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The Jay Campbell Podcast
Jay Campbell
Today’s healthcare system is flawed. Break free from the limitations of “sick-care” and discover what it means to live life FULLY optimized. A former champion men’s physique competitor and current 4x international best selling author in the optimized health care space, Jay Campbell is a global thought leader on hormones, biohacking and higher consciousness. Since returning from 12 days in The Sacred Valley of Peru, he's experienced a profound awareness of the importance of #RaisingTheVibration of humanity to reach planetary consciousness aka unconditional love. On the Jay Campbell Podcast, Jay interviews empowered servant leaders helping to propel humanity towards full spectrum optimization of the body-mind, heart and soul. Are you the best version of yourself? Claim: I AM Giving, Receiving and BE-ing Love! Raise Your Vibration To Optimize Your Love Creation!
Biohacking Our Way to Optimization With Nootropics & Ancient Herbs w/Lucas Aoun
Covid-19 has made it very clear that optimization is the only way to fight against disease and afford ourselves any level of physiological protection.  For years, we’ve known that the traditional healthcare system is not where we can find the most cutting edge expertise and knowledge when it comes to optimizing our health. Peptides and nootropics are the new frontiers of health and wellness. We can take advantage of them, tailor them to our needs, and catapult ourselves into a higher state of optimization. What are the best dopaminergic-based nootropics? What is the number one mistake people make with nootropics? Why are SSRIs so harmful to men?  In this episode, I’m joined by biohacker and nootropics expert, Lucas Aoun. He shares in-depth cutting edge information on nootropics and how we can use them as an optimization tool.    The serotonin-dominant state is learned helplessness. It shuts down your ability to produce. All you can do is obey and comply. -Lucas Aoun   Takeaways  When it comes to nootropics, dosage protocol matters. How you use a compound and what you use it with isn’t just important for its effectiveness, it can also keep you safe from catastrophic side effects.  All disease comes from systemic inflammation. The only physiological protection that is afforded from any disease is a low-inflammation optimized lifestyle.  Serotonin can be very antagonistic to dopamine and when put together, and they can have the same negative effects as SSRIs.    Guest Bio- Lucas Aoun is a biohacker, nootropics expert, host of Boost Your Biology, and founder of Ergogenic Health. Ergogenic Health researches and curates the best health products from around the globe. They integrate modern Scientific Evidence, Anecdotal/Personal Reports, and Traditional Wisdom to create a lifestyle platform of supreme products, education, and consulting to promote biohacking for those who wish to explore their version of optimal performance. For more information, visit and follow @ergogenic_health.
Nov 23
1 hr 3 min
How to Boost Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing With Breathwork w/Joe Distefano
The events of the past year have taken a toll on many people’s mental and physical health, but while it’s tempting to blame this on external factors, the only way to get through this period is by looking within.   There’s never been a better time to stop focusing on the constant buzz of activity in the outside world and start working on our own inner stillness. That being said, with our world so geared towards a fast-paced lifestyle, is that even a possibility?    How can we channel our energies towards inner peace? What’s stopping us from becoming more self-aware in the first place?   In this episode, fitness expert, lifestyle coach, and host of the Stacked podcast, Joe Distefano shares how breathwork can help us find inner peace and healing in a time of chaos.    All of us as beings have to work on getting to a silent place where we can drown out the noise and be one with our presence. -Jay Campbell   Three Takeaways    How the way we breathe impacts our health: Many of us breathe primarily through our mouths, but we shouldn’t be. Breathing through our noses gives us 360° expansion and ultimately gets our bodies functioning at an optimal level.  How to stay focused on our breathwork when we’re just getting started: It’s easy to get distracted when we’re new to breathwork, and that’s why we need an anchor. Simple actions like practicing holding our breath keep us focused on what we’re doing in the moment. Why we need to change the way we think of breathwork: Stop thinking of breathwork and meditation as a task on a daily to-do list and start thinking of it as an act of self-love. When we make this shift, we start focusing because we want to, not because we feel like we have to.  Guest Bio-    Joe Distefano is an international speaker, fitness expert, and lifestyle coach. As the Founder of experiential lifestyle brand RUNGA, Joe is passionate about empowering his clients through practices that fuel health, wellness, and performance. While most in his industry focus on the “sore and sweaty scale”, Joe favors the “health and happiness” scale as a measure of success. Joe is also the host of the Stacked with Joe Distefano podcast.    To find out more, go to:    You can also email him at:   Books mentioned in this episode: Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor
Nov 16
56 min
How to Fight The World’s Weapons of Fear w/Rex Bear
