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IAP 173: America's Last Little Italy: The Hill -- A Conversation With Filmmaker Joseph Puleo
48 minutes Posted Jan 26, 2021 at 5:51 am.
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Show notes

Italian enclaves around the country pride themselves on carrying the title of “Little Italy," but one young Italian American from St. Louis, Missouri, believes his community is the last true Little Italy -- and he’s made an incredible film to prove it!

In this week’s episode, we’ll visit “The Hill," the famed St. Louis enclave that has been a thriving pocket of Italian culture in the Gateway City for more than five generations. Leading us on our journey is Joseph Puleo, the director of “America’s Last Little Italy: The Hill," the new documentary everyone in Italian America is talking about!

Joseph will back up his claim by sharing some of The Hill’s unique history and characters, from the families that have handed down their homes for a century, to the community priest whose background as a city planner helped to keep The Hill the thriving community it remains today.

We’ll dive into some of the must-visit sites in this iconic neighborhood, seek to understand how The Hill defied the odds when so many other cities lost their authentic Little Italies, and ponder the history of St. Louis’s most famous Italian American dish, the baked ravioli.

In a time when travel is limited and even a stroll through your local Little Italy might not be possible, join us as we delve into this unique Italian American community through the loving eyes of one of her most proud sons!

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