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The James Altucher Show
James Altucher
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The “Millionaire” series is informative, fun, and entertaining as intended. But, Jen, Jay, and James have a real chemistry that could translate to any podcast format. It’s like being in a diner and sitting next to this table of three people who couldn’t be more different, but seem like old friends. I want to pull up a chair. Please keep it going.
James is so open to new things
Even though James always apologizes up front to his guests that he is a serial interrupter (and he is), it's his clear curiously and openness to try new things that make this one of my top podcasts that keeps me engaged. Always a winner.
corey nelson
10/10 Highly Recommend
10/10 Highly recommend… we should be paying you for this knowledge. Seriously Thank You!!! You’ve changed my mindset.
JFC stop interrupting your guests
I wanted to like this but couldn’t even finish the interview with Mary Karr. She’s one of my favorite writers, and so it would have been nice to actually hear her speak. 🙄 I don’t care if it’s an East Coast thing or what, it’s so rude to constantly interrupt people like that. I cannot listen to it.
Please stop the part 1 part 2 splitting of episodes
This new thing of splitting your episodes into 2 parts adds no value, it makes it much more annoying - especially while driving. What value is It to me??? Answer - NONE! If you are going to change things please make it better, not more annoying, difficult or just plain stupid! You are making the line L O N G E R with this stupid part 1 part 2 cut. Just stop doing it. Thank you Jon
Refreshing depth and vulnerability
I've been a fan of James' for years, and was honored to be featured in an edition of The Altucher Report on how to create meaningful connections. James' transparency about his own rise and fall…and rise and fall…and rise again… is so refreshing - and he brings the same openness and transparency to his interviews. Every episode is a beautiful reminder that no successful person got to where they are without struggle and failure - and if they can make life what they want to, so can you.
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Camille Virginia
Liven up your commute
Intriguing guests and topics paired with the curiosity of James Altucher make this a routinely fascinating podcast
Incredible show
James is someone I consistently learn from. He brings people that he learns from onto this show. In turn, I learn even more, faster. Thank you James!
Alex J Sanfilippo
Essential listening
I really think this podcast is helping to make me a better person.
Best Interviews
I love how free-flowing each conversation is and yet how much info is divulged!
My Favorite Podcast
This is by far my favorite podcast. The amount of work/research James does to prepare for each episode is so evident in the questions he asks his guests. And you can tell the guests are impressed as well. James listens to what the guests are saying, but more importantly- he listens to what isn’t being said. Each episode is packed with so much value. Cannot recommend enough. Craig S.
Great Guest and Curious Host
James has a childlike curiosity which I appreciate, and asks the simple questions to make the most complex topics easy to understand. Great Podcast!
A. Barry
We want more of the Universe
Love James and Brian discussing the universe:-)
Top Notch Podcast
Listening to this podcast has been an incredible learning experience for me. Highly recommend for anyone into entrepreneurship and trying to find a new perspective for things in the business routine
An Informed Perspective
I’ve been listening to James on my drive to and from work and keep coming back for his insightful commentary and connections to authorities in each field he discusses. He helps expand my thinking and I’ve learned a lot about business in the process - I’m actually using some of his ideas in a business I’m launching. Definitely worth the listen, can’t wait to see what he does next!
My Favorite podcast
I have tried to listen to other podcasts but I always come back to this one. I’ve learned so much and continue to learn. I’ve read books I might not ever have thought to look at because of this podcast. James has great guest and asks great questions, questions I would want to ask his guests. And it’s funny too!! Keep doing what you do!
Great show and a daily must listen
If we could listen more from people living unconventional lives, choosing to live outside the norms of a 9-5 job, living off the grid, not having money as a key factor or decision making variable to be able to live a more free life.
karim mounir
Excellent podcast. A giant among peers
I highly recommend listening to the James Altucher podcast. I believe if I write him a good enough review he’ll invite me to Clubhouse LOL it really is a good podcast. I listen to every episode. This is my feeble attempt to ‘skip the line’ 😃
A New Low
I can deal with some profanity in the course of a podcast. But the recent comment James made during his Investing podcast was horrible. It was the most sexist and vile derogatory comment I’ve ever heard on a podcast and directed at, of all people, HIS WIFE!! I stopped in the middle of my run and turned it off. I’m removing James from my library.
