The James Altucher Show
The James Altucher Show
James Altucher
James Altucher interviews the world’s leading peak performers in every area of life. But instead of giving you the typical success story, James digs deeper to find the “Choose Yourself” story—these are the moments we relate to… when someone rises up from personal struggle to reinvent themselves. The James Altucher Show brings you into the lives of peak-performers: billionaires, best-selling authors, rappers, astronauts, athletes, comedians, actors, and the world champions in every field, all who forged their own paths, found financial freedom and harnessed the power to create more meaningful and fulfilling lives.
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Slimy dude
I enjoyed this podcast at first. Then I looked up his “free book“... turns out it’s behind a pay wall which means it’s not free. That’s a slimy bait and switch. Then I found out that he was on “The Pitch” podcast and promised multiple people to invest in their companies and those people never heard from him after the episode. Seems this guy is just using media to build his brand instead of actually helping people.
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James is a treasure. The world would be better if more people listened to this show.
James is great. James and jay put on a great show. They are very smart, have great experiences they are willing to share and they do it in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. James is also extremely open minded and non judgmental. I think that’s his super power. He also doesn’t seem to be driven by money. He likes money but he seems more interested in helping others success. Can’t say enough good things. Keep it up guys, most valuable pod in the world in my opinion.
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Been listening for years
Smart, educational, empowering. Great guests, great questions. Encourages critical thinking and general self-expansion.
One of my favorites
There is something uniquely endearing to me about James. He provides unique, independently-minded insights, grounded in reality, and presented in such a way as to give you the sense that he isn’t merely trying to score points or push an agenda, but rather he is striving to figure out what is actually going on and how one might go about living a decent life. In addition, he shows a willingness to be vulnerable that is all to uncommon among nearly everyone, including myself. He also covers a wide range of interesting topics. Strong recommend!
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Insightful and entertaining
James has a fresh, genuine, and insightful perspective on many issues in the world. His podcast is very informative and also entertaining as well. I have been listening for the past few years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the majority of the episodes. Great content, great perspective. Keep it going James!
James Altucher gives his all every show
James Altucher gives his all every show. He is consistent, transparent and supportive of his guests and listeners. Great guests and topics for entrepreneurs, business people and self-improvers!
J Horn, Esq.
Don’t Let The Small Minds Drag You Down, James
I’ve been listening to James for years. My absolute favorite thing about him is he always strives to present both sides of whatever issue he’s talking about. He has both conservatives and liberals as guests on his shows, and his own opinions never toe the line to either point of view… They’re all over the map and you never know where he’s going to come down on any given subject. And ***Newsflash*** that’s how it’s supposed to be, and how it always used to be before the angry snowflake “Burn it all down” mob took over the internet. James, please keep up the good work. The free thinkers out here who aren’t triggered by hearing alternate points of views enjoy your shows immensely. Oh, and I’ve gotten tons of useful business tips that I’ve employed in both my life and business, some with great success!
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Big Chief Mojo
Some awful guests. Too long
Unsubscribed. Stutts said completely incorrect stuff. Some others have been know it alls. If you like James you do. I don’t anymore. I know he wants to drop episodes every week, but should be quality over quantity.
Wouldn't rebel against the British in 1776 and your first point is they ended slavery in 1830?? How would you have that type of hindsight champ? You lack basic logic
Always interesting!
I learn something new every time I listen. Highly recommended!
choose yourself!
I’ve loved james for a while. his pod - though sometimes bringing on a questionable guest or two - is for opportunists, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs like him! always remember to choose yourself!<3
Tubular! Today’s King Midas
James is the today’s King Midas. Every topic or market he touches has gold potential! Fearless in exploring ideas and problems. Who can forget his article about NYC? Great guests like Scott Adams, and I love his Q&A with Robyn. After a few months listening, I’m inspired to pursue my side hobbies again with a new perspective. Keep it up!
My absolute favorite
I've been listening for years. James is my intellectual crush. He's a brilliant man who thinks and lives outside the status quo. Inspiring and challenging.
