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Love all of the shows
Love Jim’s Disney Marvel stories
Very Good Podcast
Listening to Jim share insider info, Disney history and current events is a delight. And he has done a great job selecting co-hosts for his various themed shows (particularly Len, Drew and previously Dan). As a fan I would really like to listen to the Marvel show, however I just can’t stand listening to Aaron and his know-it-all, overly opinionated and cynical drivel. So I don’t. You can find someone better, Jim.
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Geek 1290
Aaron is not good
Love the Jim Hill podcasts and all of the cohosts except Aaron. I know he edits the podcasts but that is all he brings to them. He has no real knowledge of Marvel or MCU. Humor is subpar at best. He does zero research and it shows.
Great Listen, however ....
If you are going to talk Marvel, Aaron learn who was is in the original Sinister Six that you referenced. Shocker, really?
Put a muzzle on Jim already
The Disney episodes with Len Testa are great. Mainly because he knows his stuff and keeps old man Hill from rambling on (or just reading from his Google search) The other shows are just Jim Hill pretending he knows what he’s talking about while clearly reading a Wikipedia entry about the topic.
Best of the Best if you love Disney, Marvel, Universal, or Star Wars!
Jim Hill puts on entertaining, informative, and good-natured shows on so many of the topics I love. He has the best co-hosts. They are always prepared and well-versed in the topics of discussion. Disney Dish is my favorite. Jim Hill and Len Testa make up such a perfect pair. I enjoy the news updates and bits of history that are shared every week with a realistic, lighthearted view that takes into account where we’ve been as well as where we are now as a society and Disney-loving community. Marvel Us Disney with Aaron Adams is also fabulous. Jim, I hope you never retire because I would truly miss these weekly talks.
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None better
Best Disney podcast
Great Shows
Excellent shows especially with Len. I feel that most Disney podcast listen to your show Monday morning so they have content. Still the best.
The Shmursday Morning Special
Lenn and Jim offer up accurate information in an entertaining way. Not only do you get the news but often Jim is able to often insight on future events going on around the “World”. Then there’s always an interesting deep dive into something I didn’t know I wanted to know more about. Thanks guys!
Clowd Nyne
I love Jim
Jim is the best! I love all his pod casts .. But Michelle is not good. There is always water running or something happening in her background noise , which comes through my head phones and is just terrible , like she’s busy doing something else. Annoying. She also has NO interest in the conversation and Jim has to carry the entire pod cast. I will stop listening to I want that, but I’ll keep listening to all the other ones.
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Good show.
I’ve been reading Jim Hill since the mid 2000s and listening to the WDW and animation focused podcasts for a couple of years now. I’d give the show five stars but it always bothers me when Jim makes a mistake in naming something, repeats it over and over, and none of his co-hosts correct him. Ever.
Aaron and Jim zhare great info on Marvel.
Jim is the best
Must listen.
I am hooked on this podcast. The stories are really wonderful and give a perspective on Disney that you wouldn't otherwise have. Totally love it- especially because it's different from other podcasts that just offer vacation tips. Great job, guys!
Great source for Disney news.
Great informative podcast!!! I wish it was a weekly podcast.
Disney Fan Ven Diagram
Jim has it dialed in. I LOVE Disney and Jim's Discussions with Len Testa make me miss the days that Len was regularly podcasting with his "old" crew. That said, Jim has assembled a wonderful group of knowledgable co-conspirators and hits all the sweet spots for the average Disney/Theme park fan. Disney? Yep!! Star Wars? Yep---Dan Z has a new fan in me! Marvel? Excelsior! Universal? Living the Adventure! Merch? More please with Michele V., And don't forget Animation!!! It's all good and Jim's hitting everything that overlaps in my fandom. SO GOOD! Keep them coming!
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A must listen for the casual to “smart” Disney fan
Jim is a veritable encyclopedia of Disney information - historical, current, and that to come which is makes for incredibly entertaining shows. Whether you’re a fan of the parks, films, merchandise, animation, or live action properties...give this a listen.