Don from Virginia
Love the Podcast! Can’t stand Stephen Gundry
Hey! Love your podcast, thanks for all you do!!! Listening to the Stephen Gundry episode now and, gotta say, I hate this guy! Enough with the personification please! Just talk to me like an adult and give me the science. I don’t know, all I hear is noise when I listen to him. It seems like he just wants to sell a book or two while guys like Andrew Huberman give it to ya straight! Anyway, sorry for the rant on Gundry. Take care and thanks again for all the interviews and content. Love it! (Even if I don’t always care for the interviewee 😏)
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Femme Fan!
I’m a huge fan! I’ve probably listened to almost every episode. I find this podcast enlightening, inspiring, comforting, expansive and deliberate. I find James and most of his guests to be honest, reasonable, free thinking, curious and ingenious. There is one one reason I didn’t give 5 full stars. I do however think he may be missing the opportunity to bring more women into his show and ‘tribe’. He could help more women connect to the messages he is sharing by amplifying more female voices. Women maneuver through this world differently and more uniquely than men do in almost every way. The inspiring insight that James’ guests share may also be valuable coming from a female empowered voice. Some females to consider are Soleil Moon Frye, Bethany Frankel, Alyssa Milano, Issa Rae, Sophia Amoruso, Margaret Atwood, Deborah Levy, Fran Lebowitz, Dolly Alderton, Kate Atkinson, Naomi Alderman, Betty White, Ali Wong, Tina Fey, Leslie Jones, Elaine Welteroth, Laura Wasser, Cheryl Strayed, Ina Garten and Ava DuVernay. The list of empowering females extends from here and I encourage James to engage in conversations with some of these women to expand his audience and tribe. I will always be listening and I hope to hear some of these voices amplified. Thank you James for always inspiring my day.
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I love this podcast!! So very informative yet funny and entertaining. I appreciate how James is egoless yet points out his frailties and shortcomings on the road to “success”. I recently started reading “Skip The Line” and have been educated and entertained. Keep up the Great Work James!! Subscribe, if you haven’t subscribed.
Better than a degree
An ever evolving podcast that continuously delivers great content. New episodes are great and the archive is a well of knowledge.
The REAL Reason
James is The Real Reason!
Great podcast I’ve been listening for years now
James as a suggestion, could you look into getting top performing visual artist on your podcast. Could be painters, sculptors, kinetic Artist.Could be fun. Keep up the good work. Doug
Choose Yourself
James Altucher has really given me a lot of confidence I needed to choose myself, and I don’t know if I ever would have taken such an exciting step without this encouraging and informative podcast.
Love it!
James is innovative and curious and I find his podcast useful and inspiring to learn from many top performers. Highly recommended! I’d give it 5 stars on Yelp ;)
Just do it.
James is one of the best interviewers of all time in any category. I’ve been reading his blog for over 10 years and his podcast is just as good. Such a unique person doing such a good thing.
One of my favorites
Every adult should listen to this podcast. Great info and fantastic interviews. I learn something from every episode. James is fantastic!
Diverse guests
Always good diverse group of guests. Very conversational
This has sneakily become one of my favorites. Great guests but the solo shows and side hustle shows are great too. Extremely useful content that can be applied immediately. He’s great at breaking down bigger topics. Financially, James has an interesting view ...he’s been to the top and to the bottom and back...he’s not afraid to let you learn from his mistakes...and it’s neat to see things from his perspective.
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Optimistic, upbeat. When will James be orange-pilled? Chess Mindset Business Creativity Invest in yourself Comedy And on and on James Altucher’s podcast is helpful. I how he keeps on investigating cutting edge innovations and interviews Michael Saylor or Max Keiser or Dr. John Demartini.
Checkmate master
One of My Top Five
I have about ten Podcasts that I listen to on a daily basis. James is always in my top five and I never end one of his podcast without hours of follow up critical thinking on my part. I would like James to find some experts in the Alternative Energy sector. I am planning on launching a startup in this sector and if I talk to local ‘experts’ some say solar, some wind, some hydrogen fuel cells. All claim to be experts and all think their solution is the answer. But just what is the way forward. Personally, I think we are headed toward a Hydrogen energy world. However, I don’t want to learn about the Automotive sector but instead about how we will power our homes and businesses. Perhaps James can steer me in the right direction.
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Great Subjects
This is top-notch. I love the host and the subjects he chooses.
James is the Best!