With everything that’s happened over the past year, a lot of people have been living their lives in fear.    However, the fear we’re experiencing en-masse isn’t limited to concerns of contracting a virus. People are also worried about how they’ll be viewed by mainstream society, or worse, potentially losing their livelihoods if they step out of line.     Where does this fear stem from, and what is the purpose of it? Does experiencing fear mean we’re reluctant to awaken, or is there more to our collective anxiety?   In this episode, host of The Leak Project, Rex Bear shares his thoughts on the current state of fear.    When you're in fear, you can be manipulated more easily. -Jay Campbell   Three Takeaways  Why fear affects everyone- even those who want to awaken: No matter how much time we devote to developing our consciousness, we will be fearful for as long as we’re bombarded with negative information. Mainstream media and society are geared towards scaring us, and resisting that can be easier said than done.  How fear opens us up to abuse: Angst is a great mechanism of control because when we’re fearful, we’re easier to manipulate. Being afraid makes us less likely to step out of line or question the powers that be. Who is behind the widespread unease: When we hear of “fallen angels”, many of us think of etheric beings stuck in the 3rd dimension, but the reality might be more concerning. For all we know, fallen angels could be inhabiting the physical bodies at the helm of fear-mongering corporations and organizations.   Guest Bio-  Rex Bear is the host of Leak Project, a platform dedicated to creating awareness for information not found in the mainstream media. Leak Project shares videos and audio podcasts on a wide range of topics, including among others UFOs, spirituality, and religion.    To find out more, head to:
Nov 9
1 hr 3 min
Sleep Your Way to Optimization w/Matteo Franceschetti
Many of us may think we’re at the edge of biohacking, but if we aren’t putting enough focus on our sleep, we’re missing a vital step. No matter how dialed-in we are to optimization, a lack of quality sleep will always hold us back from our full potential. Sleep is something worth investing in, so why are we still spending our nights on basic and unsophisticated mattresses?  The mattress has been the same for 2000 years, it’s time to modernize it. We’re surrounded by technology in almost every aspect of our lives, so it only makes sense to incorporate it into our rest routines. How can we leverage technology to improve our sleep performance? In this episode, CEO of Eight Sleep, Matteo Franceschetti shares how the Eight Sleep mattress helps us optimize our sleep.   You can improve your sleep by being consistent in your times. Waking up early during the week and late on weekends only confuses the body. -Matteo Franceschetti   Three Takeaways  How temperature affects our sleep: Temperature is one of the biggest factors impacting our sleep, and it changes as we go through the stages of drifting off, going into REM, and later waking up. Eight Sleep assists this process by helping our bodies move into those temperature changes faster.  How to wake up more refreshed: It’s difficult to feel ready for the day when we’re waking up to a screaming alarm clock. The Eight Sleep mattress helps us wake up more gradually by slowly increasing temperature in the last few hours of our sleep, and vibrating softly when it’s time to get up.  What makes Eight Sleep more effective than a wearable sleep tracker: On top of being uncomfortable, wearables require charging to give us an accurate reading. By installing an Eight Sleep mattress, we don’t have to worry about charging a device. All we need to do is go to bed.    Guest Bio-    Matteo Franceschetti is the Co-Founder and CEO of Eight Sleep. Given his extensive background as a professional athlete, a lawyer, and Co-Founder of two clean-tech companies, it should come as no surprise that Matteo has had his fair share of sleepless nights. It was this experience that encouraged him to shift his efforts towards sleep optimization, and today he leads the world’s leading sleep enhancement company. Matteo is also an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council.    To find out more about Matteo and Eight Sleep, visit:    Or email Matteo at    To get $150 off an Eight Sleep mattress, use my discount code:   Other products mentioned in this episode: NormaTec recovery boots   
Nov 2
26 min
Heal Your Inner World to Change Your Outer World w/Oliver JR Cooper
With so much going on in the external world, many of us have shifted our focus outwards. The problem is, when we put our attention on the outer world, we neglect our inner selves. We hold more power over ourselves than we realize, but by agonizing over the events of the past year, many of us have got trapped in the cycle of renouncing control. What would happen if we reclaimed our power, and how would we do that in the first place? In a world filled with so many distractions, is zoning in on our inner selves even a possibility? In this episode, author, transformational writer, teacher, and consultant, Oliver JR Cooper shares how to awaken in a time of turmoil. The key to overcoming external drama lies in looking at what’s taking place within us. -Oliver JR Cooper Three Takeaways  How our inner world impacts our outer world: Human beings, collectively, are holding onto so much unintegrated trauma that when something happens in our external environment, it triggers our wounds. By working on the issues within ourselves, we can decrease and even eliminate the outer drama we experience.  The importance of acknowledging our trauma: Many of us can’t bring ourselves to talk to others about what we’ve gone through, and often that’s because we don’t want to admit it to ourselves. When we accept that we have trauma, it’s easier to move forward. How to maintain a state of mindfulness: Unfortunately, there is no one-off solution to awakening. We have to consciously and intentionally work on our inner selves over time to see a positive change.   Guest Bio-  Oliver JR Cooper is an author, transformational writer, teacher, and consultant. He first got onto the path of self-awareness in 2003, when he lacked self-confidence and felt he had no control over his life. Over time, he came to the realization that childhood trauma was the root of his issues, and began journaling as a way of coping. He later began writing articles on psychology, and to date has written 2535 articles on the subject. Oliver is passionate about helping others and believes in finding personalized solutions to help all his clients overcome their unique struggles.    To find out more about Oliver, his books, and his courses, visit: 