Just listened to the interview with Sam Harris. Great pod-cast! Sam was very interesting and insightful about things that really matter, as always. James was a masterful host, asking a few good questions and mostly allowing Sam to do the talking. Impressive all around!
S. Merman
Entertaining, Educational and Actionable
He has great guests, but best part is that he is knowledgeable enough about every topic to ask questions that the guests think are good, but he also has enough curiosity and innocence to ask the questions that the bystanders like me are curious about. It’s just really good. really really entertaining, educational, actionable and good.
Its Ted yall
Loved the 30 day book challenge!
James Altucher’s 30 day Book Challenge was super inspiring and packed full of actionable steps. Great content. Looking forward to the next four book ideas!
James > Jerry
Enough said! Wake up you ignorant sheep!
Love this Podcast! We need James’ brainpower and others like him to guide us through this “reset”! Thanks for all of the applicable info and ideas... and the laughs!
Renaissance Man
I loved the Day in the Life episode that James did recently. It was so inspiring to hear all the things he is involved in and thinking about.
JA We Love You, Your Guests and Your Podcast!!
I listen to a ton of podcasts every day and The Altucher Show is one of my absolute favorites. To me he’s right up there with Tim Ferriss, Noah Kagan and Seth Godin. One of the things I love most about JA is that he is so unconventional and he thinks out of the box. You can’t lose when you lose his suggestions of writing down 10 ideas a day to strengthen your ideal muscle. One of the most effective strategies that I’ve learned from him is that of gifting an idea to someone that will enhance or improve their life in some way with no expectation of receiving anything from them in return. I learned a long time ago to come from a place of abundance rather than from a place of lack and JA continuously reinforces this point. Keep up the good work James.
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The King of Awesome Ideas
Inspiring & Genuine
I love James and love his podcast! His ideas are very useful and have helped me tremendously in business. I appreciate his honesty and his ramblings. Robin has been a fun addition recently to the Q & A episodes. Also, I loved two of his books so far - Choose Yourself & Reinvent Yourself. I listen to every episode and am sad on the days there isn’t one! Thanks for being you James! Keep up the good work!!
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Phenomenal Show!!
James Altucher is one of my favorite podcast. Business, entrepreneurship, and side hustles! Side Hustle Friday is a must listen for anyone wanting relieve the pressure of the 9-5 lifestyle. Great ideas, great content...
Matt peoples
Entertaining w/ useful info
New to this podcast, so far it’s great! Side hustle Fridays are my favorite episodes.
A. Hugginkiss
Love the variety of topics and the chance to hear the thoughts of such a successful person. His freely shared ideas are so inspiring ! I go away from this podcast encouraged & excited. People At his success level aren’t usually this nice & approachable and real.
Simply the best podcast
James is a force of nature, highly talented in his own right, and yet super humble and self-effacing. There couldn't be a better combination to draw out the best from his guests--and wow, does he have great guests. Some of them are world reknown (Richard Branson, Steve Schwarzman), some of them are famous success stories you might not quite know (Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx), but so many of them are amazing people he's introducing us to. James is always prepared, and so many times asks just the questions I would have asked for myself. 5 stars, A+.
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Steve Macro
Lovin the James
I’m really lovin’ this podcast during these crazy times. I’ve been listening to him for over a year and I am more impressed each time. His off the cuff style shows his wit and deep concern to help people, I’m so thankful,his insanity has kept me sane!
The Best Podcast On The Podcastosphere
IMO, this is the best podcast for entrepreneurs. Hands down. The reason is simple - James is authentic, curious, and doesn’t seem “affected” when he speaks. He’s just unguarded and real. Love that! Plus - he shares tons of great ideas - and interviews people who share even more. Over the years, I’ve wandered off and listened to other podcasts, but I always come back - and then binge listen to catch up. Then I remember why I love this podcast. Authenticity. Thanks for all your hard wok James!
