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219. Narrative, Story, and Writing pt. 1

1 hour 8 minutes Posted Jan 22, 2022 at 2:36 am.
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We use stories to understand the world around us. It’s the reason that we appreciate a beautiful poem, why our breath is taken away during an epic movie, and get transported to another world while reading a great book. 

Any great piece of music is a story, with the lyrics used, but also even the instrumental arrangements. It’s hard to argue that any of the great orchestral pieces from Beethoven or Bach don’t tell a complex story, even when no words are used.

Stories, and Narrative in general, allow us to play games for fun, construct cooperative relationships in business and in life, and help us successfully navigate the most difficult parts of our lives. 

From birth to death, every day of our lives is inundated by story. Part one of this compilation focuses on season 4 conversations between Jordan, Randall Wallace, Chloe Valdery (released soon) and Angus Fletcher. We hope you enjoy this narrative.


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