The Joy of Swimming
The Joy of Swimming
Pat Kelman
Apple #1 Swimming Podcast in the UK "The Joy of Swimming" hosted by Pat Kelman. The podcast is a series of conversations with open water and sea swimmers, capturing the atmosphere and the excitement of cold water swimming.
Emotional Support from Cold Water with Clare Flaxen
In this episode Pat Kelman is joined by Coach and Therapist Clare Flaxen. In this conversation we talk about the emotional benefits of cold water swimming, the joy of Parliament Hill Lido and Pond swimming. Resources mentioned in this episode Clare Flaxen website Clare Flaxen on Instagram Clare Flaxen on Facebook If you have enjoyed this episode, please: Subscribe to the podcast Join the Joy of Swimming Discussion Group
Jun 5
40 min
Making AGAINST THE TIDES - swimming the Oceans Seven with Beth French and Stefan Stuckert
Pat Kelman is joined by British marathon swimmer and world record holder Beth French and BAFTA nominated film maker Stefan Stuckert to discuss their film AGAINST THE TIDES. The film documents Beth's attempt to swim across seven of the world's most dangerous sea channels - an extreme challenge called OCEANS SEVEN. They discuss the extraordinary mental and physical challenges faced by both Beth and the film crew whist making this powerful and moving film about her journey.
Feb 17
50 min
Swimming in Unusual Spaces with Laura Godtschalk
This episode explores finding unusual lake and river spaces for cold water swimming with Laura Godtschalk, from "landlocked Leicester". In this conversation we talk about finding those unusual swimming spots and how to make sure you're swimming safely. We also take a detour into sea swimming with seals, and how in Australia seals are a great way to detect the presence of sharks! We also hear this week's "Review of the Week"
Jan 21
40 min
The Leigh on Sea Bluetits Community with Lisa Monger and Jenny Bier
This episode explores community and body confidence with Lisa Monger and Jenny Bier of the Leigh on Sea Bluetits chill swimming group. In this conversation we talk about the formation of the group, the philosophy behind the community and also have lots of fun talking about what it actually feels like to get into freezing cold water for pleasure.
Jan 16
40 min
Pauline Barker - Mama Bear - and the annual Polar Bear Challenge
This episode is positively bursting with swimming goodness. Pat Kelman is joined by Pauline Barker, known as Mama Bear to her numerous UK Facebook tribes, who is the creator of the hugely popular Polar Bear Challenge. In this conversation she talks about long distance cold water swimming, the origins of the challenge, the amazing communities she has created online and also shares invaluable tips on staying safe and enjoying cold water swimming all the year round.
Jan 12
36 min
Swimming the English Channel (La Manche) with Claire Brumby
In this inspirational and exciting episode Pat Kelman is joined by Business Coach and cross-channel swimmer Claire Brumby. During a far-ranging conversation they talk about confidence, breaking out of comfort zones, swimming in a relay team from Dover to Calais, and Pat comes to terms with allowing listeners to hear more of "him" in the conversations. We also hear a letter from a listener in Minnesota and our Review of the Week.
Jan 10
45 min
Laughter and Grieving with Imogen Tinkler
In this powerful and moving episode Pat Kelman is joined by Imogen Tinkler from Whitstable Blue Tits. During a far-ranging conversation they talk about travel, Imogen's swimming experiences, and also how her relationship with the water helped her deal with the loss of her daughter.
Jan 5
38 min
Creating the Cornwall OWLS community with Sharky Sian and fun & enthusiasm with Kathy King
A double interview episode featuring conversations with Sharky Sian, organiser of the Cornwall OWLS group, and with Kathy King from Wild Wonder and Wisdom. Recorded on location at Porthpean Beach in Cornwall, the conversations cover community building, using swimming to cope with illness, the Polar Bear Challenge, and using open water swimming as a component of working with young people.
Jan 4
43 min
Sarah Kennedy Norquoy and the power of processing emotion and grief through cold water swimming
Sarah Kennedy Norquoy is the author of the swimming memoir "Salt On My Skin", and she joins Pat Kelman in a compelling and entertaining conversation about cold water swimming, the process of writing, and processing emotion and grief.
Jan 1
39 min
Pippa Best, Sea Soul Blessings and the power of connecting with the sea
Pippa Best from Sea Soul Blessings joins Pat Kelman today for a wide-ranging conversation about the experience of connecting emotionally and spiritually with the water.
Jan 1
39 min
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