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Episode 183 the lawsuit for Columbus Day
At 12 minutes in the lawyer says that the “minority community doesn’t understand that we can’t wipe out one communities heritage and ceremonies to replace it with another.....” Well he sits very uneducated about Columbus and the colonization of America then bc that is exactly what happened here on this continent, that Columbus and many others did to Indigenous people. Both sides of my family are recent Italian American immigrants to this country and I’m in full support of getting rid of the worship of a man who does not represent me or my culture. This lawsuit is ridiculous and there are so many ways we as Italian Americans to honor our culture and repair the harm of our ancestors.
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Very enjoyable. Love the Italian Sicilian heritage being kept alive.
Mo vaccarella
Great Podcast and Hosts!
I have been a listener to this podcast since the beginning, and have grown to love it more and more! From the show content to all of the hosts, it’s been an extreme pleasure hearing it week after week! It covers everything about our Italian American heritage, and I really appreciate all the hard work they put into it! I also now listen to Dolores‘s podcast, Bella Figura, the Tradition of Living Beautifully, and enjoy that so much as well! Thank you again for always reminding us where our Ancestors are from and the importance of carrying on our traditions as Italian Americans!
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It’s like sitting around the table with cousins
I love these podcasts. I am first generation Italian American (my parents were born in Abruzzo and Campania), so to me it’s like sitting around the table with cousins who bring “a guest” to Sunday dinner. Some make me laugh out loud, some make me think, and some give me information that I didn’t know. I have been listening for about a year now and still enjoy every episode. I enjoy and relate to the ones around the holidays the most. Keep up the good work John, Rossella, Pat, Deloris and Anthony!
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No NNs left
Bravo! For helping to keep the Italian heritage going here in America. It’s a great way for people to connect and have conversations about our unique experiences as Italian Americans.
Best podcast around. Have learned many new things from listening. I live in a small Midwest town with no Italians other than my mom. Your podcast keeps me informed and entertained.
wishtv weather supporter
Great show!
I found the podcast on Instagram and now I’m hooked as they provide a unique angle on Italian American culture! A must listen as I recommend to family and friends.
The Sales Expert
Boston North End
I would give anything to go back to the 60s in the North End. Cousins aunts uncles Nono and Nona every Sunday. My wife and I try to keep it alive with kids and grandkids every Sunday but not the same.
Best Podcast Around!
I cannot be more grateful to the Italian American Podcast for bringing a piece of Italian culture into my home each week! Three years ago my husband and I moved away from my big Italian family in Chicago to a rural part of California where Italians have been hard to come by. Listening to this podcast each week returns to me that sense of home and community that I miss so much. It's a must listen for anyone of Italian heritage or anyone looking to learn more about our culture!
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This series on Columbus is truly extraordinary. The depth of the research, the selection of interviewees is really bringing us to the truth of this very important issue. As a proud Italian American I have been trying on my own to find answers and am so grateful for this podcast that is bringing us together on this search. I also of course have long enjoyed the great and entertaining podcasts you’ve been offering for years. Grazie!
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I’m a first generation Italian American my parents are from Reggio Calabria. Love the show on my Nana would come visit us in New York on Long Island from Italy. She would stay with us for a month and when I was in high school. During homecoming the cheerleaders would toilet paper our houses and my Nonna would wake up in the morning and go out there andCollect all the toilet paper and put it back on the rules so funny how Nonnas love to save stuff love you guys Vincenzo Commisso
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Vincenzo Commisso
Love the Show
Always look forward to the IAP. I find the history of Italian Americans fascinating and the IAP crew does a great job of chronicling our story.
I’ve been a faithful listener since the beginning and really enjoy the content, guests and subject matter. Very relatable, brings memories and thoughts of my extend family both on my mom and dads sides. Unfortunately I find myself tuning out more often as Pat is just too much...talks over everyone, acts all knowing and has become generally annoying and cringe. Please reel him in and enough with the Sanguinaccio talk!! Please...less Pat and more Anthony & Rossella.
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Anthony Pisciotta
Padre knows best episode!
John, I loved your “padre knows best”episode. I could have listened to your father talk for hours.His stories were so heartwarming and informational. Such a huge fan of this podcast and I loved being able to hear your backstory and family life. Bravo!
