcast, listened to one episode. Thought I’m mistaking it can’t be that much advertising in one episode, gave it one more chance. Started listening to another episode - even worse. Just quit it. For 5 % of value that you get, u have to listen to enormous amount of advertisement. Non stop. Apparent and hidden ones. Can’t believe it has such a high rating.
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