Oct 26
38 min
Collective Trauma Integration w/Murray Hidary
The onset of COVID-19 brought a lot of turmoil into our world, but that doesn’t automatically spell doom and gloom. All of humanity is facing a dark night of the soul, but there is a light at the end of this for those willing to look. The pandemic has forced most of us to confront our traumas head-on. While that’s enough to make any of us uncomfortable, it’s also the vital first step we need to take towards collective healing.  What can we do to facilitate the healing process for ourselves and others? How can we use our newfound connectedness to create a better world for all who live in it? In this episode, tech pioneer, visual artist, and composer at MindTravel, Murray Hidary shares how to connect with ourselves, others, and the world around us.     There’s something powerful about going through this trauma together. -Murray Hidary   Three Takeaways  How to make a difference in the world: No matter where our expertise lies, we all have a role to play in making the world a better place. Tap into individual talents to create something that is of service to others. Why we need to recondition our mindsets: We’ve been taught to believe that we go through life on our own, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Once we start believing we’re all in this together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve collectively.  How to engage with others more effectively: Doing unto others as we’d have them do unto us is one thing, but we could take that a step further. We’re all connected more than we realize, so we should be treating people as an extension of ourselves.  Guest Bio-  Murray Hidary is a multi-disciplinary artist and tech pioneer. He is also the creator of MindTravel, an experiential music company dedicated to helping audiences connect to each other and their surroundings, and move them to purpose through music. Murray’s work with MindTravel has been featured on various media platforms, including among others The Doctors.    To find out more, head to: 
Oct 19
42 min
The 6 Components Of An Exceptional Life w/Jeremy Abramson
When we’re not living with intention, it’s easy to accept a mediocre existence. However, we shouldn’t settle for drifting through life. It’s not enough to survive, we should be aiming to thrive.  Luckily, many of the things that hold us back can be changed if we become more in tune with ourselves. Which habits are stopping us from reaching our full potential, and what can we do to break them for good? How can we actively surround ourselves with the right influences that improve our lives, rather than laying stagnant?  In this episode, Chief Energy Officer at E3 Lifestyle, Jeremy Abramson shares the THRIVE acronym for cultivating the lives of our dreams.    Don’t settle for mediocrity. -Jeremy Abramson   Three Takeaways  How our thoughts impact our health and wellbeing: Many people wake up to the same thoughts every day, but doing so is more harmful than we may realize. By constantly thinking about what’s happened in the past, we fall into the rearview mirror syndrome, which can ultimately cause inflammation and weaken our immune systems.  How to increase the likelihood of sticking to positive habits: A lot of the habits we have today stem from moments we have emotional attachments to, like rewarding ourselves with a treat for good work. We can replicate that feeling by actively thinking about how things like exercise and a healthy diet will make us feel.  How to establish strong relationships with the right people: We’ve all heard about the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right people, but doing so requires some work on our part. To attract a particular type of person, we have to embody those traits on our own, first.     Guest Bio-  Jeremy Abramson is the Chief Energy Officer at E3 Lifestyle. He is passionate about creating workplace environments that promote movement, community, and creativity.  In addition to being a high-level coach, he is also the host of The Energy Exchange Podcast.    To find out more, head to:  You can also email him at  
Oct 12
45 min
Healing Through Holistic Healthcare w/Dr. Vincent Pedre
Western medicine has led us to believe that each part of our lives needs to be treated separately, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If we want to thrive in all aspects, we need to move towards a holistic solution. By becoming more in tune with our minds, bodies, and souls, it’s easier to integrate past traumas and truly heal. In turn, we’re able to do what we were put on this earth to do, which is to give and receive love.  The problem is, with so many of us being taught to compartmentalize our lives, many of us simply don’t know how to increase our consciousness.  How can we break the cycle and start taking action towards a more fulfilled existence? What can we do to take back control of our well-being? In this episode, Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and President of Dr. Pedre Wellness, Dr. Vincent Pedre shares how we can heal at all levels.    