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Sew Powerful Parable Fan
Unintelligent Charlatan
I don’t know why, but I’ve listened to quite a few of this idiot’s shows. He has some decent guests and some decent topics. But what’s really entertaining is listening to how such a fool tries to pass himself off as intelligent. He’s a pretty good con artist. I never wrote a review before but decided to after listening to the laughable but sad show with one of the all-time idiot charlatans, Tucker Max. What comes clear is that both of these guys, like all good con artists, succeed in putting over lies on their audiences by including just enough truth, just enough insight to seem convincing. Bravo, James, you are a con artist extraordinaire, and a pied piper of podcasting, leading fools to their destruction.
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This amazing show changed my life
The James Altucher show is one of the best podcasts I've listened to for the past five years. It's getting better and better each time. James gets the best thought leaders and authors; his interview style is amazingly articulate, fun and insightful. One of his Podcasts in August 2015 changed my life forever for the better. There is a long story behind it I can't elaborate, I am very grateful for James and his Podcadt!
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Aileen from Visante
Awesome content
Love hearing James and all his ideas. Great interviews and content.
James is hilarious
No matter what the content James asks good questions and makes rather funny comments and observations. If you are open to hear other’s ideas he will give you some to certainly think about.
SC Cav
I love listening to James Altucher’s podcast for great and fresh ideas on how to do more and be better at what I do!
Honest and sincere
Great interviewer, amazing guests. Really enjoying side-hustle-Fridays. I usually end up ordering the book or product of the guest he's interviewing.
My default podcast
James has an amazing style that makes his pod extremely approachable and, in my opinion, elevates interviewing and podcasting above all others in the field. His content is always interesting and the consistency of his daily uploads has an odd calming effect in this eff’d up world.
Just what I was looking for!
I just discovered this podcast and am already hooked! So much variety and actually useful information. I will definitely be listening to back episodes to catch up and I look forward to hearing more from James on a regular basis. I am a budding author and the Aug 7, 2020 side hustle episode on writing a short book and self publishing is what drew me in to the James Altucher community. Thanks so much James and I look forward to learning a lot from you and your experiences!
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What an inspiration!
A good friend told me about this podcast this past spring and I’ve been a devoted listener ever since. James has such amazing ideas, that it’s tempting to try and make them all happen at once. With his help, I eventually, formed a plan. After being laid off from my job after two decades as a designer and production manager at book and magazine publishers earlier this year, I decided it was time to learn to code. I enrolled in a program that started this past week—one that helped a former coworker become successful. After I finish the coding program, I’d like to: 1) design and code my own portfolio website, instead of using a templated site; 2) start a side online business; 3) and once that’s in the works, start writing, designing, and laying out books to self-publish. I’m collecting my ideas now so I’ll have them ready. It’s a bit of a long road ahead but I’m finally clear on the path to take to get there. Thank you James!
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Outstanding, informative, effortless
I totally enjoyed today’s (8/7/20) Side Hustle Friday’s podcast. Today was my first time listening to James Altucher ... I can’t believe I’ve been missing out! The content is excellently structured and the examples are spot on. I enjoyed the ease in which he presented the information ... more like a one-on-one conversation. I’ve subscribed to his show and will definitely listen to more of his podcasts.
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The Sam Parr conversation is brilliant. Ideation on steroids. It’s really helping me to practice my own “what ifs”. More. More. More! Faith
Podista Faith
Great podcast
I thoroughly enjoy Jame’s podcast and during the pandemic I got my husband hooked too. He’s got interesting viewpoints, great guests, and he is fun to listen to. Also, he seems like a nice guy, and it’s so refreshing to hear someone with a platform be genuinely kind and pleasant to listen to. We need more voices like this.
Phenomenal guests and amazing insights!
James long ago set the standard for interview podcasts. Now he’s branched out into solo episodes but kept the quality of the interviews top notch. How does he do it? I don’t know. But please keep it up!
Chaim K.