A family-friendly podcast that keeps traditions alive
I’ve listened to this podcast from the very beginning, and it’s one of my favorites. The panelists always do a great job of teaching us about our Italian American history and heritage, while at the same time, having fun and reminiscing about our shared traditions and habits. Listening to this podcast helps give a sense of belonging to any Italian American looking to connect with their past, while also keeping an eye to the future. And in the words of my nine year old daughter, “Mom, I like listening to this podcast with you. They talk over each other just like we do.” That’s a common Italian bond!
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Loved Friday updates
Good informative job!!! Keep ‘em. Coming! 🅰️➕
Too Southern Italian...
and conservative for my taste but since they did a very good episode on northern Italian Americans I’m bumping my previous review up a star.
Finally A True Voice of the Italian American Community
I have met Mr Viola, many years my junior, fir a breakfast meeting. I was captivated by his knowledge and education beyond his years. God has truly given us a gift. Subscribe to his Podcast, I believe you will see what I experienced. Why a 1/2 breakfast I was able to get turned into a 3 hour lesson. Thank You
Feel like Anthony and Deloris are part of my family
Listen to this on my way to work every morning. The hosts bring back so many memories of being an Italian kid with the entire family around the table.
Steve italia
THANK YOU Italian American Podcast!
It’s REAL. It’s passionate. It’s fun. It’s educational. It’s like sitting around a table with friends enjoying a stimulating conversation about life as an Italian American including all those quirks no one else gets. Chock full of REAL history that no one else will talk about. Plain and simple....Subscribe. You may learn something.
Mother Cabrini
This comment is incredibly late (I’m a very recent subscriber) but the overview you provided on Mother Cabrini is truly incredible... An awesome piece. Please keep up the great & important work.
I have been listening to the Italian American podcast for 4 years. I used to love listening to Anthony and Delores. Unfortunately, since John Viola and his good buddy Pat have taken over, it is impossible to listen to. They constantly talk over each other, giving their loud opinions on everything . In fact, I felt bad for the latest episode with Marianne Esposito. There were 4 people interviewing her and her husband and “ there were too many people in the booth” . I do not recommend this podcast anymore to my fellow Italian- Americans. To me it is unlistenable!
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Sono proprio bravo
I don’t know how it took me so long to find your podcast, but I am SO happy that I finally have. Thank you for all of the work that you do to inform everyone of what it truly means to be an Italian American. I’m only a few episodes in and have cried at least 5 times, both happy tears and sad. I am not a crier, but something about family stories and both the struggles and triumphs of the wonderful people (my grandparents included) who came to America to make a better life for their families just tugs at my heart strings. My nonna passed away when I was 13, and I never knew my nonno, as he passed before I was born. There were so many questions that I wish I could have/would have asked them about Italy, their journey to America, and the traditions that my family still holds near and dear to our hearts. I am so lucky to have found your podcast so that all not my questions can finally be answered. Grazie mille from the bottom of my half Italian heart ❤️ -Mia
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I love to listen to this when I cook
Because when I lived in Brooklyn I often cooked with my family and now I feel like I can again! I look forward to this every Monday and I usually listen to it a few times every week since I am always doing something else while listening, and might have missed something . Aside from laughing, I have learned so so much about the history of Italy. Especially that Sicily was not always poor. Oh I hope I remembered correctly, that was many podcasts passed. I wish I could remember which one that was so I could listen to it again. Even when they were talking silly I love to listen because I feel like I am around my family. I hate living so far from them now. I used to make three-way conversations with my sisters all the time when I was cooking so I could feel like I was with them, now I also listen to the podcast when I can’t get them on the phone! Love all you guys on the podcast but I really wish I had Pat in my life to make me laugh every day!💋🤣🤣🤣🤣
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I love, love, love this podcast❣️ I chose IAP 79 Christmas Eve Spectacular as my first episode since as an Italian American from Brooklyn, NY currently living in Calabasas, CA (24yrs) trying to keep our tradition of the fish Christmas Eve dinner is not as easy as in NY. Italian markets near me are non-existent. We desperately need a west coast La Bella market- please!!! Listening to all of you made me feel like I was at a table with my family - loud, passionate conversation & lots of laughs. I immediately subscribed and wrote this review. I look so forward to listening to the next 120 episodes and will tell all my family & friends about your podcast. Keep up the amazing work!!! Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and New Year -Bon Natali! ❤️ Lisa Picciano
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Lisa the Cali IAP
Like Family
The IAP is for people who love all things Italian and who doesn’t love Italian? Even though I am a 3rd generation Italian American I feel a strong love and connection to my Italian roots. Although the flavor is decidedly Italian American, this podcast has universal appeal because the topics of food, family, history, and identity are relatable to all cultures. Their guests are from all walks of life. The hosts are warm, funny, and feel like family. I’d like to invite them for espresso and homemade biscotti using host Rossella’s (Cooking with Nonna) recipe, of course.