Must listen for ever Disney fan!
This is the podcast for Disney history and theme park happenings
If you love hearing about Disney history and theme park happenings this is the podcast for you. This is an organized and thoughtful podcast. It includes the history of Disney attractions and movies along with park updates and discussions about past and present theme park happenings on both coasts. Their contacts within Disney and deep dives into the archives are wonderful. I look forward to this podcast every week.
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Losing some of its original greatness
The episodes with Len are hands down the best DisneyWorld info in podcasting. The other Hill media stuff is very meh. The opening for the Universal Joint is the most grating thing in the world to listen to, simply awful. Getting to be too many commercials too, like 3-4 per 30 minutes of content.
Always Learn Something
I love the podcasts-I love the variety of topics and I always learn something
Disney fan Fran
Very devoted to the JH Podcast channel-ALL shows! But if I could suggest one thing, it’s PLEASE retire the phrase “on my side of the fence”
Hip Young Gunslinger
Thank you
I subscribe monthly to support what you do.
So good
All of Jim’s work is very well researched and delivered in an entertaining way. His entire collection of shows is fantastic as he has surrounded himself with great cohosts. You will find it easy to work these shows into your schedule.
Amazing Disney podcast
This podcast is one of my favorites that I always look forward too. Len and Jim have great conversations and incredible knowledge of Disney parks and the company. I love hearing their conversations and opinions on all things Disney!
Peg teal
Check Audio Levels on Edit
This is my favorite theme park podcast. I love Jim’s stories. However, lately, the audio seems to be unbalanced. Jim is very quiet and then we get our ears blasted when Len starts talking. Could be operator error...but wanted to share just in case.
Great Content
Well organized and great content, but can you adjust your audio? Very inconsistent audio feeds from each host.
I love each show on this network!
I love listening to Jim's stories. He knows so many secrets and forgotten stories behind everything Disney. I learn so much during every show. Jim and Len are great together!
Insightful and funny—love Len and Jim
I absolutely enjoy listening to the funny intro Len does for Jim, I enjoy Jim and Drew too. This is a refreshing and informative “education” on the history and context for present day Disney. I enjoy geeking out on the science behind the crowd management, rides and shows! Highly recommend!
Great podcast
Great informative podcasts.
I’m Ron burgundy?
Apparently Jim hill will read anything on the TelePrompTer too and everything ends with a question mark. Jokes aside great podcast feed some shows are better then others but all in all great content, the Disney parks pod with Len Testa is the best Disney parks podcast out there
More Len please!
More Len please!
Great Selection of Podcasts
Loving all of the new additions. Really like the taped interview from Fine Tooning. Disney Dish with Len is still my favorite, but the others are really great and needed.
Newly Expanded to mostly good results
Been following Jim since his blog started. Like his conversational style. Dealing with rumors is tricky, and I don't expect him to be right about everything (he isn't.) He is open about what is and isn't a rumor and comes right out and admits when he's wrong which is refreshing. He and Len put out a great show and I'm surprised at what a good job he did finding new hosts and expanding the show lineup... except for the Marvelous one. That one I had to stop listening to. You can hear Jim doing his best to extract some enthusiasm from his cohost, but it became too aggrivating to continue with. I'm not saying I need blind positivity- most other hosts manage to deliver their criticisms in an entertaining and honest way. I can't believe Jim can't find another Marvel host that won't make it seem like pulling teeth just to keep up to date with one of the world's most beloved brands.
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Best Set of Podcasts
Jim's set of podcasts are the best, bar none. Just want to highlight the newest, "I Want That" with Jim & Shelley on Disney merchandise and other related topics. So many of us are collectors of Disney/Star Wars/Universal/Pixar/Marvel items and this latest addition fits in so well with the rest of the Jim Hill lineup. Thanks for all the great shows.
Love Jim and Drew!
Love the banter between Jim and Drew and their stories are a great way to escape from the realities of everyday life!