I’ve been a very faithful listener to The James Altucher podcast since I first discovered it about five years ago ! It’s honestly one of the best podcasts out there with fabulous guests, inspiring information and James always has the greatest rapport with guests which makes listening so entertaining and I learn something every time I listen. I’ve read Choose Yourself and The Side Hustle Bible, made endless idea lists taught all my friends and family about exercising the idea muscle !! I love Side Hustle Fridays and James and his guests have even inspired me to start my own side hustles which is extra money for my family ! This is literally my FAVORITE podcast you should totally subscribe !!
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Excellent podcast- I’m a “true fan”
James covers a multitude of topics with depth and excellent interviewing and conversational skills. Always interesting, no idle chit chat. Interesting interviews, dealing into topics, and I very much enjoy and appreciate the way he thinks, approaches things, and his sharing such knowledge and resources. He’s authentic and I love this podcast !!! I would love an interview with David Eagleman (neurologist)
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My Favorite Podcast!
James is engaging and thought provoking. This show has been a rock for me through good and bad times. You will get great book recommendations and learn about and/or how to become a peak performer across a variety of industries. You should interview Mike Matthews from the Muscle For Life podcast.
Questions & Awareness
Consistently great podcast
Where would I be without James Altucher? This is the most consistently excellent podcast, it’s a school of learning for entrepreneurs and creatives.
Great source of useful information.
I only listen to a few other podcasts and this is an essential one for me. I discovered James through his book "The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth." It has helped me in so many ways I couldn't list them but James' 10 Ideas daily has gotten me to begin 3 of the ideas. The ideas are flowing.I digress, the podcast is very straightforward. James simplifies concepts and is not an intellectual snob and thankfully stays out of politics and provides useful content. There is a lot of content already on these subjects but I am interested in motivation, investing & memory. Thank you ,James!
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CP 72
Great podcast
Should put my SEC whistleblower client on who won 23 Million reward - largest accounting fraud related award in history - reporting on Monsanto as a former employee
steve host
Thought Provoking Honest Podcast
James is brilliant, fun to listen to, and he has great guests. He focuses on personal growth and has many useful insights. I have listened to him for years and have watched his personal growth and I have grown by listening to him. Highly recommended!
Call -151
Love the show! I’m interested in language learning...
James is great! I am I interested in learning a new language. Would love to see what the best programs/teachers/methods are... Thanks! Jerry
TTP yeah u know me
The BEST podcast. Ever.
I've been listening to James from the very beginning. CHOOSE YOURSELF changed my life and I can't explain how much I've learned from this podcast. Subscribe now!
Every episode there is nuggets of knowledge.
Eagleview P
Longtime listener
I’ve been listening to him for over five years, and I learned a lot about life from his shared life experiences. He is very sincere, honest, and looking for the truth. I wish he could be my mentor in life. Not only the best business podcast, but the best podcast in regards to life lessons. I cannot emphasize how important it is to listen to him.
Always a Unique Perspective
After following some of James’ articles and books a few years ago (mostly on LinkedIn), I started listening to podcasts this year, starting with the James Altucher Show. James never fails to bring a unique perspective to any topic or interview. And although his typically shows run longer than an hour, I have never skipped or stopped a show because I was bored or tired of it. James always brings tough and interesting questions to his guests, and there’s always a sprinkle of humor. I really enjoy listening and usually learn something about the subject, the person, or even myself. If you’re looking for an offbeat and intelligent discussion, check out his show. Finally, James started a new theme of his favorite things. Although I know he’ll do a list of his favorite books (I’d like to hear both of the last year and of “all time”), but I’d be interested in James’ favorite articles he’s written, his favorite podcast episodes and guests, and his favorite other podcasts.
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My favorite things
I love this podcast. It’s the “self-help” podcast for the type-A personality. Intellectual, creative, forward thinking, progressive, and challenging you to be the best version of yourself. Keep the favorite things podcast coming every Saturday! 👏🏽
Phenomenal guests and amazing insights!
James long ago set the standard for interview podcasts. Now he’s branched out into solo episodes but kept the quality of the interviews top notch. How does he do it? I don’t know. But please keep it up! Love learning about how the Universe began with Brian Keating 😂
Chaim K.
Too much about the host
The host rambles on about himself. Three parts with Angela Duckworth all because the host needed to ramble about his NY is dead article - why keep the apartment in NY? Podcasts are amazing when the person being interviewed actually gets to speak.
One of my heros - Mr. James Altucher
Mr. Altucher Invited me to attend his stand up Comedy Event, on the house, that had me in tears by the end of the night. It was a memory I’ll never forget and will always be forever grateful for.
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