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The power hour
What a great episode. Your guest was awesome. I promise you if you release the unedited 4 hour version with all the tangents . I would not not miss a minute. God Bless Italian America
I love the content, but the poor sound quality makes it hard to listen to. It’s like being on speakerphone. I hope they’ll be able to invest in more professional equipment.
Refreshingly informative
As a proud Sicilian-American, media and stereotypes often challenge my pride with repeated depictions of Italian-Americans as undereducated, inarticuluate or criminals. Since I started following this podcast, I have learned so much about my Italian-American culture and its contributions to this to the U.S. Many of the conversations and episodes have given me a renewed sense of my Italian-American identity. I feel like my Italian heritage is no longer synonymous with ignorace, but is rather an accomplished and significant piece of the American experience.
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LOVE this podcast!
I found this podcast on Cooking With Nonna instagram story. I am so happy Rosella posted the 100th episode! This has been life changing. I am a west coast Italian American. Growing up in the suburb, we did not have concentration of Italians in our neighborhood. I always loved visiting Little Italy in San Diego and Boston North End, when we went to visit family. I am so happy to now be a part of this larger community. Thank you!!
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The Italian American podcast we all need!
Love the authenticity, humor, knowledge and fantastic topics that are packed into each episode. If you are a proud Italian American, there’s nothing better for you to be listening to!
Entertaining, VERY Italian
I love to connect because my family is Sicilian - Ciao Porticello! I appreciate the love of family, talk about recipes, tradition, values, and how all of this has evolved... or not. Most all guests are entertaining and I enjoy the end of each podcast - listener stories.
This podcast has been a marvelous blessing! Growing up 3rd generation Italian American in New Jersey, and now living and working as an animation artist in Los Angeles, with once close family passed away or scattered to the four winds, this podcast has helped to quench my thirst for connection with my roots. Dolores and Anthony have inspired me to more actively work to preserve family history, and to begin planning a trip back to Southern Italy to explore our family heritage. A great podcast and community resource! Grazie Mille!
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My fave podcast
One of the few podcasts that I listen to, and without a doubt my favorite. Anthony and Dolores deliver the goods every time. And now with the Power Hour crew adding even more value with hilarious and insightful observations - this is the top of my list, hands down. If you have an Italian family (or always wanted one!), some episodes are sure to put a lump in your throat. From the episodes with Tony Reali, Pat Harrison, Lidia Bastianich, and John Franco, among others - each is an instant classic requiring repeated listens. For me, the podcast hosts have initiated a deeper interest in these topics - and I was already obsessed with my Italian American culture. If you want to feel like a kid again, sitting at Nonna’s Sunday table - it gets no better than the IAP!
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Everything I ever wanted in a podcast
I am of African-American and Italian ethnicity and growing up and hearing all the stories of how my mother was raised and then finding this podcast when I started learning Italian really taught me so much about Italian culture. I have an even greater love for my Italian ancestors after discovering this podcast last year. Dolores is a lively host and is so passionate it makes the podcast worthwhile. I’m planning a trip to Italy for next summer and plan to visit my ancestral town of Pratola Serra, Avellino! I want you guys to know it’s all because of you that I’ve really become more immersed in my families history. Thank you! P.s my favorite episodes are all of the ones with guests from the food industry and of course Valerie. Her connection to her ancestry through spirituality is definitely something to look into. Thank you once again!
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Genuine Feels and Catharsis for Italian Americans
This podcast is a valueable tool and community for people looking to further their understanding of where Italian American culture was, is, and perhaps even going. It offers a wealth of resources; Sometimes I find myself listening and the feeling of sitting around the table with family comes rushing it. Other times, a book may be brought up; a place where I am able to take deeper dives. It's a mix of emotions and pragamtism, opinions and facts, but isn't that just us? If you have free moments in your day that you wish to fill with Italian American discovery, this is a great use of that time. It's a bit like a cultural hub as well as a currator of many resources essential on the path of learning more about the experience of Italian American.