Insightful, entertaining, and educational--a podcast on business and LIFE
James writes at least 10 new ideas every day just to keep his "idea machine" working--he does this EVERY DAY and we should, TOO. Here are 10 ideas about this podcast: 1. 2-in-1 Podcast: He does long-form interviews with interesting guests AND does a playback of his Q&A that airs on IG Live. Podcast runs 4 times per week. 2. James has been rich and lost it all..more than once. He has been married three times. So he has the real experience--good and bad. 3. He has invaluable lessons on being an entrepreneur AND on being human, on leadership, on relationships, and on love. He openly shares the horrible mistakes he made so you can avoid making them too. 4. His guests are some of the most influential people you may have never heard of. He is curious (and sometimes relentless) when interviewing guests--no softballs--it's almost like he can read your mind when he asks the questions that YOU would ask if you were there. Find out what's happening behind the scenes in government, politics, business, and more. 5. James shares his real world stories--he is totally open and vulnerable--raw & real. You get the straight scoop on how to be successful here (in business and in LIFE). He gets his guests to open up to be vulnerable, too. You hear stuff here you won't hear anywhere else. 6. He also openly shares his doubts and uncertainty about whatever is happening in the news (and doesn't pretend to have all the answers). 7. He is honest--sometimes TOO honest. 8. During the Q&A he is joined by his brilliant and beautiful wife, Robyn-- she is an entrepreneur, too, and a SUPERMOM. She always has a ton of great life advice. (Secret: They met when Robyn was seeking investment advice from James about special farms!—listen to his interview of HER to find out what the farms grow.). 9. Every week James gives away his best business ideas on how to go from $0 to $10milion in less than 2 years--Real ideas anybody can make work. As of this writing we are up to $700million dollars in great ideas given away for FREE. (You'll be mad you didn't think of them!). 10. And there is idea sex, hub and spoke, best headline of the day, persuasion techniques, Batman tech, and so much more--tune in to find out what this is all about.
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James is a fraud
No real success as a hedge fund manger. Does pretend ted talks, clueless about equity markets and crypto currency.
Insightful and personal!
James Altucher Podcast is amazing! He asks great questions and has wonderful guests. His keen insight into life and the questions that he asks are the reason I listen to this fantastic podcast! His ideas on making money and entrepreneurial success are phenomenal!
Great interviewer–––always great learnings.
Every time I listen to one of your podcasts, I walk away with several ideas insights. Just finished listening to Phil Stutts, but also very much enjoyed Scott Galloway, Rich Cohen, and Dan Carlin. You are a great interviewer, incredibly curious–––huge breadth of knowledge.
Whitney Johnson
I am LOVING the new episodes recorded from Instagram Live
I just love James and his show. I always have. I was introduced to these waaaay back in 2014 and they made a big difference in my life. None more so than the ones James does on his own, or with a co-host—but where he riffs and talks about life, Choosing Oneself, and now skipping the line. They are reminiscent of his “Ask Altucher” series which to this day remain my favorite and most life-changing podcasts ever. Keep up the great work, James! I love hearing from you personally on your show. Not that your guests aren’t great...they are...but I come to listen because of YOU and I suspect many of your fans do, too. Godspeed!
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John McAffee Interview today
What an interview today with John McAffee. Twilight zone. Did you take it down?
Smith Law
The most intellectually interesting and diverse show out there.
I love the JA show for the diversity of guests, authentic conversations, and entertaining topics (even during covid). Thank you for sharing your quality journalism, philosophical ponderings, and innovative mind.
Great balanced podcast
I have been listening for years. James always has interesting guests on the show. I love his perspective and how the guest and he approach problems from different angles. This podcast should be at the top of the charts every week! Mark Cuban was an amazing guest too!
Episode 578
Always enjoy listening to James have a discussion with like minded people!
Smart and Open Minded
Excellent podcast. Even though I have almost nothing in common with the host politically or culturally, I find the podcast deeply satisfying. James is able to discuss ideas and concepts without being totally blinded by ideology. This seems a rare virtue in recent times.
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