Everything is integrated, and everything matters. -Dr. Vincent Pedre   Three Takeaways:   Why we need to pinpoint where we feel our traumas: Our psychological state has a big impact on our physical bodies, so to heal ailments holistically, we have to be aware of where we feel our emotions. Be mindful of physical sensations when feelings like sadness or anxiety arise.    How to stop the cycle of downplaying emotions: Society has conditioned men to believe showing emotion is not masculine, and as a result far too many internalize their feelings instead of dealing with them head-on. Break the cycle by acknowledging that emotion is a human experience and encouraging other men to embrace displaying their feelings.    How to break the habit of feeling like a victim: Everything we do is a choice, and once we realize this we can step into our power. We have what it takes to create our own reality, we just need to be willing to take responsibility for our lives.   Guest Bio-  Dr. Vincent Pedre is the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and President of Dr. Pedre Wellness. A Board-Certified Internist and Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Dr. Pedre uses a blend of both Western and Eastern medical traditions to provide an integrative, systems-based approach to well-being. He is passionate about helping patients find the best course of action for their needs, and his holistic approach incorporates positive, preventative health and wellness lifestyle choices. Dr. Pedre is also the author of Happy Gut®️: The Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Eliminate Pain.    To find out more, go to:   Books mentioned in this episode:Estrogeneration: How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile by Dr. Anthony G. Jay
Oct 5
54 min
How to Opt-In To Taking Care of Your Own Wellbeing w/Shane Dowd
For years, people have dealt with injuries and other ailments by going to a specialist and having them take care of it on our behalf. However, many of us are tired of ‘opting out’ of our wellbeing. How can we empower ourselves to take care of our own health? We’re lucky to live in a time where we don’t have to outsource all our needs anymore. With the help of the right education, we can learn how to become more in tune with ourselves.  Aside from reclaiming power over our bodies, what are the benefits of becoming more self-aware? What are the first steps we can take towards greater mindfulness?  In this episode, Founder of gotROM, Shane Dowd shares how to regain control of our health.    Use the amazing capacity the brain has for pattern recognition, so you can stop negative responses in their tracks. -Shane Dowd     Three Takeaways  At some point, everyone experiences an injury or a health setback. By being in touch with how we feel physically and mentally, we’ll be better equipped to handle problems as they arise.  Don’t get caught up on finding the ‘right’ way to meditate. What we should be striving for instead is the ability to zone in on our present states.  Self-observation gives us the power to recognize patterns in our feelings and behaviors. When we know how we feel when we behave a certain way, we get better at stopping poor decisions.   Guest Bio-    Shane Dowd is the Owner and Founder of gotROM and After suffering a traumatic injury in 2010 due to an underlying hip condition, Shane has done an intense study of various healing modalities. In 2013, he began sharing his system and methods with thousands of athletes. Shane is passionate about helping others build injury-free, athletic bodies because everyone deserves a body that works.    To find out more, go to:   Books mentioned on this episode: The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield
Sep 28
47 min
Building Influence and Establishing a Business in the Midst of Chaos w/Matt Johnson
The events of 2020 have left many who thought they were in secure positions terrified by the thought of losing everything. There’s never been a more important time to rethink our livelihoods.    How can we prepare for the changes to come? What are the long-term implications for entrepreneurs?   While many of us are concerned about the future, there is opportunity for those willing to look. If we’re able to look past our immediate fears, we’ll always find a way to move forward- even in the face of Draconian governments.    In this episode, Founder of Pursuing Results and author of MicroFamous: Become Famously Influential to the Right People, Matt Johnson shares how to plot our next moves in the face of imbalance.    2020 should be a massive wake up call that the security you thought you had was a massive illusion all along. -Matt Johnson   Three Takeaways:   What to do if we own locally based businesses: Avoid tying income to a specific location. Start building a portable brand, so it’s easier to move away from states and governments that don’t serve our interests or beliefs.    How to make a successful jump into entrepreneurialism: Our current reality has forced us to realize what’s always been true: 80% of what we do in a day doesn’t make us money. People starting businesses now need to shift their focus to the things that bring us results.   How to become more influential to our ideal clients: The key to a successful business lies in building influence. Share knowledge and expertise on social platforms like Facebook Live to build an audience and create authority.      Guest Bio-  Matt Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Pursuing Results, a done-for-you podcast launch and production agency for coaches, consultants, and thought leaders. Matt is a podcast expert and on top of helping clients dominate their niches using the medium, he is the host of the MicroFamous Podcast, and Co-Host of Real Estate Uncensored. Matt is also the author of MicroFamous: Become Famously Influential to the Right People.    To find out more, go to:
Sep 21
40 min
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