Disney Dreaming Mom
Favorite podcast to listen to and get hyped whenever a new episode pop ups on my feed.
Making Me Look Good by Connecting the Dots!
As literally a life-long Disney fan, it’s normal for friends, family and co-workers to seek me out to help plan their vacations. And, I LOVE TO DO THIS! But it is very difficult to keep up with what’s happening, although more importantly to know what will happen next, and why. Jim Hill and Len Testa through so many resources and in particular The Disney Dish make me look good every conversation by keeping me well informed with current Disney Parks insight and behind the scenes intelligence. I particularly like the way they connect the dots that explain how the ideas, concepts, and history contributed to what we see and experience. Thank you guys.
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Why the ups peak, Jim?
Great info. Enjoy the show. If only Jjim Hill could kick the upspeak habit. Every sentence is not a question. Otherwise: great podcast
Needs a sound production guru
Love the content, but the execution could use some tweaking. Not a fan of coughing and pounding on some surface in my ears.
K and the B
Pulling back the magicians curtain
Jim and his cadre of friends seem to know more about the Walt Disney company than many of the cast members I know. Their insights and educated guesses provide us answers to questions we didn’t know we had. Truly an entertaining collection of podcasts, from everything Disney, Lucas, Marvel, Pixar, and Universal, as well as anything animated. This network collective is the place to hear it first.
Jim and Len, what could be better
Who couldn't love the mensa minded, sarcastically witty Len Testa, teamed up with the perennially, but loveably unstable Jim Hill? I only wish there were more and more episodes. Genius.
Loving less and less
I loved this podcast when it was Len and Jim talking Disney. I didn’t mind the addition of the marvel us podcast because i like marvel. But now there’s several others, all playing on the same feed. And you can’t tell from the titles which episode is for which show. This I hate. I’ll get in car thinking I have 6 podcast to listen to and hit play only to find there may be one I’m interested in. I’m sure others enjoy the other topics. But I really wish they’d put them on separate feeds or at least label them so I know what’s what and can just delete the shows I don’t care about.
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Jim hill is fantastic! The other guy on the marvel podcast is very similar to the stuck up guy at the record store growing up, nothing is good enough, doesn’t make sense, etc. They are movies made for entertainment! Not comic book documentaries. Guess what you not paying to see a super hero flick that isn't up to your "comic genius" isn't stopping millions of going or studios making sequels.
Best podcast for true Disney fans
You guys rock. Keep up the great work. Love the show.
Bait and Switch
Subscribed to this Podcast as "The Disney Dish with Jim Hill" by touring plans... then all of the sudden there are about three other Jim Hill podcasts appearing on this feed that I have absolutely no interest in. After a quick search, I now see that the Disney Dish is on a different feed and this one has turned into "Jim Hill Media Podcast Network". They changed the name and logo after years of this being the Disney Dish feed. Seems rather dishonest.
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Hidden Jimmy's Fifth Cousin
Knowledgeable and pleasant
Jim and Len are so incredibly well informed, and listening to them is a always a pleasant experience.
Discovery island!
Absolute love the show! Would love to hear about discovery island. Also would love to hear comments about the recent YouTube video taken in 2017 that shows the current status of the abandoned park. Keep up the great work!
Topic Suggestion
Jim, Len! Star Trek and Universal? What's the deal? I'm seeing tons of rumors about a Star Trek attraction/land/park coming to Universal Orlando's "4th" (cough-cough) gate. I swore off Universal Studios Orlando after one visit (the summer of 1990) and never looked back. I know there is some Star Trek history at the Orlando park, and some at the KSC Visitor Center. What does the future hold for us Trekkers at theme parks? Live long and prosper! And to keep things Disney, "May the Force be with you!" For a bonus question, was it rec.arts.startrek, or Love, love, love the show. Can't wait to hear how the bobcats and bunnies story ends. No spoilers, please!
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Great all around
Great content, great hosts, to the point and entertaining!
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