F*ck Silence with Joe Walsh
F*ck Silence with Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh
In August of 2019, Joe Walsh did something he never expected he would do — he decided to run for president … against Donald Trump. Joe made that decision because he knew that President Trump had to be defeated, and no other Republican was willing to stand up and accept the challenge. Joe’s presidential campaign came to an end after the Iowa caucuses. He saw firsthand that Republican voters don’t want honesty or decency in the White House. They just want Donald Trump. It’s now clear: the Republican Party is a cult. The only option now is to make sure that Donald Trump is not re-elected in November. It’s incumbent on us as a country — and as citizens — to reject the current direction of the Republican Party and work to elect Democrats who are closest to our values.
74. The Next Four Years
As we head into the last weeks of 2020, it's time to look ahead to the next four years. What should we expect?
Nov 30
25 min
73. Freedom is Easy. Responsibility is Tough.
We all want to live in a free country, but are we willing to do what it takes to be free?
Nov 24
30 min
72. Fear and Sadness
We're living in unprecedented times, and it makes me fearful and sad for our country.
Nov 19
26 min
71. Why Donald Trump Lost
It wasn't a wipe out for Republicans two weeks ago, but Donald Trump lost decisively. Why?
Nov 17
32 min
70. How Will it End?
Donald Trump has lost. He'll never admit it. He'll never acknowledge that Joe Biden won. He'll never concede. So how does this end?
Nov 11
24 min
69. Exhausted, Homeless, But Really Damn Happy
What a crazy and exhausting week it's been. But now that it's over, we know that Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States and that makes me really damn happy for our country.
Nov 8
27 min
68. One Final Plea
The election is tomorrow, so I'm making one final plea to all the Republicans and conservatives who may be listening.
Nov 2
26 min
67. Speaking My Truth
Less than a week from the election, it feels really good to be able to speak my truth.
Oct 28
33 min
66. I Don't Deserve Your Thanks
Over the past year, many liberals and progressives have reached out to me to thank me for what I've done and for the principled stand I've taken. But I need to make it very clear — I don't deserve your thanks.
Oct 25
27 min
65. Politically Homeless in a One-Party System
What's it like to be a man without a party in a system that now only has one party?
Oct 21
27 min
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