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Great topics
I appreciate the variety of shows and intentions of the providers of this podcast. But, it is often difficult to listen because of the hosts pace with the speakers. It would be best if she focused on allowing the guest speaker talk most of the time.
Best of the best
I’ve been listening to the podcast from the beginning and it continues to get better each episode. Anthony and Dolores have always felt like genuine people that I could have grow up with and the new Power Hour with John, Pat, and Rosella has truly been a blessing. I can’t wait until the next episode!
Nothing like it anywhere else!
I have loved this podcast since it launched. The hosts are very personable. Dolores has such awesome Italian and she and Anthony are great hosts. I liked it so much that I joined there little community, The New Neighborhood, and have really enjoyed it. I highly recommend it, especially for those who didn't have the luxury of growing up in an Italian neighborhoods. I feel like I have come home and that my bisnonni would be proud of me because of it. Grazie mille.
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Lisa Pagliari
Hope to be #100!
Love the show and the diversity of topics. Keep up the great work as we are always listening!
Enjoyed the podcast thoroughly, will listen again!
Pasquales Girl
Great podcast!
Thoughtful and tasteful podcast about Italian Americans!
Drew Taranto
The Italian Culture I missed out on
I rarely write reviews but I have to share my gratitude. I am a 3rd generation Italian-American and grew up in Southern California in various suburbs. Needless to say, where I grew up there were very few Italian-Americans other than my immediate family. And as you have mentioned on the podcast our story was one of assimilation. My grandfather's generation was discouraged from speaking Italian, but thankfully I did get some stories of the old days in Sicily, immigrating through Ellis Island, and early years in Brooklyn. This podcast is bitter-sweet; it has given me a deeper understanding of Italian-American history and a connection to the culture, but also exposed how much of the culture I have missed out on. So thank you for this podcast! And please remember us West Coast Italian-Americans that don't have the experiences with the big family gatherings, the old Italian neighborhoods, the weddings, and the lingo!
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Favorite podcast
Truly my favorite podcast - not just because I’m Italian and love learning about my heritage - but because this cast of characters bring so many different angles to the many conversations of the show. They’re educated, funny and passionate - and that’s a great combination. I am always looking forward to the next episode.
An amazing podcast and truly a blessing for the Italian Culture ! Italian Family,Art,Facts,Laughs,History,Food,Dancing,Language and Community! Grazie mille Brian
This podcast is so illuminating!!
Since I’ve discovered this podcast, which I listen to an episode every day - Episode #14 illuminated my being so clearly- you explain why I am the way I am! What a relief!!! That’s it- I’m Italian! 3rd Generation Italian. This episode talked about respect at every level. Respect for how one ‘dresses’ the dignity of dressing every day -to the market , to the airport or anywhere. We present ourself with the dignity of who we are. We receive respect because we do it quietly. We take care of our homes, we take care of one another and we sweep the walkways and all the concrete we have around our homes because Italians love concrete! Thank you for your dedication and Brilliance in bringing all Italian Americans back into the fold. I’m home now- I found my people- now I’m going to Sicily to find my ancestral home. Mille Grazie!!! Toni Noto
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Toni Noto
Positive, American, and Italian
Best podcast to connect or reconnect with the Italian American community—I love the mix of history and current stories that connect Italian Americans with their past, help them build community and culture in the present, and provides a path towards a vibrant Italian American community in the future.
So much fun! Just like Sunday dinners
Anthony and Dolores... I want to thank you for creating such a venue where it feels like its a Sunday dinner at home with my parents, aunts and uncles and some cousins thrown in the mix. At times hilarious and other times, poignant. Today, I started to sing the opening song as always when I listen and it changed. I really liked the new intro. It's like a parent who is proud of their kids... my smile broadened and of course, commenting outloud in my car how cool the new sound was. Nice job. I have to say, the Italian American Power Hour with John Viola and Pat O'Boyle... you are all welcome to my house for dinner and continue to have these conversations. It is so much like home. Thanks for creating this. It is so needed in our community.
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How does one join the Facebook page!
Is the New Neighborhood a closed page? Was unable to locate it on my search! I know you need to pay. That is fine with me
Viva Italia!!
Great podcast. If you are looking for future topics, I would love to learn more about the unification of Italy, the elements and people who made it happen and what role this great change played in shaping the cultures, food, languages and prejudices today.
italia il mio cuore
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